A little girl
the lost girl
the lost girl
Oct 30, 2016

A little dark
A big war
A little girl
Lost in park
Looking for her doll
All in my mind
All in my heart
Even if I try
I can't stop them,
At all... and I'm
Drowning in my own blood

Can you help me friend?
Can you be my light?
Can you make it all end?
Can we run away?

impressed by a video, video of a girl lost in a war.
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This perfect little girl
Jun 21, 2014

This perfect little girl
seems like she's a storybook away,
and the image you wish to see
is drenched in black,
a shadow that won't reveal
the identity of its master.
This perfect little girl
used to hold your hand,
but is now letting go
to search for something greater
than protection -
she's searching for herself,
and this perfect little girl
you tried to create,
isn't who she's looking for.

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there was a girl
Dec 24, 2016

Once upon a time,
there was a girl
she hated herself,
and she hated the world

She was so sad, so often.
She never knew what to do,
with all of her emotions.

She hurt herself and was hurt by others
and eventually just hid herself away...

Then one day,
she met a boy.
A tall boy, through a screen
who filled her with joy.

He opened up her heart,
and made her smile
At least for a little while.

Things were good for her,
outside of her dreams.

There were ups and downs
and turns and tosses
she messed up a time or two,
because she was being stupid.

But things got better,
and things became more clear...
He held her close,
and shattered all her fears.

The girl is now content,
and feels happy often
because of this boy,
her pain was forgotten.

Maybe someday she'll finish this story.

#love   #sad   #girl   #pain   #happy   #hurt   #story   #a   #about   #heal  
He'll do it to the next girl
The Girl Who Loves You

It's not you
    I promise
What I say is true
      He never deserved

     It's not your fault
           I know for a fact
      Trust me
             You are better
          Than a boy like that

It's for the best
    Believe me
          He'll do it to the next girl
       And the next
            And next
      You'll find your one
          In this world

        It's time to breathe
             Have faith in what
          I'm saying to you
      This might just be
          But I was cheated on too

It's time to believe
      You're worth more than
   You can see
           No more tears, please
      He's not worth your pain
             You're gorgeous
       And you're NOT to blame

     It's for the best,
              It's not you
    Just Breathe.
          Believe me,
  Cause I've made it through.
         I know,
      What I say is true.
         I was cheated on too.

I'm here for you.
#love   #life   #girl   #faith   #you   #me   #cheated   #breathe   #believe   #inspiratiomal  
you are a girl.
Claire Collins
May 19, 2014

carcinogen fogs will cancer you thick
you will dismiss
the salt stain of a visitor
you will pretend
the Tuesday's are not boring
the coffee is not weak
the room smells like chlorine
you are a girl.

smiles for money.

Pretty Girl, Nice Girl
Casey Williams
Casey Williams
Nov 13, 2014

Pretty Girl, Nice Girl
(she hides behind the smile)
Beautiful Girl, Smart Girl
(the night she spends alone)
Popular Girl, Smiling Girl
(she screams without a voice)
Quite Girl, Shy Girl
(what she wants is out)
Simple Girl, Normal Girl
(heart hidden behind a wall)
That Girl,  This Girl
(she starts to lose her grip)
Pretty Girl, Nice Girl
(she is gone without a trace)

#lies   #broken   #sad   #girl   #girls  
Every girl is absolutely gorgeous
Tim Loves Tankas
Tim Loves Tankas
Jun 6, 2016

Every girl is absolutely gorgeous
if you don't listen to the standards
Their curves are really amazing
and they all have the softest skin
bring on the imperfections, I'm imperfect too!!!

Mar 25, 2015

Escape to

When your options are keep going or stopping, you choose the one less awkward...making it awkward
#love   #life   #girl   #awkward   #girls  
a girl sheds
Erin Suurkoivu

I am the echo of her original heartache.

I am forming
as in a womb.

a pearl in her shell
a diamond in her rough

I am becoming.
I will spill out.

a girl sheds
a girl
sheds a girl
a girl

Her experiences have made me.
Her lost loves have shaped me.
They have given birth
to the woman that
I am.

Synopsis for my forthcoming poetry book. Will be a long time coming. Must give this baby love.
#girl   #book   #girls   #woman   #diamond   #birthday   #becoming   #birth   #pearl   #sheds  
A worn out girl
Simon Christensen

A worn out girl
beaten daily
by her dad

All of them.

The weight of the world is on her shoulders.

Like any other day.

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #depression   #life   #heart   #girl   #pain   #sadness   #death   #lost   #girls   #woman   #women  
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