the opposite of a profound truth
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

The opposite of a truth is a fallacy;
the opposite of a profound truth
is another more profound truth.

of william the great and profound
William McLaughlin
William McLaughlin
Apr 12, 2015

music can be powerful and strong
music can be great
music has been around so long,
music is my fate…
one day i will be a legend
with a taste for melodious sound,
people will shiver at the mention
of william the great and profound

music is a great way to achieve glory, but i will never let it cloud my judgment, or make me a different person
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Interludes of profound emotions.
Kaleidoscope Prhyme

You have my breath taken.
You have my whole world shaken.
Your love gradually healed my pain.
I yearn to be a recipient of sweet kisses in the rain.
Let’s dwell in the mist of bliss.
I’ll wait for my winter hug and summer kiss.
These are my intimate thoughts.
Interludes of profound emotions.

Mattrick Patrick
Mattrick Patrick
Nov 27, 2014

First, I am the rising sun
and on the coast, I am the crashing waves at dawn
I am the forest murmur, the silent song
I am the nameless nativity,
and when you slow your pace to a stillness, I am there.

My radiance fills the hour and the place
footsteps fall, that leave no trace;
I am the passing cloud, a deep breath you take
cracks in the pavement, a grand escape.

I am your love's embrace, and so much more,
the thunderous sound and the dancing floor,
I am the moments laughter, and biting pain;
my full embrace can drive you insane.

I am the twilight and the milky way,
you find me on the mountain, and as you peak,
and see me in the haze that billows when you speak;
I am the city lights that pull the stars from the heavens to earth;
and when you find me, remember that I am you.

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Kayla R Vaitkunas
Kayla R Vaitkunas
Jan 27, 2015

AS I become adrift into his eyes
I start to see the mystery that his lips fail to convey
He holds a deeper legend then he lets most conclude
His eyes express beauty and tragedy
yet they have this twinkle
that reveals aspiration
for something greater than the history they sustain
When his lips speak
I can’t help but notice
the hidden story his eyes are trying to express.
Does he realize that I can see this?
He has mentioned the butterflies his stomach
perceives often and always glances away
. I want to ask what his eyes are trying to express,
but then I feel as if maybe his eyes are interrogating mine.
I too perceive butterflies and often look away;
why do we do this?
Is it the fear of finally being understood,
or is it that
we are so comfortable with the walls we have built around us
that we don’t want anyone to intrude.
Whatever it is;
it continues to keep me intrigued.
His eyes are a wonderland;
filled with many anecdotes
figure out.

My favorite piece
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is profound.
Christopher Wallace

That there is something,
from nothing;
that there is anything at all,
is a tireless miracle.

Simply being
is profound.

That profound abstruse oxygen.

Awkward astronomer-lover.
Your nebulae concept:
The universe drawing together,
A delighted animation.
We ruefully laughed onshore,
That profound abstruse oxygen.
Their unappetizing myopia,
Misguided eye sockets.

I picked out words that stood out to me in the book I was reading and arranged them as best I could. This is the result. It's refreshing. I might do it again.
Jun 21, 2014

Dreams crafted
useless yesterdays
empty tomorrows

Cracks spackled
makeup and tears

Porcelain facade

... beautiful

Magnetic, electric, profound.
Luna Faun
Luna Faun
Aug 31, 2015

You were as turbulent as the wind as you raised my wings to the sky.
Star bound willingly.
Magnetic, electric, profound.
So drawn by pulse and plasma.
Unwavering beauty in chaos.

#love   #wings   #chaos   #pull   #profound   #twinflame   #magnetic  
God's an exclusive retreat for profound minds and dim-witted dunces.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

God's an exclusive retreat for profound minds and dim-witted dunces.

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