Clarice Alvarez
Clarice Alvarez
Sep 14, 2014

A storm took your name
And wrecked havoc as I slept
And thought about you

A new haiku from me. Just got hit by a storm today, and it happened to be named after somebody.
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a flowering beyond namesake.
Nov 7, 2014

Peace draws itself out...leaving an
informed emptiness in its wake.
As light leaves room for everything...
what is let be, comes to itself.
Peaces draws itself out...leaving an
informed emptiness in its wake--
a flowering beyond namesake.
As anything can be renamed, any
shape peace transfigures.
Dormancy's wayshowing can not be
filled with anything but itself...peace
beyond body and mind.

Banging on your namesake's door,
Elisa Maria Argiro
Elisa Maria Argiro
Aug 25, 2015

Skinny little legs, like the bees
you loved to draw, propelled you
down two flights of old stone stairs.

Banging on your namesake's door,
calling out in a child's Italian:
"Nino, let's go play!"

An enclosed courtyard held us at the center
of modest apartments where our neighbors
hung out laundry, watched us play.

In the early evening light we counted, hid,
and counted again under quiet Roman skies.
It seemed, then, that this was life.

Counting rapidly in that musical language,
searching for a new and better place to hide,
we never imagined that soon, we would
want to hide here, in these memories
that would never leave us.

When an avalanche of tragedy hit us
one year later, we had these soft days
in our father's country to remember.
Hiding, counting,
and hiding again.

For my brother Jas
©Elisa Maria Argiro
kenny Diamond
kenny Diamond
Jun 5, 2015

I hope as the sun hits my face
The tears burn my skin
I will never be the image you see
I can t walk this path anymore
In the end you will never understand me
I can t keep the hope in my heart with feeling that has been lost deep inside my  soul
My heart breaks with no love
I live for today not for the past
I hold my breath no more
I wear no mask to hide myself
In world full of pain.

Sydney Spencer
Sydney Spencer
Jan 20, 2015

I've never heard my name sound quite as perfect

As it did when you let it curl off your tongue and slip past your lips last night

I've missed you.

You rarely actually call me by name I'm surprised you remember it most days.
Jun 18, 2015

did you know that
there's no such thing as
a perfect name?

one day i'm catherine
and in the next breath, esther -
boudica, scathach, chiang;
virginia, sacagawea, rosalind.

i change like the ocean
so don't try to name me.
don't try to limit me.

you cannot keep me
from being great.

"there's no such thing as a perfect name." - jhumpa lahiri, "the namesake"
Emily Beers
Jul 26, 2011

I remember when you first said my name.
It was like any other person saying it.
Except that
Which each passing time
It became more and more like a secret.
Something only you and I shared.
You would look at me,
In the eyes
Blue locked on blue
And say “Emily”.
And with each passing time,
Your mouth turned up more and more.
And then less and less.
I remember the last time you said my name.
It was like any other person saying it.
Except that
I had never wanted to be called anything else
More than I did in that moment.

The bartender
Is surprised at my lexicon
Because I have blonde hair
And fair skin.

He doesn’t know me
Aside from Tuesdays
Separated by counter and glass,
Always another?

And I want to.

I want to walk in for the first time,
Sit down, vodka tonic
Quote Wolterstorff and
The goodwill rhetoric
Of a speaker to the audience,
Showing him
Smart girls can be pretty too.
Smart girls are pretty too.
Pretty girls are smart.
Girls are smart.
Girls are pretty.

But no one likes a smarty pants
So I feign indifference
(Or a drama queen)
Drink my last
And leave a generous tip.

Girls are nice, too.

mary elisabeth 2015

You asked have you ever abandoned me as a mother
How about the time I told you about the abuse my sister but me through and your response was "thats my daughter too amd you are attacking her and I have to protect her"
My emotions mean nothing to you
An exact replication of you
My emotions are not real if they are your emotions
My thoughts do not matter if they are not your thoughts
I am not your favorite so you disregard me
Blame me for everything
Its all my fault
My anger and sadness is not important
I am not important
If I killed myself I would not deem it selfish because my life is not yours and my feelings do not matter to you
But my body does and my namekin to you

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