I'm a withered flower that may have once been blooming
Alexandra Garfield

It's hard to exude the kind of confidence that makes people respect you.
I'm a grown woman, but I've yet to master it.
When I'm told no, when I'm told
"You can't do that," "Don't act like that," or "That's not okay," I can scream and argue in my head, but my body cowers.

My chin,
My shoulders,
My eyes,

They d

And I'm no longer the woman I thought I was-
Strong and independent.

I'm a withered flower that may have once been blooming but is now reduced to nothing.

I've been reamed out too much today.  I'm tired.
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Kennedy Reyanne
Kennedy Reyanne
Nov 29, 2012      Nov 30, 2012

I'm underground,
beneath the dirt.
And all the roots
from all the trees
grown downward past my head.

If I tied them into nooses,
would they bury me faster?

The flowers bloom;
I can smell their sweetness
leak like gasoline
between the blades of grass,
behind the ladybug's wings.

If I tossed a match,
would I burn faster?

I can feel the worms
they are wriggling
around my arms
and up my wrists.

If they could bite,
would I bleed faster?

I'm the dirt,
I smell like soil.
I break the seed
so the plants can grow.
I drink the water
the grass doesn't need.

If I break myself
and refuse to drink,
will I wither faster?

Or at all?

*A beautiful withered soul*.
May 16, 2013

Hungry,        wolves roaming the streets.
            Broken,         abandoned taken into captivation.
     Hurt,          fear of the unseen unheard.

Soon to be of the infinitely kindred.

            I,          lonely to be as a lighthouse.
Alone,          a person who has no one.

A butterfly without wings;
A beautiful withered soul.

Violet Anata
Violet Anata
Apr 30, 2013

Sometimes I think you would be better off without me by your side.
I picture other smiling faces by your side.
I believe you would be better off without me.

I fear I bring you too much pain and frustration.
I think it's time to let you go so you can be happier.
I will only bring you down with me.

I've thought before that without you, I would have no reason to walk this earth.
But lately, I feel as though, the world would be better off without me.
You will be so much better off without me.

You helped me while you could.
But now I'm drowning and no one can save me.
Or maybe I just don't want to be saved.

I feel lonelier than ever tonight.
I feel obsolete.
And now I will go and let you be happy.

wrap your perfect little fingers around
my ever so beating heart
sink your nails
into the walls
drive a needle
straight through my
ever so beating heart
make the pain sweet
sugar sweet
savor it
please oh please
just crush my
its to much to handle
sink those talons deep
rip me apart
tear me open
make me bleed
make the rivers of flowing red
spill from their perfect little canals
upset the function
fuck up the natural balance
make me


beauty in withered hands
Sep 5, 2012

beauty in withered hands
soul shines in wrinkled skin
lines and folds
a lifetime unfolds
a man a woman aged and gray
a heart full of memories
many stories of old
whisper in weathered faces
spirit soft in silver patina
not loud in vivid shades
a shadow across life's path
a mystery dwells within
behold in faded eyes
a light inside
a garden of faded roses
souls closer to heaven
unfurl sweeter petals
nearer to God

by l. b.
sept 2012

Please come back my withered heart.
Josef Wilhelm
Josef Wilhelm
Jan 13, 2012

Please come back my withered heart.
I fear we deeply grow apart.
No one wants us for we don't try.
We're all alone and don't know why.
If I lose you I'll disappear.
My happiness will turn to fear.
Please ignite my heart of flame.
For going out is mine to blame.
She must help me because I cannot.
Her shining smile hits the spot.
My heart now begins to bloom.
And all she's done is enter the room.
She is my torch that lights the way.
With me I wish she'd always stay.
Hold me, embrace me, and never let go.
For my heart feels cold as a winters snow.
Melt me, defrost me, keep me warm.
Replenish my faith for I am worn.
Gather your love it must be ready.
Brace yourself you must be steady.
For my withered heart is now in bloom.
The sunlight it wants is  from only you.

Dec 27, 2013

Wisdom emerges, compassion transcends
Logic refuses to accept there's an end
Life seeks meaning, people seek love
It's all the way down and all the way up
Reason stirs the ocean, imagination surpasses the sky
Yet no one really knows if these senses lie...

Subjectively speaking of course!
Roses withered, ages gone
CA Guilfoyle
CA Guilfoyle
Nov 24, 2012      Nov 24, 2012

Water trickling, grooved patterns of bark
darkening drinking up
Bright yellow creeping
maple leaves losing green
fallen or hanging on

A wind gust
little rush of swirls
tiny leaves come to rest -
wakes the nightjar
from her evening nest

Wet wings, flickers fly
stellar jay looks on,
Roses withered, ages gone
petals on the

A withered rose in the winter sun
Natasha Meyer

A withered rose in the winter sun
Cold and fading away
Petals falling to the ground
In the freezing wind it sways
Silently it waits to die
Without asking the question “why?”

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