during this most cheerful time
Meagan H
Meagan H
Dec 25, 2014      Dec 25, 2014

Man it feels great to cry
on what is suppose to be
the happiest time of the year
with so many presents and cheer.
The tears let out pain
that no one should feel
during this most cheerful time
of the year

Not my best but, it's what I'm feeling.
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Marc Tretin
Mar 3, 2014      Mar 4, 2014


We praise our lined faces.  We forgive time.
We raise our cups of double-pressed wine.
We know brute forests from our seed-time
We know heaven will cleave those we entwine
The season of heat is slow to erupt.
April is late. March is still covered with snow,
Its shabby sheet weak shoots barely interrupt.,
Succession and succession is what we know.

In the thronged marketplace  we know we’ll find
Lines of who came before and  who came after
All seem in be arranged by some infinite mind
Knowing where our line goes will not stop our laughter.

We dance. All dances are in our repertoire.
We know we’re headed to that sacred abattoir.

Marc Tretin

Olivia Kent
Olivia Kent
Nov 9, 2014

Can we have a little cheeriness.
Rosy cheeks and smiles.
Get those clouds of misery and blow them all away.
Let's throw away all the bad things, lock them in a box.
Maybe ,even lose the key.
Bury all the bad things in an undisclosed location.
Never unearth them.
Leave them shut away.
Let the happy lovely feelings come on out to play.
(C) Livvi

if everyone was cheerful there would be no sad

if everyone was cheerful there would be no sad
just a world of happines. life would be so glad
lots of smiling faces we would always see
just a world so joyful no more misery.

wouldnt it be nice if we could be this way
just a happy world each and everyday.
smiles on every face filled with such delight
the world be a happy place cheerful and so bright

Shattered and Relieved
to realize
that what we had
was nothing more
than something small
and tragic.

Distressed and Smiling
to read the past
figure out the fact
that you are nothing.

I've wasted time
but not that much
having come to terms
with the word:

Crushed and Invincible
I've been so bruised
that now I'm strong
And all I can do
is breathe and learn.

You're a fool
but so am I.
Otherwise I wouldn't cry.
You're wise.
I'll be wise too.
And walk away
avoid your eyes
until there's no more pain.

Destroyed but Rebuilding.
I may never forgive you
but I'm okay with that too.
Even if I do,
I will never be your friend.
So don't say hello.
We are no more than strangers.

Hurt but Happy.
It's a freeing feeling
knowing you've started healing
When you stop revolving around the sun.

And start living for yourself.

Copyright © 2010 Jacqueline Ivascu
Laughter captured by the cheerful wind
Jimmy Skinner
Jimmy Skinner
May 8, 2014

Bringing tears slowly over thirsty flowers
     Heaven casting out all the dreamers
Bear now shadows upon the desolate
     And sighing in your noonday thoughts
From broken wings are shaken dust
     As the sweet buds bloom, every one
Held close to the mother's breast
     Dancing joyful around the sunshine
Carry within you no ill will for any
     Gently smile while passing
Doubt falls into submission
     Laughter captured by the cheerful wind

The great mountains stand far below
     While the trees look on motionless
Sleep found time in the evenings
     Peaceful rest comes to gather
Troubles may gather over the land
     The stars can only watch helplessly
Echoing in the distant like thunder
    Over swaying meadows go
Over lakes and flattened plains
     Go to answer every leaf and vine
Wash over every mountain stream
     Enjoying all of Heaven's bluest smiles
Skipping between falling raindrops

The early sun watched the morning
     With seemingly interested eyes
The birds leaping upon your back
     And guide along on golden wings
Even sunset may breath awhile
     Dreams of tomorrow passing
Crimson nights tend to fall
     And with folded wings, rest
Until you awaken again

Willow Hadleigh
Willow Hadleigh
Jun 24, 2014      Jun 26, 2014

Sometimes I hug her in the morning and she smells like bong water,
ontop of her head is a big messy bun,
on her body is a flowing skirt and a crop top.

Her lips are full and her eyes are wide and shes lovely to me.

Sometimes I hug her in the morning and she smells like cigarettes,
once I let her go the smell lingers on my sweater and I love it because it reminds me of her.

She had dark circles under her eyes,
pine needles in her hair and shes lovely to me.

Sometimes I hug her in the morning and she smells like roses,
wide eyes and beautiful,
quiet yet well spoken.

She is a girl of many identities and shes lovely to me.

#happy   #lovely   #cheerful  
A sound of cheerful Noise!
Oct 7, 2013

Click! Click! Click!
A sound I hear when I choose a song
Plak! Plak! Plak!
A sound I hear when I write a poem
Tik! Tok! Tik! Tok!
A sound I hear when I think so long

All these happens, boredom I know

Point! Point! Point!
A thing I do when I choose a song
Press! Press! Press!
A thing I do when I write a poem
Gasp! Glare! Gasp! Glare!
A thing I do when I think so long

All these happens, and I do not know

Think! Think! Think!
I know!
You are reading one senseless poem!
A sound of cheerful Noise!

Oct 9, 2012      Oct 10, 2012

Naething 'round but bitter cauld,
     Wi' a' the blast o' winter;
Come gie us ye hand an' hauld,
     We'll warm us by the fender.

Gie us a tune o' sic fin,
     Let's sing wi' a' we hae;
Thou needna leave here an' rin,
     Come back afore ye gae!

Wi' monie a rhyme an' crouse,
     We a' sang a lang fu' owre;
'Til our guest hae left the house,
     We'll bring her agin twa owre.

Ay the kantie times we joy,
     We lak i' fu' an' a' that;
Things sim times gang aft agley,
     We maun still tak a' that.

Sae ends the wee bit o' glee,
     Duncan follow'd his lady;
We a' fu' weel joy'd owre ee,
     "We'll be back agin," sae he,
           I'm glad o't!
     We'll crouse and kantie be,
           An' glad o't!

It made auld winter guid by,
Owre cam wi' cheer sae speak I.
            I'm glad o't—
            Sae glad o't!


A silly piece in the style of Robbie Burns.
In Scottish Brogue.
© Timothy 9 October, 2012
Dec 28, 2014

You saw me and you knew i was just a little bit sleepy but why did you burn the incense and cried in front of me?

[I wasn't dead... yet]

You begged and begged so i would make it easier for you but you did not know i am god and immortal and i know everything right and wrong, so

what if i chose the later?


[I didn't, though.]

I won't free you from guilt and shame
I won't let your anger fade
But i let you die, i did
And so you did, you died
Along with our hair-
Dead on the floor
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