Mar 20, 2014

driven and driving
to penetrate your darkness
to explore your depth

I am completely asexual, with physical sexual things
Sep 21, 2014

I realized, even though I had always had a feeling
I am completely asexual, with physical sexual things
And surprisingly, relationships and love
I'm sorry im not who  you wanted me to be
But I can't do it, because everytime we do something
I have this heart flutter, but I can't ignore
The sick feeling in the pit of my stomach
I'm not cut out to be in a relationship,
I'm too messed up to tell the difference
Between love and a frienship
I'm sorry that this isn't even a poem anymore
I'm sorry I can't go on dreaming about relationships and love
When I'll honestly never be in any of them
I'll always be there for you, and every thing I've told you is true
But I can't do it,
I'm too asexual

I'm sorry. I couldn't stop thinking about this. I feel horrible
Dec 19, 2013

Being attracted to no one
Having no sex drive
They say it can stem
From confusion
Who do I want
A boy
Or a girl
Or both
I don't know
But I just wish
I could have sex
The mental blocks
They hold me back
And I'm just here
By myself

Someone so selfish tried to argue with me about my feelings and who I'm attracted to. Thought they knew everything about what's inside of my heart and my mind. Seriously irked me. I just wrote this quickly.

© Peyton 2013
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
Jan 17, 2014

Yes, you're beautiful. No, I don't want a sexual relationship.

© January 17th, 2014 by Timothy Brown. All rights reserved.
MS Lynch
MS Lynch
Jun 20, 2013

One day you’re going to find someone
Who treats you like a rose found in the snow,
Who treats you like you’re the only place they will ever want to go.
They will always be there to lullaby you to Dreamland.
When you cry they’ll pick you up and slow-dance you back to smiles.
When you tell them of your dreams, they’ll chase after them for miles.
And they will build a nest for you inside their heart.
One day you’ll find them, and you can’t help but wonder, who?
Well, maybe, today that person is you.

"Is it a choice to be Ace?" She asks.
I don't know,
Is it a choice to be a race?
"Umm... Maybe you are just slow,
I am sure you will like sex someday!"
Why can't they just believe me?
I am Ace, it is my way.
Is it really that hard to see?

Alexandra Burwood
Alexandra Burwood
May 18, 2014      May 18, 2014

We are all touch but no desire
For in each other's arms
We are blissful
With no wish, no requirement
To take it further.
We make love without making love
My base lusts sated
In the caress of your long limbs
Your hair soft in my fingers
Lips brushing cheeks and hands
And we entwine in each other
At home in the scent of warm skin.
A deeper love than I ever knew
We are inside of each other
Without secrets or falsehoods
Our souls naked
To our perceptive eyes.
We are utterly beautiful
In our private universe
Born of night and long drives
And words.

An ode to an asexual love affair
#love   #night   #asexual  
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