Sep 17, 2013

I've only stopped talking for half an hour.
Already relief from this sour
drone of noise.

Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood
Dec 16, 2012

The sound of silence can drive me insane?
Make my brain
forget my name?
The sound of nothing can make me mad
wish I had?
forgetting the sad
The sound of dark can make me despise
all the cries
the wounderings why?

2013 © Natalie Wood

I love the way you think you do no wrong
How you believe you are above the fray
Looking down your nose ready to stab, belittle, ridicule,
Always dressed to the tee, always perfect.
Perfect perfect perfect.
Perfect clothes perfect makeup perfect conversationalist and perfect
charm, if it suits you at that moment.
Yeah you
Perfect bitch!

A product of office rivalry and jealousy.
*Well not quite*
Emily Pidduck
Emily Pidduck
Dec 25, 2013      Dec 26, 2013

Well not quite

I can say to anything
But there are still dreams
And sealed hope

Broken wings
Are only clipped
They seem beautiful
As if they are holding onto the magic -
Mystery children know first,
And adults thirst for
At four
When the days isn't done
Or about to come

The moon is stuck in between
Holding the spell for freedom

Our wings struggle
Because we want more

Not quite sure
What that is yet

I struggled so hard to write this, and I hope it works, but it's supposed to be readable both forwards and backwards  the normal reading is supposed to be thoughtful, and the backwards on the side of hopeless
Aug 29, 2013      Aug 30, 2013

I feel like,
I write about,
the same damn thing...

ALL the time

© Natali Veronica 2013.
is quite meek
Dame Soleil Oiseau
Dame Soleil Oiseau
Oct 21, 2011

Tear drops on a dirty face
Mascara flowing down her cheek
Legs have gone weak

The element of surprise
is quite meek

His name was Quite Easy,
J Lohr
J Lohr
May 18, 2013

The boy loved his dog,
He loved him a lot.
His name was Quite Easy,
He was covered with spot.
But to the boy’s sad sad demise,
His good old dog was nothing but lies.
For the day that Quite Easy finally died,
The boy saw he was merely a cat in disguise…

Is quite enough
Caroline Little
Jul 16, 2010

I fear my sense
Of right and wrong
Are skewed beyond

For all I do
Is think of you
Regardless of if you're

The way your body
Knows my own and
Matches it with

Is quite enough
To make it tough
To focus or to

Heather E Perry
Heather E Perry
Sep 29, 2013

He asked her, "are you living your dream?"
She said, "if I am it's a night mare."

Not where I want to be.
Because if I were,
you'd be here.

It's too far.
too cold.
too long.

Need you closer.

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