Heartless bitch,
David Patrick O'C

I watched her crush him as she broke his heart
Then she wanted to grind him to dust
with the expectation of friendship.
Heartless bitch,
hasn't he suffered enough?

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entitled bitch
eliza bonnet
eliza bonnet
Apr 9, 2014

she's nothing but a rich
entitled bitch
we all love to hate

she's never gonna change
no matter what they say
because thats who she is

its never anything you did
more about her problems within
you have to understand

this girl has the world in her hands
but she can't find that chance
to just move on

she's nothing but a rich
entitled bitch
we all love to hate

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This beauty met a bitch and instantly fell in love with her.
Alli Anne
Alli Anne
3 days ago

Once upon a time,

This beauty met a bitch and instantly fell in love with her.
So a narcissist, she was.

The end.

#life   #bitch   #beauty   #fairytale  
Than a Two Faced Bitch
Isabelle H Graye
Isabelle H Graye
Aug 29, 2013

A Shallow Puddle
Is how deep you are

Broken Light-blub
Is how bright of a star

Jack of all Trades
Master of none

Claiming Love
Breaking hearts of everyone

You are nothing more
Than a Two Faced Bitch

Jul 29, 2014      Jul 30, 2014

there are volcanoes
sizzling the back of my throat.
there are hurricanes
turning all my worlds upside down.
there are earthquakes
shaking my body, my soul.
there are floods
in my eyes.
there is a wild fire
where my heart used to live,
right behind my ribs.
the tornado you left me with
took me high,
higher than I have ever gone,
but left me broken.

Jul 30, 2014

when I was five, and the world was full of wonder and ready for my eager little hands, I believed so very much in the future set before me.
when I was ten, and future-me appeared as a distant glimmer of hope at the end of a very long and very dark tunnel, I stared at my reflection in the mirror and wondered when I would finally be pretty.
when I was thirteen, and I gave my very first kiss to a boy who told me I was cold and too guarded, I cried myself an ocean and began to drown myself.
I am sixteen now. My tears are rock-hard and never fall. I am frozen solid and refuse to let anyone in. I look down on those around me, hiding myself behind my wall of perfection, of cool, and in the secrecy of my own little world, I allow myself to fall apart.

                                                  The future is dead.
                                Along with the wild-spirited five year old
                                            who dared to believe in it.

#future   #ages   #about-me   #alt-lit  
**but I'm the bitch - now**
Madalyn Beck
Madalyn Beck
Oct 5, 2014

thank you for clarifying how you should be my obligation
how I should be making sure your life is in rotation
even when you are allowed to forget about me

but I'm the bitch - now

who has been slowly leaving your side
who no longer tells you i love you or goodnight
who is perfectly fine with not seeing you

because I'm the bitch

who has been letting you down
who will no longer call to see if you're around
who doesn't give a damn that you've been hanging around her

because I'm the bitch

who has finally had enough of your games
who gave you the finger when you still want to play
who sucks at life because I cut you out

because I'm the bitch - now.

And now you're christened the bitch of New York City
Oct 6, 2014

I didn't come to be judged by you - believe me
You say the truth's always mean - deceive me
My blood is boiling inside at the sight of you
You broke a thousand men's hearts like it was right of you
Hysteria has made me weaker
With your dissatisfied heart you'll forever be the runaround seeker

The moon is tattooed in the night again
How long before we give this love affair its end
I'm seeing pictures of you and I'm split in half
I once gave you the title of my friend with pity
And now you're christened the bitch of New York City
For a laugh

I'm here to dry all your tears with a switchblade
You played around with my love, what a mess we made
This drink will ruin the night, of that I'm sure, babe
I'm not the boy from before; I'm reassured, babe
You hoped to find me lonely
You told me that you missed me, missed my company, but love, love, love is love only

How often to do you get to play tricks on me?
You took my love but never, ever seriously
I've practiced being the victim but that's not my style
And now you act as if nothing ever truly happened
I have to tuck my tail and hitchhike back to Manhattan
With a faded smile

You'll never know what you want, there's no denying
You left my mind feeling sick like fish when they're frying
My angel crashed on the sun, his wings are rotten
You left my friendship to die, lone and forgotten
The hour is always later
Than what we hope it is, and the debt we owe is almost surely greater...

#love   #bitch  
Jul 29, 2014

"rome's fingerprints are running down your back; I want to build you an empire that forgets to collapse" -unknown

"white lines, pretty baby" -queen lana

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