Jul 12, 2016

My Frankenstein monster
erects in the dense night
a soliloquies of remedies
traced on pasted wall paper

It bids faster as the kites fly
high above the Himalayan
feeding respect to the sun
to radiate its vector rays

It whispers of this world
a spice of colours and patterns
a windy dainty silky road
wrapped with satanic ribbons

As the masses gather on the poles
to dance the mayday festival
the pagan gods shake the monster
their gold merry as the cloud chills

The bonfire embers and trembles
the palates vanish in the ashy wind
the crowds grow in bonded unity
the monster smiles in rhymed terms

Beltane: Name for Gaelic May day Festival
Written in memory of May 2016 at Shropshire radical gathering

The children they run, jump through the Sun,
...scream at the Horse for nary the fun.

What have you seen? What do you believe?
Did you get burnt on St. John's Eve?

Which day is it? Oh what the time?
Who be the meaning of old fabled rhyme?

Can you see stars? Oh great the heavens...
...can you see stars, so great the heavens?
Can you see stars? Oh great the heavens...
...can you see stars, so great the heavens?

Shh, here she comes, break black -the night!
...washed away the horse with infernal delight!

One is left bloody, burnt, torn, pieces broken,
..and Momma, please Pappa; one's life merely token.

The children they run, jump through the Sun,
...ritual of the fear, for New Age begun.

Can you see stars? Oh great the heavens...
...can you see stars, so great the heavens?
Can you see stars? Oh great the heavens...
...can you see stars, so great the heavens?

The ritual of the May, the Spring, May-Queen, Beltis and Bacchus as Beltane for both are one; two sides. The Catholic Church folded mythology into it's own canon by deifying Celtic, Greek, Norse and Roman gods. St. John's Eve is the ritual of Bacchus. In this ritual a fire pit is made and children jump through the flames; pass through the fire of the Sun. They do this while fleeing the two men dressed up as a white horse; the Pale Rider which is the Moon. Enacting the two sides of Janus; all coins have on their face an image of the sun god or sun king and an image on the obverse of a horse or horse's head. The moon has three faces that can be seen by the naked eye and if you look at it you will see one of them appears to be grey spots that form a horse's head. They are chased by the moon and saved by the sun but one is caught and torn apart the way Bacchus was killed. In the longer form one constellation character is, "caught," each Spring as the Age of Precession and once every 2,160 years a new one is, "saved," by the Sun passing through him.
Beltane Bride
Nerwydd Dragonborne

Beltane Bride

Harken to the drums of the Beltane fire
Pounding out its rhythm as the flames leap higher
Dancing around it, your senses overcome
Moving with abandon in time with the drum

The longing in your belly starts to rise
Along with the passion that shows in your eyes
Sweat soaks your body, your bloods on fire
You tremble with the force of your raging desire

You start to chant the ancient rhyme
Calling to your lover “come to me, be mine
Come lie with me in the wildwood tonight
In honour of the Ancients, let us unite”

Then through the smoke and dancing flames you see
The one that you yearn for, wild, proud and free
Wearing the antlers of the horned god on his brow
He watches you intently, then gives you a bow

You, are his chosen one, he’ll lie with you this night
Deep in the forest under the stars shinning bright
Like the Lady and her Lord, you two will be as one
As you make love to the rhythm of the distant Beltane drum

The drums are now silent with the dawn of the new day
Your loving now more gentle, for no drum beat now holds sway
Buried deep within you, his fertile seed pours forth
With each powerful thrust of his, you feel its potent warmth

A Blessing was bestowed on you virgins both that night
By the Lady and the Lord, the only witness to your rite
Today is our Hand Fasting, he whispers softly at your side
I will love you for eternity, my beloved Beltane Bride.

Blessed Be

9th April 2012                                                        Dragonborne Wolf

Sydney Ann
Sydney Ann
May 1, 2015

There is always a chance for you to be beautiful.
You will always be you, you will always be perfect.
You do not need to seek out beauty,
It's true, what they say,
about it being inside
you just have to stop looking.

Let it go,
for as soon as you see that beauty externally means nothing
you will be beautiful from the inside out

Hey, burning hot pizza with soggy insides SUCKS.
You will be the pizza that is warm all the way through and really perfect looking on the outside!!!!!!!

#love   #beauty   #girls   #pizza   #shine   #beltane   #may-day  
Michael Patrick
Michael Patrick
May 31, 2013

These golden sunglasses
Appeared on my doorstep
The last day of
The spring semester,
Sitting in a plastic pumpkin.

They weren’t mine
But when they break
I get them fixed
And when they don’t sit straight
I keep them
Because they remind me
Of how finals were over
And I slept through so many goodbyes.

The night before
We lay in your room
Sounds flowing through us like
Waves in the ocean,
Then moved to the grass outside
Watching more shooting stars than I could count.
The wood by the dorms was dark
And we ventured in in fits and starts,
The shadows of authority figures
Dancing around us.
The gazebo was silent.
And we journeyed across campus,
A pilgrimage through abandoned constructions
To see the church alight in the dark,
But the power was out and it was nothing.

I woke up in the afternoon
And knew that spring wouldn’t be back
For us.

The sunglasses weren’t mine
But someone left them at my door
And I keep them.

Beltane in the Celtic tongue
Patrick McFarland
Patrick McFarland
Mar 31, 2012

Vernal equinox
Beltane in the Celtic tongue
Bonfires hale rebirth

Lughnasadh, Samhain, Imbolc and Beltane shall come to pass!
Jan 9, 2016

A trenchant thought cut through the rest
to jolt me out of this haze (I savour), and
as the noxious redolence of Aetherius left
the fog of Endorphus settled in its stead;
While the mists of the oraculate cast
their insidious shadows upon
my bare chest.

Lughnasadh, Samhain, Imbolc and Beltane shall come to pass!
By harvest, hallows-even, spring and summer will it matter?
Pharmahuasca maelstrom drank the earth

and I began to wander, in wonder again.
Of Beltane fires that scorch the hills
Alisdaire OCaoimph
Alisdaire OCaoimph
Mar 21, 2011

In the early morning air
between the Londonderry hush of dreams
and the cry of Belfast on a weary morn
Where saddened eyes embody the twilight haze
of long past marches, the bewildering blaze
Of Beltane fires that scorch the hills
The world shudders to the battle cries
where brother to brother the war pitch fills
the saddened visions that over spills
That a Gaelic tongue can curse its own
To the bitter harvest of the Gael
That wipes away the blood dew
from these fields from which it grew
and damns itself in the pain and sorrow
That relives this war on every tomorrow.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

They bask in beltane dreams,
patty m
patty m
Oct 30, 2016

Clustered in groves
green with rowan leaves,
They dance in dreamscapes
evoking spirits akin with nature.

Stars hang from the trees;
lanterns illuminating the glen,
they cast eerie spells of longing
soft as an errant breeze.

Solemn visionaries caught
in a world of twilight
watch as the Sorcerer
makes rings float.
They spin, these magic orbs,
claiming vision.

As awareness steals away, pagan drummers
pound out ancient rhythms,
the druids gather, dancing in a ring.
They spin and writhe in exaltation,
pure emanation of moonlight’s gleam.

In ghostlike umbrage of the past,
the living wall heaves,
crashing to earth

As the gray false dawn
hastens the day,
hooded figures halt their disport,
settle now still expectant;
with grass cool beneath their feet.
They bask in beltane dreams,
unaware of the sorcerer’s spell.

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