Nov 30, 2015

I am leaving safe places
To find where I'm supposed to be
It doesn't feel quite right nor
It doesn't feel wrong
But I'm leaving safe places
Because here's not where I belong

Kinsey Luna
#safe   #belong   #places  

Everywhere I go
I add dots to the map
Of places I have been
Places I will go
Places that have been my home
For a month
For a year
For a while
Places where I was

#travel   #places   #been  
What a wonderful place
Apr 16, 2016

What a wonderful place
       The temple is
Where poor begging outside
Rich inside

Wonderful, temple,church,rich,poor
#poor   #rich   #place   #wonderful   #church   #temple  
My place is change,
Jul 27, 2014

My place is change,
is sacrifice,
my place is a deadly fight,
and I know it

It is something deep,
from within my soul,
that whispers look,
look and be angry,
that says fight it,
with every fiber
of your being,
fight it,
even if it kills you,

My local library has a literary magazine, and this year its theme is place, so I've been writing some poetry about place in the hope that I can submit it. Tell me what you think.
#me   #place  
there is always a place for you
The Insane Savannah

No matter how hard it is,
how weak you are,
there is always a place for you
in my heart.

You're not alone,
never shall you be.
#love   #heart   #friendship   #places  
This place;
Sep 30, 2015

This place;
It's full of the weird and the wonderful
This place;
It's creatures are more amazing than I've ever seen
This place;
It's got the style that got its unique tag
This place;
It's full of the weird, the wonderful and us.

#weird   #this   #amazing   #place   #wonderful   #creatures  

My talented tongue
Auditions for the lead role
In your sold out show.

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