Kinsey Jordyn
Kinsey Jordyn
Feb 20, 2015

Bunch of girls
We are a team
we are cheering for our Braves
But we aren't Cheering for eachother
We put eachother down
And stomp over each others feelings
Breaking hearts
And tears of pain
Cheer sisters

IC Varsity Cheer.
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Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
Mar 25, 2015

Cheers to silence
When she calls
And you leave.
Cheers to how fast
She makes
Your heart beat.
Cheers to your new love.
Cheers to what I don't have
Any more...


#love   #leave   #new   #silence   #she   #anymore   #have   #fast   #cheers  
Oct 31, 2014

"anarchy my favorite word to cheer."
by Michael Cross Jr

©2014 copyright Michael Cross
#freedom   #cheer   #anarchy   #quote  
Jul 29, 2014

Cheers to us
The sad and lonely
Drinking beers
At a truck stop
Cheers to us
The broke and broken
Shooting white powder
Into our veins
Cheers to us
The sick and disturbed
Cutting our bodies open
To find liquid rubies
That makes the pain

#depression   #life   #drugs   #drink   #live   #cheers  
Jun 20, 2014

You know that feeling after you've downed a drink when you find youself breathing a little quicker

That's how it is being with you.

I'm drowning at the bottom of your glass, always gasping, breathless
Struggling for air after another swig of your emotion
But you're still oblivious, clinking your glass under the false pretense of giving Cheers

Jun 9, 2014


life is simple;
When it's over; you don't get a second chance. So be careful, and  fearless enough to try everything once; so you can form your own opinion; and trust yourself, cause it's all you got.

Even your friends
are borrowed; And after your first love your heart gets stolen. So love like you can't feel pain; cause in the end; how you loved, it's the only thing that counts.


#friends   #truth   #life   #honesty   #thoughts   #people   #ideas   #cheers  
Nov 2, 2014

I think
The worst thing in life to see
Is a happy looking table
Full or people with wonderful souls
To cry like their life depends on it
They send a toast out
To all of those who aren't here with them
They thank each other for remembering
Tell their spouses "No need for the tears, love"
Share stories of the ones lost
The ones that left
They yell, and argue
Besides the fact they're family
And after that short- but sweet- time
They act like it never happened

There is a fine line between the lost and the left. Ones who went by their doing, or the ones who went without notice. After all the toasts i have witnessed, i think when everyone starts to reminisce in the memories that's the part i cant handle seeing.
#lost   #left   #missed   #cheers   #toast  
Apr 16, 2015

Here's to the you that's amazing.
To the you
who stood there for them,
who sacrifice for them,
who smiled for them.

Here's to the you that's strong.
To the you
who lie to live,
who hides your tears,
who suffocates inside.

Here's to the you that's beautiful.
To the you
that cut yourself, because you don't want to hurts others;
To the you
that wrote it out, because you don't want an outburst;
To the you
that simply smile, because you needed to.

So here's to everything that you've done,
to everything that I've said and not;
Here's to you, my amazing one,

Perhaps it was unnoticeable, perhaps it was small,
but I know, cause you're strong,
we know, cause we're same.
#tears   #beautiful   #hurt   #strong   #same   #amazing   #know   #liars   #cheers  
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