Donna Bella
Donna Bella
Jul 27, 2014

I gave in
They yell at me
They call me boney
They call me a anorexic
They tore my heart
But this toilet healed it
They knocked me down
They told me to die
They said I'm no good
But my mama tell me to eat more because honey you're getting smaller!
How can you stand tall when the world shuns you down?

#love   #life   #death   #skinny   #mistreated  

You shouldn't let people mistreat you, no matter how big of a person they are, no matter the gender, no matter the age,

Is it wrong to feel mistreated?
Nov 18, 2014

Is it wrong to feel mistreated?
To never be accepted?
I believe there's something wrong,
and I'm trying to stay strong.
But I'm not sure if I can deal with this anymore or any less.

May 28, 2014

Loving you is like wrestling with the horns of a bull
A modern Hercules and Achelous love story
Sneaking up behind me and grabbing my neck
Bruises scattered across my body by your rough hands
All apologies, no action
A chain reaction of mistreatment
Always coming back to me, begging for more
Then hostility
Without showing responsibility

This paper will be crumpled, ripped and mistreated
Blair Winters
Blair Winters
Apr 20, 2015

You are born blank.
An untouched piece of paper, no scribbles, no crossed out letters
Just blank
And whilst you're living your life
This paper will be crumpled, ripped and mistreated
But please, always remember
Paper can be smoothed out, there is a such thing as tape
And you will meet those who treat you like an untouched piece of paper

#love   #life   #hate   #teenager   #misunderstood   #teen   #angst   #live   #mistreated  
well but I'm receiving a cycle of being mistreated..
T'yana Thomas
T'yana Thomas
Oct 3, 2015

Overcame just about everything in life

Mothers death was the first
Raising five younger siblings
Clothing Bathing Cooking and so much more
With God I stood strong. I was only 10 years old.

Fathers abuse was second
He really showed me what wasn't love but I felt in my heart I was showing grace by understanding his frustration over his deceased wife.
The beatings (Slaps Kicks Punches Abandonment). The Blood. The sadness.
His loud threats. Words that were mistreating. The pain.

Yet I love this man but can't find respect for him.

Started off as not caring for nobody.
As I matured into this woman I started to want this thing called Love.
I was afraid because I felt I didn't know how.  
Come to find, that I love and love well but I'm receiving a cycle of being mistreated..

I'm still standing  Strong

#love   #sad   #life   #thinking   #strong   #mistreated  
Aylin Soto-Aleman
Aylin Soto-Aleman
Oct 16, 2015

Your like her pet but instead of her giving you treats,
She beats you,
Then rewards you for letting her.

#love   #lies   #pet   #mistreatment  
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