Kids walk idly by
As another cries and cries
His problems he can not have corrected
He struggles to get selected
The popular ones put him down
His anger and frustration becomes a mound
His life now is just a myth
This world he can no longer live with

Nov 19, 2013      Nov 20, 2013

love is hard,
so tear stained faces
and dreams crushed beneath a falling sky
are not worth your time.

to experience screaming silence
and fingers that caress the world
and not you;
truth be told
put your trust in someone

pray that the path you tread upon
not be knocked from underneath you
because the harsh reality is
it will be, if you still choose the man
with the cold blood
that courses through his veins.

   sadly, coldness is all too familiar
    to you
     and it's what you like the

Feb 16

When you were heartbroken
I showered you with affection
I gave you all of my love
I allowed you to forget about all the bad
And start loving your life again

When you felt worthless
I made you feel confident
I reminded you of your beauty
I got you to feel sexy
And start loving yourself again

But what you did to me
Was something much different
You drained me of all my love
Made me feel unwanted by you
My efforts were never truly reciprocated
And you gave me up like I was nothing

You made me hate my life
You made it impossible for me
To wake up in the morning
Much less do anything else
You made me hate myself

© Willa 2014
Kaleigh Olivia

These are all results of you.

This is basically about heartbreak, and I know many people (and a lot of teenagers) can relate to this poem.
#hurt   #beaten   #you   #battered   #mistreated   #misused  

They Say, We are only human!
They Say, We are only human!
They Say, We are only fucking human!
Human wasn't the one that took my innocence!
Human wasn't the one that left me confused, hurt damaged on the cold floor.
Human..?! we make mistakes.
Somewhere in the depths of my soul tell me it wasn't a mistake.
Human made you how you are today. A strong and outspoken woman, the type of women that won’t allow someone to step on you.
The women that will tell yourself “ I deserve Fucking better !”

Misunderstood and mistreated
Camilla Ames
Camilla Ames
Feb 19, 2013      Feb 20, 2013

Pitbull angels

Misunderstood and mistreated

Keep spirit beautiful- stay strong

These dogs have changed my life. watch - beyondthemythmovie
thrown, mistreated,
Apr 16, 2012

The iron never lies
thrown, mistreated,
somehow she,
always remains.

Because you mistreated the ones you loved

Maybe you drink yourself to bed
And there will be no one left
Because you mistreated the ones you loved
And they could no longer bear to stay
For they had lost so much already because of you
They could no longer bear to stay
You lie
You hurt
Why do you hurt the ones you say you love ?
You will drink yourself to bed
There is no one left
You mistreated the ones you loved
They could no longer bear to stay
They had enough
Why do you hurt the ones you say you love ?

Mistreated because of who you are
Scott A Grant
Scott A Grant
Dec 5, 2009

The greatest intention viewed mildly
Throwing yourself to prove self-worth
Others see a move made comfortable
Some show a resistant that argues
Trying hard to sway commitment
Insecure in ways to understanding
Mistreated because of who you are
Lessons on trial that we saw coming

(c) 2010- From Born Scripts Others Tell
Your mind will be mistreated
Katy Sauer
Katy Sauer
Apr 3, 2010

Welcome to Hell
Please keep soul inside body at all times
Satan is not available for autographs
God does not make house calls
You are not welcome here
Your body will be abused
Your mind will be mistreated
If you make it,
You can say you weren't

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