Sa Sa Ra
Sa Sa Ra
Oct 17, 2012

No matter the charge
Having your Miranda Rights
Read on the Gallows

vincent mccarty
vincent mccarty
May 11, 2013

(we are sick)ened
by difference

(we are all) horrified
by (equal)ity

(we) are (hate)ful
to people
who remind us
of (ourselves)

because (we are scared)
that they will
change our minds
prove us wrong

we don’t want the weak
to know that
(we are vulnerable)
and they are the ones
who are strong.


Zach Spud Carter
Zach Spud Carter
Apr 6, 2013      Apr 9, 2013

And can you believe,
The horrible glee
With which his lips licked.
Dreaming-- carcass picked,

Reveling wholly.
Dismissing Holy
Enlightened beings,
Sinking in Needing.

Black black smack, alack!
I'm a crack-gack hack!
Or, mayhaps, I'm not?
Or, perhaps, just caught,

In nauseous verde waves
Of fanciful raves--
Rants all entertained--
I say makes me drained.

Baudelaire's half-baked,
Chatterton-- cracked
Morally, sorely
Standing half-poorly

But standing up still,
Avoiding the thrill
Of desert mirage,
It's poison barrage!

The cops took my weed!
Beautiful living creatures
Extinguished by extraction

This message made possible by
The bible-thumpers passion

A simple farmer, simple life
He's caused no one pain or strife
The victim absent, non-existent?
It matters not, just throw him in prison!

persecution of the divided ,
Nov 25, 2012

the wind does not howl.
the sun does not shine.
Concrete paste thickens,
and into thought we dive.
persecution of the divided ,
well managed,
we lie.

9 Months of Persecution
Elizabeth Ann
Elizabeth Ann
Apr 12, 2013

10 Years of Discretion
9 Months of Persecution
8 Semesters of Imitation
7 Weeks of Affliction
6 Days of Temptation
5 Hours of drug Consumption
4 Minutes of thought Malfunction
3 Moments of Desperation
2 Seconds until Eradication
1 Life of Lacrimation

With a penchant for persecution
BK Barnes
BK Barnes
Sep 11, 2011

An entire lifetime remembered
In a solitary fragment of blood
Supernovas explode in the blackness of our eyes
I can see your androgynous heroin form
Sitting in wicker chairs
Juggling martinis and cigarettes
Dressed in Homecoming White
With a penchant for persecution
We’re choking on chlorine
And leisurely drowning in anonymity
Still the daydreams of my consequences linger on

  its the persecution that I'm crossed
Kevin Tenkku

as the flames grow higher
  you must know
  its the persecution that I'm crossed
  not you
  I want peace
  my life is a dream
  row row row your boat
  get to the other side of life
  my Buddha
  so many innocent died
  so many haters
  listen to me
  Malcolm keep clicking
  it gives my life meaning
  at the peak of living
  light yourself
  shoot into the sky
  shooting into the flame
  I make my point
  scores settled
  magazine covers
  me in white
  you with your mouth wide open
  shooting into the flame
  I peak

david badgerow
david badgerow
Dec 8, 2011

the answer
is not
opposed to principle
it is not
against wars or
it will just
go together with
and it can
be influenced by
and the heart.
there is no difference between fact and fiction.
all writing is fiction.
and that is the worst betrayal of
the truth.

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