Danielle Barlow
Danielle Barlow
Jan 21, 2015

Autumn is coming to a close,
and winter is drawing near.
Life is as fragile as a rose,
and mine is withering, I fear.

I just don't even know anymore. The pain is bad, but this feeling of hopelessness is worse.
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Sep 23, 2015

"tiaras and teacups"
reminds me of the innocence we all held at one point

"broken hearts and bitterness"
shows you how misery can change a lot about someone
you thought you knew


published 22nd of september, 2015
Anoushka Jain
Anoushka Jain
Dec 7, 2014

The darkness fills my heart inside.
I'm left to burn, char and die.
Why does this sorrow just come to me?
Why do I always pay the fee?
My heart just burns,
The smoke churns
Darkness whispers,
"Come Hither"
And I'm just left to wither.

The shadows hunt,
Like I'm a runt.
Darkness fills a void.
Hell now screams,
Burnt all my dreams
Now I'm burnt and toyed.
Hell now slithers,
Come hither.
And I'm just left to Wither.

Kennedy Taylor
Kennedy Taylor
Dec 25, 2014

And just like that the rain was gone.
The puddles were the only thing that remained.
They reminded me of the rain.
How it fell so beautifully,
How it spoke so softly,
How it left without saying goodbye.
All that remains now are the puddles,
Until they too wither away in silence.

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Beauty of your rose has withered away.
Raul Zamarripa III

You are the late winter that
Ventures through my warm body.
You're a rose that one nestles down to
Take in, to appreciate.

O, But winter is long gone,
And the rose's thorn of a past love
Pricks at my heart
Every day.

It was the month of March,
The late winter, when my world fell
Apart. Your face changed toward me.
You became summer.

In Florida, summers can be severe.
Your beating rays scalded my
Skin. Your recreant eyes found
My insecurities and unveiled them.

Your burning waves
Linger on. Why was I found by you
Only to be damaged? The
Beauty of your rose has withered away.

© 2016 Raul Zamarripa III
#love   #past   #rose   #break-up   #withered  
I'm a withered flower that may have once been blooming
Alexandra Garfield
Alexandra Garfield
Jul 14, 2014

It's hard to exude the kind of confidence that makes people respect you.
I'm a grown woman, but I've yet to master it.
When I'm told no, when I'm told
"You can't do that," "Don't act like that," or "That's not okay," I can scream and argue in my head, but my body cowers.

My chin,
My shoulders,
My eyes,

They d

And I'm no longer the woman I thought I was-
Strong and independent.

I'm a withered flower that may have once been blooming but is now reduced to nothing.

I've been reamed out too much today.  I'm tired.
#self   #not   #okay   #woman   #nothing   #tired   #confidence   #adult   #esteem   #withered  
Am nothing more than a withered rose
Ilakiya K Sathish
Ilakiya K Sathish
Aug 21, 2014

I was just like you
I rose with the rising sun
I brought a smile to all those who passed by me
Alan spoke about my colour
Brendon was amazed at my arrangement
Claire wanted to touch me
Dorothy wanted her perfume with the fragrance I carried
Emily wanted to take me with her
Francis wanted to give me to his lady love,
I thought I was the most important being on earth
I thought everyone loved me
I thought I brought a smile to people's face.
But today,
Am no longer loved,
Alan just walked by
Brendon bothered not
Claire cared not
Dorothy drove past
Emily ensured the same as did
Am nothing more than a withered rose
With my strewn petals in the pathway
And that's right
Step on or sweep away
All you people
Might one day end up just like me!!!

- A Withered Yellow Rose.

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