Sa Sa Ra
Sa Sa Ra
Oct 17, 2012

No matter the charge
Having your Miranda Rights
Read on the Gallows

vincent mccarty
vincent mccarty
May 11, 2013

(we are sick)ened
by difference

(we are all) horrified
by (equal)ity

(we) are (hate)ful
to people
who remind us
of (ourselves)

because (we are scared)
that they will
change our minds
prove us wrong

we don’t want the weak
to know that
(we are vulnerable)
and they are the ones
who are strong.


Zach Spud Carter
Zach Spud Carter
Apr 6, 2013      Apr 9, 2013

And can you believe,
The horrible glee
With which his lips licked.
Dreaming-- carcass picked,

Reveling wholly.
Dismissing Holy
Enlightened beings,
Sinking in Needing.

Black black smack, alack!
I'm a crack-gack hack!
Or, mayhaps, I'm not?
Or, perhaps, just caught,

In nauseous verde waves
Of fanciful raves--
Rants all entertained--
I say makes me drained.

Baudelaire's half-baked,
Chatterton-- cracked
Morally, sorely
Standing half-poorly

But standing up still,
Avoiding the thrill
Of desert mirage,
It's poison barrage!

spread my rips apart
like a treasure chest
circumsize my heart
and with water bless'd
baptize me to hell
{ never a heaven to sell }

"heretic!" (2/3)

The cops took my weed!
Beautiful living creatures
Extinguished by extraction

This message made possible by
The bible-thumpers passion

A simple farmer, simple life
He's caused no one pain or strife
The victim absent, non-existent?
It matters not, just throw him in prison!

in the persecution of the light foot
Christos Andreas Kourtis

They were the last tribe on this Island paradise
for outsiders had claimed their lands
they had forced the indigenous peoples
to take on their Gods that they did not understand

They had decimated their crops
destroyed most of their wildlife
and now the greedy strangers
now turned their eyes on the last tribe

They hunted them day and night
for by their religion it was right
man woman and childs life's took
in the persecution of the light foot

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

et me somewhere safe from this constant persecution.
Helen Murray
Jan 13      Jan 13

1:   The Greatest Insurance Policy Ever!
Lord, You are my personal insurance plan.
Don't let Yourself out of this contract.
Extricate me from all my troubles with your superb mastery.
2:   Flick your wonderfully sharp ears in my direction,
Get me out of this quagmire ASAP;
Be my total fall-back blueprint,
My absolutely secure fall-back scheme.
3:   Yes, You are my complete, rock-solid defense.
That being the case, and so that You are recognised by everyone around me, direct my footsteps and show me the way.
4:   You know about that trap they hid for me - so get me out of it fast.  In you is my surprisingly  sprung rebound.
5:   I am only too happy to fall untterly into Your hands, body, mind and spirit
Your indomitable truth has freed me over and over.
6:   I hate the deference given to fool's game icons when I can trust in You.
7:   How ecstatic I am dancing here in your compassion, for you are intimately concerned with my problems, and my very soul is safe in Your hands when I'm struggling.
8:   Never once have you let the enemy take over - It's always surprising how you extract me from their schemes.
9:   And here I am again, Lord, in big trouble.  Don't know if I've got any tears left for this poor old body and soul.
10:   All my life there is nothing but depression and misery.  I've made some stupid mistakes and now I'm paying for them.  It seems I haven't a leg to stand on.
11:  My detractors make a fool of me, and that includes my close circle of friends.  It seems they can't stand the very idea of me.  They can never stop to talk but are always busy somewhere else.
12:   I might as well be dead for all they care, as long as they don't have to think about me.  I feel completely knocked out.
13:  They don't get it Lord  They're telling lies about me.  Their bullying is just plain scary.
They get together to eliminate me out of their picture.  Murder is no problem to them.
14:  Yet I know I can bet on You, dear Lord.  My answer is You.
15:   I know that times are yours to deal with; Just get me out of their hands, and get me somewhere safe from this constant persecution.
16:  Make an example of them Lord, by exonerating me.  Let them know that You are my BLOOD BROTHER!
17:  I am dependent on You God, and I know You won't shame me.  Let them wear it themselves.  The grave will stop their boasting.!
18:  I do like the open mouths when liars have nothing to say, because the proud, contemptuous rhetoric against your people hits the dust hard.
19:  There is such magnificence about your  kindness torque which you set up for us who have finally learned to esteem You., which you spread out for the ones who have joined Your ranks, and it's right out there for the sons of men to covet!  (That's what they need to covet.)
20:  It's so fun that You protect us secretly by Your very presence, so they can't get a grip on us..  Yes, Your Truth keeps us safely secured, away from their tongue-lashings.
21:  I'm screaming out "Blessed be Yahweh" because He has demonstrated to me his kindness torque right here in a dynamic place.
22:  I thought, and indeed I said, "You don't care about my situation."  Even so, You paid attention to my pleading voice storming your ears.
23:  Oh, How can I say it any stronger?  All of you who are His children, that the Lord immunises the faithful, and boy does He repay arrogance.
24:  Get your war boots on everyone.  He is your backup cover - (BLOOD BROTHER JESUS of the NT).  Your heart beats in sync with His heart all you brothers and sisters in Jehovah, and that is your strength.

