And give me a hug.
Jan 17

Creep upto me,
And give me a hug.

Then disappear again,
If you like,
I promise I won't tell.

Ezra Dahlgren
Ezra Dahlgren
Nov 20, 2013

I forgot what it's like to be hugged

Warmth is the first thing that hit me

It's also the last

A hug is however
Emma Tomat
Emma Tomat
Jan 12, 2013

Kisses- of which I cannot breath
Hand shakes are faulty
Waves are but gestures, varied in length
Blowing kisses is elementary
A hug is however

An intimate gesture that can only grow
as moments pass slowly,
Let me stay for awhile
Don't let go til I say,
Til my heart will stay calm

I feel as though I am floating
Extended space is fading
No kiss can match
as melted bodies embrace

I sigh softly as our time ends
I wasn't done quite yet
but that's how it goes, as most of us know

ou thug. Cause we have the most amazing hug.
Adam Schwab
Adam Schwab
Feb 20, 2013

I can't recall what made me spark, that night at kyles left a mark.
A mark of a memory deep in my brain.
One simple second I couldn't refrain.

Your arms spread wide , as wide as the car.
And I grinned like I do at the beauty you are.

I looked deep in your eyes as I grazed down your hip.
I hesitated in fear that I would mess up or trip.
Two ends of a magnet our body's seemed to fuze.
So perfect the Angels we highly amused.
Dancing and hoping my heart seemed to beat.
Beating so fast to the hands ,so much heat, on on my neck.

So elegantly placed and fitted in feathered.,
Like a puzzle piece,  eaisly put back together.
Distance won't be any trouble you thug. Cause we have the most amazing hug.

There's something in a simple hug
Chloe Jackson
Chloe Jackson
6 days ago

There's something in a simple hug
That always warms the heart,
It welcomes us back home
And makes it easier to part....

just a hug
Amber Lynn
Amber Lynn
May 30, 2013

It's just an embrace.
but when you think about it
it's not even that.
Its just two bodies
coming together
for warmth.

But today was the hottest day so far.

Something about the way
your arms fit perfectly around my back
or how my arms effortlessly rap around your shoulders
or how my head and your chin fit like puzzle pieces
makes me question
if it was really
just a hug

Give you a hug and then we can move on with our day.
Quincy Poitras
Quincy Poitras
Dec 20, 2012

I can't wait until you get back.
I am brimming with joy.
I will never tell you though,
That I miss you.
Or that I hated waiting.
I will never tell you how truly hurt I was,
Or how much I wanted to take your pain away.
I will just smile when you get back,
Give you a hug and then we can move on with our day.

If you're not willing to hug.
jeffrey conyers
jeffrey conyers
Sep 15, 2012

Why have two arms?
If you're not willing to hug.
People are quick to punch with two arms.

Even with one arm.
You can deliver a lovin' hug.
It these limps that truly assist us.

Sure there are others.
But at the present.
I'm not mentioning them.

Altho' I'm sure the lips.
Are a little jealous.

Why have two hands?
If you're not willing to use them.
We use them to shake hands.
Altho' we have those afraid to catch a germ.

As if.
They hadn't caught germs from other items in their life.

This hug.
Which can be given with kindness.
Which can be deivered with softness.
Well, in this case.
The receiver might have a sun burn.
Or some other type of injury.

Plus, you can hug too tight.
And be banned from trying that again.
When requested to just shake hands.

Of course.
You have those that does the search and feel.
Trying to be like a detective trying to pat you down.
But for those that's truly sincere.
You personally know those that's sincere.

When giving a hug.

piece of her & how she’ll always have a hug saved with me - J. Ramirez”
Aug 1, 2013      Aug 3, 2013

“… & tomorrow morning while she opens her eyes, kiss her neck to make sure she wakes up with a smile. Don’t get up & cook her a fancy breakfast that she’ll only eat half of, instead lay there & play with her hand as the sun rays bright up the room. As the smell of her skin enlightens your life. Despite of how much she criticizes her hands, let her see how much of a perfect fit they are for yours. Of how after long days of sailing her hands are the lighthouse your boat will always follow in search of home. Play with her hair until she falls back asleep & listen to her heartbeat, watch her dream. & while she’s slipping away from the world tell her everything. Of how you at times miss her even after just seeing her. Of how you melt every time she says your name. Of how every letter to hers has become everything to you. Of how she completes you. Tell her how you bruised your knuckles in breaking your walls to have her come in & sat there for days & watched them bleed out every bit of doubt yet you never emptied them out. How you refused to show her fearing she’d hurt in trying to fix them & realizing she couldn’t heal all of me. But tell her she was always enough for me. Tell her 10 or 40 years from now while wheelchair shopping, I’ll still look at her & feel the world stop. How I’ll always carry a piece of her & how she’ll always have a hug saved with me - J. Ramirez”

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