Mar 20

driven and driving
to penetrate your darkness
to explore your depth

Dec 19, 2013

Being attracted to no one
Having no sex drive
They say it can stem
From confusion
Who do I want
A boy
Or a girl
Or both
I don't know
But I just wish
I could have sex
The mental blocks
They hold me back
And I'm just here
By myself

Someone so selfish tried to argue with me about my feelings and who I'm attracted to. Thought they knew everything about what's inside of my heart and my mind. Seriously irked me. I just wrote this quickly.

© Peyton 2013

Yes, you're beautiful. No, I don't want a sexual relationship.

© January 17th, 2014 by Timothy Brown. All rights reserved.
Jade Ellen Peel
Jade Ellen Peel
Dec 6, 2013

I speak to you of love
and you  speak back to me,
With abject apathy
and a lack of drive,
about the ease
of asexuality;
a thing to romanticise.

You are purer than I,
Perfectly preserved;
A special sort of specimen
Untouched by any human,
Safe like this with only friends
To confide in.

None of the aggravation
Of fucking.
No women, certainly no men.

Oh dear lets not pretend
That you are just
The fairytale
(as of yet un-penned)
'The girl who could not love,
That's it, go home
The end.'

Your dead appetite
I see is simply a disguise.
Each night you gorge
on gorgeous lies.

Quite the oxymoron,
Twixt joy and pain you cry,
Into the lines of another book
( Is it lovelier than I ?)

The lines blur,
the words are lost,
The world has passed you by.

MS Lynch
MS Lynch
Jun 20, 2013

One day you’re going to find someone
Who treats you like a rose found in the snow,
Who treats you like you’re the only place they will ever want to go.
They will always be there to lullaby you to Dreamland.
When you cry they’ll pick you up and slow-dance you back to smiles.
When you tell them of your dreams, they’ll chase after them for miles.
And they will build a nest for you inside their heart.
One day you’ll find them, and you can’t help but wonder, who?
Well, maybe, today that person is you.

Ellyn k Thaiden


And many more
Labels racing through
My head
I can't even think straight
Or let alone be straight

I once thought pansexual
But I don't prefer physical interaction
Maybe bisexual?
But I like anyone and

I've gotten off
I just don't prefer to
Shutting myself off
Is something I can do

Female and male stereo types
But I fit neither one
Sometimes I'm more of a man
Than my brothers could ever be
And sometimes I am more girly

All these labels
And I'm so confused
Does anyone really know?
Maybe I don't fit
Any labels

Maybe I'm just

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Asexual Adoration:
Jessica Woodward
Nov 22, 2010

Just Friends.

Pure platonic love,

Asexual Adoration:

No desires, less sensation.

Just Friends.

Un copain,

Who, again, I must learn to know,

As, again, I must learn to grow.

I’m not asexual?
Kelly Whiteside
Aug 15, 2011

Simple one- or two-word lies
Told to hide
What I consider to be
My secret.
Is it always
The things that make you
Who you are
That you try
Desperately to keep hidden
From even the ones
Closest to you?

Am I still
In the closet
As long as I lie
And keep the truth to myself
Out of fear?
No, not out of fear—
Out of knowing that
My sexuality
Will destroy
All future relationships for me.
But I’m an actress;
Can’t I act like
I’m not asexual?
I am asexual.
Who In their right mind
Would want an asexual?
How many people
Can say they’ve dated one?
And how many
Of those people
Can honestly say
They enjoyed it?
So many of our beings
Are naturally sexual,
So why would one choose
Someone who is not at all?

agender and aromantic and asexual and sometimes i feel almost ahuman
Aug 23, 2013

sometimes i worry because i am nothing
i am nothing at all
agender and aromantic and asexual and sometimes i feel almost ahuman
but then i remember that some of the most beautiful things are nothing
the space and the night and what i like to hear is in the bad part of your mind
sometimes you dont have to be anything at all

Animals of asexual, mechanical, foreign disposition
Aug 18, 2013

I see straight lines
Binding giant rectangles to collapse
On the nature of what's below
Endless copies
Animals of asexual, mechanical, foreign disposition
I don't think I know what it means to be solid
To be perfect
But as much as I love almosts
and innocence
They're telling me to grow up now
To find a rectangle to waste away in
But my ghost wasn't meant to be form-fitted
I wasn't meant to be cubic.

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