that you aren't a bitch.
Zac The Unicorn

Yet you seem to think
after these certain events
that you aren't a bitch.

Cute haikus about flowers just aren't my thing.
entitled bitch
eliza bonnet

she's nothing but a rich
entitled bitch
we all love to hate

she's never gonna change
no matter what they say
because thats who she is

its never anything you did
more about her problems within
you have to understand

this girl has the world in her hands
but she can't find that chance
to just move on

she's nothing but a rich
entitled bitch
we all love to hate

#hate   #bitch   #rich   #entitled  
I'm a lazy bitch who doesn't do her homework
May 8

I'm a lazy bitch who doesn't do her homework
Doesn't know what the fuck the teacher's talking about
Never has a clue what's going on

I'm a spiteful bitch who gets jealous of the pretty people
Talks behind their backs
Worries about their approval

I'm an ugly bitch who looks like a dead rat
Calls herself cute even though she's not
Lives for likes on her Instagram pictures

I'm a lonely bitch who is slowly dying
Looks at everyone and trembles
Just wants to fit in

#lonely   #bitch   #ugly   #lazy   #jealous  
Jul 29      Jul 30

there are volcanoes
sizzling the back of my throat.
there are hurricanes
turning all my worlds upside down.
there are earthquakes
shaking my body, my soul.
there are floods
in my eyes.
there is a wild fire
where my heart used to live,
right behind my ribs.
the tornado you left me with
took me high,
higher than I have ever gone,
but left me broken.

Jul 30

when I was five, and the world was full of wonder and ready for my eager little hands, I believed so very much in the future set before me.
when I was ten, and future-me appeared as a distant glimmer of hope at the end of a very long and very dark tunnel, I stared at my reflection in the mirror and wondered when I would finally be pretty.
when I was thirteen, and I gave my very first kiss to a boy who told me I was cold and too guarded, I cried myself an ocean and began to drown myself.
I am sixteen now. My tears are rock-hard and never fall. I am frozen solid and refuse to let anyone in. I look down on those around me, hiding myself behind my wall of perfection, of cool, and in the secrecy of my own little world, I allow myself to fall apart.

                                                  The future is dead.
                                Along with the wild-spirited five year old
                                            who dared to believe in it.

#future   #ages   #about-me   #alt-lit  
Jul 29

"rome's fingerprints are running down your back; I want to build you an empire that forgets to collapse" -unknown

"white lines, pretty baby" -queen lana

Aug 3

last night i woke up from a nightmare.
my boyfriend of 2 years knocked on my door,
held a colt 45 to my chest,
told me "i love you baby"
and pulled the trigger.
i didn't die,
no, that would be too easy.
i stood there, bleeding and hopeless
and watched him pull the trigger
with the gun to his temple.
the twisted thing is,
watching hurt more.

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