Psalms are songs.  I love to re-write them as if they had been just written in Australia.  They are certainly not accurate translations, but directly inspired, verse by verse, by David's psalms
The Mandi Monster
The Mandi Monster
Jul 15      Jul 16

Her mind was surrounded by fire.
Her heart was enveloped in passion,
And her spirit was filled with desire,
But they said her soul was absent.

She spoke in rhymes and verses.
She lived with a song in her heart.
She absorbed all the daily curses.
She breathed them out in art.

Her head was engulfed in flames.
It was the way she was born,
But they filled her up with shame,
For the blaze she did adorn.

They thought her evil and strange,
Though her heart was simply pure.
They begged for her to change,
And asked if there was a cure.

There’s nothing wrong with this girl.
She is mind and heart a whole,
But there is embers in her curl,
And so they say she has no soul.

Being a natural redhead, I got bullied a lot growing up and I still do get bullied from time to time for my fiery red locks. It's kind of ridiculous, if you ask me, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. I've heard a great many things about my red hair, but the one that always gets to me (even though I joke about it from time to time) is that I have no soul. Being an artist makes me feel like I have more soul than most at times. I feel so deeply and passionately. It doesn't always get to me, but at times it does. I do have a soul... an intensely passionate one.
The Mandi Monster
The Mandi Monster
Jul 24      Jul 24

I wish that I had thicker skin,
That wouldn’t let the harsh words in.
I wish my skin were an armored shield,
And the insults had no weapons to wield.
I’d be a warrior, impervious to pain.
No negativity could scar or stain.
I’d have no doubts that one could feed.
Persecutors could not succeed.

Yes, I wish that I had thicker skin,
Impenetrable to another’s sin.
No one’s words could tear me down,
And make me feel like I might drown.
No, I would be so proud and fierce.
I’d have a heart no one could pierce.
I’d turn my back to all hate.
All the derision would hold no weight.

I wish that I had thicker skin,
And you couldn’t insult me again.
No way to scar or mar this flesh.
No wound left behind by your thresh.
You’d try to batter, but I wouldn’t bruise.
With every lash there’s no blood to lose.
I’d feel nothing from all your blows.
Invincible to every single one of my foes.

Yes, I wish that I had thicker skin.
The one I have is much too thin.
I feel too much so I hurt too much,
And there’s no one with a healing touch.
The slander hits me and I bleed tears,
Until the pain flushes and clears.
I try to not let all of the mockery in,
But I wish that I had thicker skin.

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