That all I ever wanted was a hug
Aug 29

People tell me I need therapy
But they wont see
That all I ever wanted was a hug

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Patrick Sugarr
Patrick Sugarr
Aug 26      Aug 27

long have i been wanting
to feel your heart beating
with your arms gently wrapping
until my body is quivering

i really really want to hug you, R. I can do it anytime, you know. but to be hugged by you, i swear i'm ready to die.
#love   #pain   #death   #longing   #hug  
To hug somebody?
Kay Tailor
Kay Tailor
Apr 29      Apr 29

Have you ever felt
A compelling urge
To hug somebody?
To just wrap your arms around them
And never let go?
You just want to drop everything
And hug that person,
Touch them,
Embrace them.
You just want to be near them.
No talking.
Just hugging.
Because you seem to say more,
Have deeper discussions,
When you’re in each other’s arms
Then when conversing aloud.

That’s the kind of bond
I want to have with someone
Some day.
Because the simplest of things
Speak louder
Than any words
Ever will.

#the   #hug   #speak   #embrace   #bond   #simple   #things   #louder  
a gale
a gale
Aug 13

He hugs her tight
Hoping the pieces
That has fallen apart
Will somehow find ways
To go back and fill
The spaces they’ve left

a. gale

I really need a squeeze
I want to crawl into someone's arms
I want to sit on someone's knees
I'd like to feel someone's breath
Their blood beating under skin
I want to make the gap between us
Safe within
I would like to snuggle

#want   #breath   #please   #i   #me   #hug   #someone  
The first hug was shy and awkward,
Elise Law
Elise Law
Aug 5      Aug 7

To be hugged by someone you love,
Is not a simple matter.

The first hug was shy and awkward,
But the second hug was warm and complete.

The heat radiating from him on a cold winter's day,
Warms me up.

His arms circling around me,
It feels like home.

It is like we are meant to be,
As we fit completely with each other.

I feel safe in his arms,
Like he is protecting me from the outside world.

I can tell that every hug I get from him is full of love,
As I also put all my love into my hugs.

One hug can make you feel special and happy,
So treasure that hug and do not forget.

If you have read my other poem 'Hugs', you will know that it was very simple. This one has more of a meaning to it.
The hugs from this special person are wonderful!
Enjoy :)
#love   #awkward   #happy   #winter   #safe   #hug   #warm   #shy   #special   #complete  
Poppy Propper
Poppy Propper
2 days ago

Silly girl, don't cry alone.
Comfort is the soft murmur,
the gentle backrub,
and the cuddling
on a lumpy couch.

Silly girl, you cried alone
all those times
when you didn't have to.
Warm embrace, skin
pressed to yours,
holding you close,
the tears drip onto
covered shoulder
cold tiles a memory

Silly girl, fill yourself with happiness
after you let it all out,
instead of the chilly air
you suck up with desperation,
when you cry alone.

©Poppy P.
#sad   #girl   #cry   #family   #hug   #embrace   #memory  
with a tight snug hug.
Resting Lion

At the head of this lumbered
hammock of oak
and mattressed sheets,
plumped like a squat bunny pile,
rests my pillow.
It's so sweetly snug.

You're not as eggwhite as you used to be.

See that sundried smudge?
That's where all my dreams
leaked out of me like rain water
that trickled off the sky's leaves.
They spiraled the streets to sewerpipes,
and drained back into the green ocean blue.

You're filled with my sea sinking memory.

See that damp dribbled dot?
It's where I shed the first
of my many tears in some
darkly midnight hour
when others suspected
that I could not feel a thing.

You're still soft like our sweet serenity.

See that dimmed dent?
That's where my hard head
drifted down like a balloon losing air,
hoping for that cushioning catch
of safety, where life feels ideal.

I'm glad you were always there,

resting with me,

cradling my weird ears
and mattresed mesh inbetween
with a tight snug hug.

I will never dream without you.

#love   #dream   #tears   #cry   #sleep   #bed   #tear   #hug   #pillow  
And give me a hug.
Kopter Zero

Creep upto me,
And give me a hug.

Then disappear again,
If you like,
I promise I won't tell.

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