R. Barclay
Feb 5, 2011

In comes one every week,
tracking into my home the filth of the streets:
some are patterned like cows,
some wear tuxedos,
some have turtle shells on their backs.  
One looks like a whole spice rack spilled out on him.
Barn cats, alley cats, stray cats, exotic cats—
she says no to none of them.

This home is wild and foolish like her mind.
That compassion pours out like acid on my bones.
Then I’m forced to shoot her down  
with words that fly out like bullets,
and more mouthfuls
and more mouthfuls of bullets
that all but ricochet off her iron clad will.

You turn so perfectly
down your roads of passion.
Creep on through the stop signs I put up
and mount on my head the horns,
the ones we pretend we can’t see,
the ones that let the bullets soar,
bullets to kill you again,
horns to undress your sister.

But I won't be some tricked cuckold blindfold piece of shit

Baby, there's love between our eyes
So much love in disguise...
Incendiary, sparkling, tongued-out, pint size
But I won't be some tricked cuckold blindfold piece of shit

The cuckold sits with empty pride
calpurnia mockingbird

The cuckold sits with empty pride
at all that's on display
he does not yearn for awful truth
'bout where she is today.
he dreams of travels far and wide
and promises the earth
he knows not that his dreams are lies
a source of lovers mirth
when she returns as day goes dim
he'll try to light a spark
he does not see that it's not he
who owns her weary heart.

each letter screamed by the muted cuckold.
Connor Dalton
Feb 19, 2010

I killed her
Maybe the world did,
some for me.
Maybe there's something, anything,
I feel Her so truly
like an echo
all relief will be temporary,
all work for not.
each letter screamed by the muted cuckold.
I awake to my present
bound to love
bound to Her
and as I scream and
My heart screams out
please listen
for my echo.

They cuckold and maim
Sandra L Qian
Sandra L Qian
Oct 16, 2011

I do not like people
They cuckold and maim
Abandon without shame
Litter, gossip and blame
Never care for others
Only care for their own needs
They are racists and hateful
Liars and are wasteful
Two-faced, ungrateful
Baby killers, molesters
Not enough protesters
Killers in disguise
Children and their innocent eyes
Death on the rise
Greedy towards the needy
Our government is seedy
1 in 4 with STD's
Stupid and sloppy
Argumentative and Weak
Manipulative and scary
Disease and Destruction
War then Reconstruction
Public nose pickers
Butt pickers too
This is my list
I do not like people
How about you?

ken Heike
ken Heike
Dec 23, 2013

She's no

She'll plant

And grow

too rough
for diamonds

What didn't kill her
made her outpower
her ego

And she sent her soul
To cocktease
my cognitive construct
in haunting hallucinations

The girl next door
frantically feeling me up
via shared consciousness

this obsession
So she's always
locked in my mind
like a dirty secret

She holds
the key
like a

constricting roots
to hold me down
to Earth

a wild

A cuckold of imagination
ken Heike
ken Heike
May 24

Miss Amphetamine,
It's been two weeks
Since I bowed down
to speak in tongues
To worship you.

You Cunt.
You told me
That you'd see me next Tuesday
When I felt my soul
wasn't enough.

But I met someone else
She sets my soul on fire
sings my body electric
and keeps my
electro-magnetic heart

Attracting the opposite
of what you held together
and selfishly beat
with chemicals

Miss Amphetamine,
you were my soul's
straight jacket

A cuckold of imagination
you got off
on watching me
fuck myself

found my cuckold in February sunshine
Sarah Gawricki
Sarah Gawricki
Mar 2, 2013      Mar 2, 2013

happy March first.

march on
but first
doleful songs
spin winter
into spring
webs of wet wild words
that kept us drowning in December
coalesce into fountains
of outdoor showers
little spindles we cut from our ribs
just cocoons nesting inside
the longevity of illusive minds
(this never ends)
found my cuckold in February sunshine
floating over other hemispheres
so graciously
as if I wouldn’t live to tell about it

cotton capris
grass stained knees
sullied skin with caterpillar corpses
we didn’t mean it
but the earth looked so moist
it all seems so sanguine
asking God why
every month
can't look like July
we’re not there yet
if everything tasted as fresh
as spritzed peaches
watermelon water
smells of sudden rain
(watch out for the earthworms)
we’d just be squashed butterflies

littering the whole place.

cuckold with clover honey
Hannah Kollef
Hannah Kollef
Jun 28, 2010

Where has brother bird gone?

Asks dog to sly fox

He is tempted in shadows

caught in twisting maze

cuckold with clover honey

and horns of thorny bramble

He has left us to sway

in dead breeze

our faces loosened

grins too tight

We'll feed our bellies

offal and

dead grass

Stiff bodies to greet the

dawning of day

when brother bird returns too late

to sing blood back to royal throne

Come, all trace buries now

in dead light and heavy stone

Hide madness with me

friend dog

To earth and rooted cellar; there

burning pyre

smolders in the dark -

Goblin King will soon be by.

Copyright Hannah Kollef 2010
ted Mary on behalf of God as Joseph the cuckold carpenter patiently looked musing the b
Alexander K Opicho

The name Theodore has its Greek anthropologies, Jewish anthropologies and also Germany anthropologies. The Greek anthropological perspective of The name Theodore indeed has something to do with the gods.However, the Greek way of looking at life was a frustrated thinking.To them everything was a god. They had  a plethora of gods; utopia,cacotopia, Thespis, muse, clio, calypso, and Theodore was a half a god like Gabriel who impregnanted Mary on behalf of God as Joseph the cuckold carpenter patiently looked musing the ballad of a cuckold peasant . So Theodore and Gabriel were godsend.I  have not delved to know what it means among the Jews, But am aware of the the cultural and anthropological surroundings of the name Theodore in Germany . It is a name of a male person  signifying extra-masculine behavior. I also write poetry in Deutsch, so i know  substantial cultural values of the people of Germany.  Like in this case the modern  social  naming systems . I am aware of the anthropology of this Deutsch nomenclatural position.Why would link this name to Greeks but not Germany may due to  some silent social and emotional  disposition in Europe  that the  English speaking Europeans have a soft spot for  the Greek culture.While at the same time they become victims of high adrenaline level when exposed to anything Germany. they always get repulsed when the word Germany is mentioned.So one's  thesis on nomenclatural values of the name Theodore depends on which side of European  consciousness one is found; is it Germany friendly consciousness or Germany threatened consciousness? The dystopic component of the name Theodore is purely cacotopic with zero element of utopia , as extra-masculinity is a swine of  engendered civilization  all the times.


Alexander  k  Opicho

NB/ i kindly  invite Theodore to come to  Kenya so that we do a joint research on the Swahili perspectives of the name Theodore, in Kiswahili the name Theodore  is subverted to bwana tadayo

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