Sa Sa Ra
Sa Sa Ra
Oct 17, 2012

No matter the charge
Having your Miranda Rights
Read on the Gallows

persecution will come
Jul 19

persecution will come
Truth said as much
so why be surprised

I suppose I've done it to myself
Every action has a counter action
How could I achieve progress with her
When I put my own in reverse
I am not lacking hope or lust
Perhaps what followed is just
My own worst enemy
Is me, minus self love

Zach Spud Carter
Zach Spud Carter
Apr 6, 2013      Apr 9, 2013

And can you believe,
The horrible glee
With which his lips licked.
Dreaming-- carcass picked,

Reveling wholly.
Dismissing Holy
Enlightened beings,
Sinking in Needing.

Black black smack, alack!
I'm a crack-gack hack!
Or, mayhaps, I'm not?
Or, perhaps, just caught,

In nauseous verde waves
Of fanciful raves--
Rants all entertained--
I say makes me drained.

Baudelaire's half-baked,
Chatterton-- cracked
Morally, sorely
Standing half-poorly

But standing up still,
Avoiding the thrill
Of desert mirage,
It's poison barrage!

in a world of persecution
DC raw love

why do I never get a answer
when I'm knocking at the door

i have a 1000 million questions
about hate, killings and war

where can I find all the answers
to make my thoughts complete

in a world of persecution
does anyone hold the key

I am just looking for a miracle in my life
can you see what this does to me

turning gray in the morning
with tears in my eyes

of a world that I will never know
in a world where I will grow old

The Futility of Persecution
Harold Rizla
Harold Rizla
Oct 25, 2014

The Futility of Persecution

As you approach me
both guns drawn
Bullets full of hate and bile
I stand here naked
hands beside me
Armed with just
my inner smile

As you seek
to breech the sanctum
Leaving carnage
and calamity
I sit here safe behind
the glass that shields
my newfound equinamity

I never built these walls
you built them
with your twisted
bitter hand
It was you not I
that sought to cross
the line within the sand

As your projectiles
tear my body
Leaving gaping wounds behind
I stand here smiling
in the sunshine that's
the fortress of
my mind...


Kurt Kanawa
Kurt Kanawa
Apr 29, 2014

spread my rips apart
like a treasure chest
circumsize my heart
and with water bless'd
baptize me to hell
{ never a heaven to sell }

"heretic!" (2/3)

Sit in crimson sky sunset park
Quiet city sounds
Churches adjacent
Diocese I'm sure
Tho no man'o god
Insulated here
For I'm sure
At home
They're watching

Rubbish feel I can't shake
Like J and his star on the
Wall scars from the fall philosophy
That I don't understand
Beyond as manifestations
Of psyche transference

And the Fibonacci sequence
Part of a quantum spiral clearly seen
Tell him about the Golden Ratio
With trepidation

Fuel to the fire
Say you want to help but
Play mind game chicken with faith

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