I don't need a mirror
to see myself
with you

Warning: this was not intended to be a pun. Does it sound like a pun? yes.
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quite fast enough to melt faces
Daniel Magner

my fingers don't move
quite fast enough to melt faces
my voice doesn't go
quite high enough to send shivers
through folks
my words only capture
the gist
it feels like I'm always
not quite
good enough

Daniel Magner 2014
Sep 17, 2013

I've only stopped talking for half an hour.
Already relief from this sour
drone of noise.

Gigi Tiji
Gigi Tiji
Mar 15

take it further than
blue jay blue jay
sunshine on a gloomy day
my goodness I'm a mess
took my thoughts on a
rip tide lawl ride
tongue tied n' fried and
I'm sighing sighs of silly songs
over sickly sickles sicking dogs
of love on rippling rainbows
step aside, ego!

i wanna see your shadow
summer's soon anywho

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