I ask, who are you not to be so profound?....
Dec 19, 2013

I ask, who are you not to be so profound?....
You are profound,
now I invite you to acknowledge and immerse yourself in you,
completely and utterly
without fear and hesitation.

Olivia Kent
Olivia Kent
Sep 14, 2013      Sep 16, 2013


Settling to doze.
Catnap called for.
Hand in hand.
They'd strolled through time.
Short in eternity.

Through darkness into light.
Bright green forest.
Streaming sunlight ,
Splitting sky.
Clear day.
Scent of the forest carried through the atmosphere.

So warm.
It was so very warm.
In a blanket of compassion.
Felt like they were twelve again.
With childlike vigour.
They promenaded.

From the forest floor the scenery changed.
Juxtaposed....so strange.
They could smell the sea.
With renewed crystal clear senses.
They could hear the oceans roar.
Collected seashells while they walked.

Justified dancing on the shore.
To be young again.
Feeling release.
Skimming stones of memory across the rolling tide.
Vivified in minds eye.

A pebble for their children.
One each.
One, two, three.
Wandered into waters edge.
Last drifting breaths to the edge.

Door clicked open.
There they lay.
The happy couple in eternal slumber.
Pill bottle placed neatly by the bed.
For heaven's sake both were dead!
By ladylivvi1

© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)

And last eternally as a memory so… profound.
David Ian Baker
May 20, 2010

The spark of inspiration which drives forth the will
And the spirit of all those grateful enough to be touched
It is the symbol of great pulchritude in lasting words
It is the effigy of overwhelming power’s grasp over one’s mind
A single pause can have more meaning than any sound could attempt to demonstrate
And through silence, an understanding is made
It is complexity within simplicity; it is a message where there is none
Let it be treasured wherever it may be found
And last eternally as a memory so… profound.

May 28, 2012

take away this pain!
hold me in your arms again
you're my everything

Jul 31, 2013

i am a child of the sea;

floating and boundless.

and yet, i drift through time,

hell bent on finding ground.

is profound.
Christopher Wallace

That there is something,
from nothing;
that there is anything at all,
is a tireless miracle.

Simply being
is profound.

Mar 26

The study of guessing
a stab in the dark
scientific regressing
maiden voyage embark

Truth is often too stark
and seldom impressing
the truth's a remark
that lies are undressing

order in chaos
joy within sadness
laughter in crying
borderline madness
life found in dying

Death was on his doorstep-
Calling his name

Pulling him in to the darkest
parts of his brain.

Love called his name,
but death shouted louder
Love replied "death, don't bother"

Death slowly crept through little
cracks between his windowpanes

Love cried out "Leave this place!"

Terrified, he didn't know what to do-
So he welcomed Love and Death in.

They slowly devoured him..
© 2014 Christina Jackson

mark john junor
mark john junor
Aug 4, 2013      Aug 5, 2013

the shuffling men huddle
in the lighted room
eyes glue to shoes
the miles a man treads
are the measure of his soul
and these worn feet are
men to move mountains
with bare hands

tinge the conversation
with the propaganda of innocence
priesthood of crafted reality
puts good and true men prostrate to the
graven images of a better world
when all that is accomplished is the slow decay
rotting fruit of our collective wishes
our collective hopes

a man on fire
his hand to the road
that i must travel
like a cool drop of rain in the blast furnace heat
like a woman's smile after years of being alone
like the taste of real hope
after the road has come here
this strange strange place
at the end of the world

one hundred and ten men
in this dark hall
waiting for the storm to let
waiting for the sun
waiting for a better world

one man waits
in the rain
surreal in his mind the day has evaporated
and as the shadows of night crawl into his eye
he dreams aloud that she has come home to him
that things never went astray
that we could be our happy little family again

i miss her and i miss my daughter
Hal Loyd Denton
Dec 18, 2013      Dec 18, 2013

Engulfed encapsulated in the time and place that is extraordinary though it has its critics and
Some are true but there is no time that exists like the Christmas season in the most quiet and
Decent way it causes one to be spellbound enlightened by a peace that is all infilling its texture
Disarming with the sweetest entreaty it persists a mounting wonder of well being swirls and in
Its spell a glorious intoxication pervades every sense is engaged with grand significance your
Fellow man has become one of favorable stature with generosity each one is greeted honored
From humble mindfulness they are loved without question or without any feeling of spurious
Regard they are brothers and sisters recognized as pure defenseless humanity all in common
Pursuit of joy and safety the gifted goal all seek is tranquility in these days of honoring His birth
All these things spring into visible rich splendor they are invited called and asked to be evident
Without hesitation or reservation they become our shared reality we are drenched in love swim
In it have it in abundance all because we honor Him give ourselves to Him and others true
Utopia all that we crave and many cross and hurtful acts are from the fact we deny and reject
And push to the point in such numbers as a whole people we create a dam and we stop the
Great flood of compassion and need fulfilling answers that are sent but can’t make progress
Into an environment that is distasteful chaos brought on by unbecoming conduct we seek
Personnel pursuits that is at best abhorrent it brings nothing but waste hardness instead of soft
And gentle senses that provide a welcome that will be fed with new and gracious
Understanding it beckons instead of scoffs at divine privilege our very success that would
Continue our world throughout the year it is true there is nothing greater than love and when
Has it ever been needed more than now when our enemies are not just persons but they are
The things of horror stories and they are being guided by great evil it’s not just opposition to
Ideas it concentrated attacks by everything the very embodiment of Hell manifested it would
Be of little consequence if we called to our side our divine aid but we proceed blindly with
Arrogance alone and this assures our defeat and disaster that we willingly and carelessly bring
Upon all of our kind what would our country our world be like if we afforded God his rightful
Place in our affairs truth will set us free we are his made in His image to be not only his people
But His children the answer resides in us we could have the glory and happiness of the
Christmas season all year what exceeding joyous treasure we forfeit all because of self and
Willful pursuits that are insulting to ourselves and to our creator the biggest problem is failure is
Easy but to have a better life you have to stand up and fight for it but even harder you have to
Admit you can’t win by yourself in the beautiful act of surrender and asking for help you won’t
Recognize your life and at the deepest level you at first will wonder what is that then you will
Realize it is your own uncontrollable laughter welcome to the world as it can be and Merry
Christmas thank you Jesus for being all and all to us

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