Aug 26, 2015

for now I feel the full weight of your words
back bent muscles ready to snap
and as I stagger along a flint strewn road
my feet cut bruised blue black
the shouts of tormentors reach my heart
once again the world crucifies a man
just a man, a mans truth embodied
you too stand in the crowd, and witness

Jun 29, 2013

The persecutor feels
because the persecuted
speak out

This one took longer than it looks. I went back and forth. It was going to be the opening of a longer poem but I realized that this said it all and that adding more would be just wind. Then I started obsessing on the last line. and whether it needed something before "speak out". I decided it didn't.
Jan 17, 2016

I am the outlier
Feather wearer
Tired child of
The trial of tears

The back lashed
For being black

Brother of the
Burning Japanese
At Nagasaki

Open minded
And empathetic
The broken hearted

Lesbian, bisexual
Trans, homosexual
Dejected, rejected
And denied
Basic human rights

I am the immigrant
Who went
Through hell
To get here
To be demonized

I am flesh of your flesh
Blood of your blood
Lonely and struggling
Begging for mercy
And a little human decency

Someone hates me because of my faith
Feeling sad they asked to be removed from my list of friends


#faith   #rude   #persecuted  
persecution will come
Jul 19, 2015

persecution will come
Truth said as much
so why be surprised

Sep 15, 2015

a maniac keeps knocking my window in the depth of night
has done so on and off for four years
I cannot decide on security cameras or a good old fashion man-trap
either way I find it hard to be Christian about it and admit I am far from turning the other cheek.
There is a great blessing here somewhere, and to be persecuted, even though it may seem trivial in the great scheme of persecutions, a faith tested never beyond what you can handle, and taken as a healthy sign of the authentication of faith, is the one only true consolation.

in a world of persecution
DC raw love
DC raw love
Feb 26, 2015

why do I never get a answer
when I'm knocking at the door

i have a 1000 million questions
about hate, killings and war

where can I find all the answers
to make my thoughts complete

in a world of persecution
does anyone hold the key

I am just looking for a miracle in my life
can you see what this does to me

turning gray in the morning
with tears in my eyes

of a world that I will never know
in a world where I will grow old

in the persecution of the light foot
Christos Andreas Kourtis

They were the last tribe on this Island paradise
for outsiders had claimed their lands
they had forced the indigenous peoples
to take on their Gods that they did not understand

They had decimated their crops
destroyed most of their wildlife
and now the greedy strangers
now turned their eyes on the last tribe

They hunted them day and night
for by their religion it was right
man woman and childs life's took
in the persecution of the light foot

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

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