Can I hug you?
Natalie Neo

Can I hug you?
Just one hug.

A tight
Bone breaking
I am never letting go
kind of hug.

Just one hug.

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That all I ever wanted was a hug
Aug 29

People tell me I need therapy
But they wont see
That all I ever wanted was a hug

#hug   #tell   #see   #therapy   #wanted  
Patrick Sugarr
Patrick Sugarr
Aug 26      Aug 27

long have i been wanting
to feel your heart beating
with your arms gently wrapping
until my body is quivering

i really really want to hug you, R. I can do it anytime, you know. but to be hugged by you, i swear i'm ready to die.
#love   #pain   #death   #longing   #hug  
To hug somebody?
Kay Tailor
Kay Tailor
Apr 29      Apr 29

Have you ever felt
A compelling urge
To hug somebody?
To just wrap your arms around them
And never let go?
You just want to drop everything
And hug that person,
Touch them,
Embrace them.
You just want to be near them.
No talking.
Just hugging.
Because you seem to say more,
Have deeper discussions,
When you’re in each other’s arms
Then when conversing aloud.

That’s the kind of bond
I want to have with someone
Some day.
Because the simplest of things
Speak louder
Than any words
Ever will.

#the   #hug   #speak   #embrace   #bond   #simple   #things   #louder  
Wish I could reach out and hug all of you.
Sep 30

Wish I could reach out and hug all of you.

Just to spread a little loved today.. I'll stick to my promise.

My 1st 10 words write.
#love   #friends   #hug   #hp  
a gale
a gale
Aug 13

He hugs her tight
Hoping the pieces
That has fallen apart
Will somehow find ways
To go back and fill
The spaces they’ve left

a. gale

for a coffee and a hug
Afrodita Nestor

I asked you out
for a coffee and a hug
Say yes to put a smile on my face

Copyright Afrodita Nestor
#love   #friend   #smile   #hug  

basically alive
these are your arms
they feel like words
stirring me drowsy..

fading the sounds
these are your arms
chasing my heart
into the rivers...

i just can't believe you're hugging me..after all this

#love   #teen   #hug   #feeling   #recovery   #relief   #disbelief  
Jun 23

I really need a squeeze
I want to crawl into someone's arms
I want to sit on someone's knees
I'd like to feel someone's breath
Their blood beating under skin
I want to make the gap between us
Safe within
I would like to snuggle

#want   #breath   #please   #i   #me   #hug   #someone  
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