Apr 12


Morning fog burns off
memories, many years ago,
drift dreaming with Edith Piaf
reeling in heart felt bellows

Just a moment's faraway past
then those faces floated close
over books, rows in class
Back now, stopping, future froze

Chalkboard friends young then more
turned marble stone, for entombed now rest
Chiseled lessons deep are scored
time's remains too, few resist behest

What to say at end of day
when woolen chill defines a breeze
to editor of daily press, say,
they were best in any freeze


Katie Mountford
Katie Mountford
Apr 21      Apr 23

"I think people are scared to come out because they think we won't accept them",
say the voices who call pencils gay because the leads snap,
and faces look around the classroom for volunteers
as if I would dissect myself
and tell you about something I'm not even sure of yet,
that still haunts the back of my mind
and makes me second guess myself every time I look at Her
just to enrich our Citizenship lesson.

I think it's my damn business.
I think if you were really that accepting my skin wouldn't crawl when you talked about "dykes" with nervous scorn dripping from your teeth and labelled broken things the same as people.
I think "no".

Laurie Fisher
Laurie Fisher
Oct 8, 2011

I heard that he was insane
That his feelings were uncontrollable
I heard he committed suicide
It sounds so incredibly horrible
I heard he was seeing a shrink
I heard he thought he was fine
I heard he told him,
told him he could call anytime
but when he really needed him
He was declined.
I heard his father
he told him to be a man
He told him he couldn’t
and would never understand
I wonder has the guilt
swallowed him whole
I wonder will anything
fill his now empty soul
I heard his girlfriend she said goodbye
she was sick of the whines and all his cries
he said he didn’t need her
he needed no one
but in the end we all know he needed someone
I heard he did it with a gun
I wonder if it hurt
I heard he couldn't take it
All the pain and all the hurt
I heard he had a brother
a mother and a dad
I saw them at the funeral
they were bitter sweetly sad
I wonder does a tiger cry
when a brother loses his life
I wonder can you catch a tiger with a tear in its eye?

I guess I just expected
Something else

It happens every year,
I get excited
That maybe
This year will be

Maybe I'll find an awesome friend
Who does my nails
And answers calls at two am
Like Nicole did
Before she moved to California

Or she could be like Kayla
Who would be silly with me in
Drama class
And use chocolate sauce for blood
In our Black and White movie
Before her dad died in combat
And she went to bury him in
Some foreign country
Where cell phones
Don't count

Or a boyfriend like Louis
That I could see a future with
Sitting listening to Relient K
In a college dorm
With a million years to spare
Before he left for London

But the girl in front of me
In English
Pops her gum for the boy
In the next desk
And could poke my eye out
With her fake straightened hair.

The girl in my drama class
Cakes on her mask and
Participates in pageant after pageant
And calls her anorexia
A diet

And I heard the rumor
That the boy I thought was cute
In chemistry
Was caught fingering his
Under her desk in
Español Dos.

I didn't think my standards were too high to meet.

"Nothing gold can stay."
-Robert Frost
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Minecraft, World of Warcraft, StarCraft,
Battlefield 2, The Sims 3 and Diablo III
have destroyed more minds and souls
than the death tolls
of WWI & WWII,
the Antioch earthquakes of 115 & 526,
the 1737 & 1839 India cyclones,
the Influenza Epidemic of 1918,
the 1931 China floods,
the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami,
and the number of Jews killed at
Auschwitz, Belzec and Majdanek

Social Media and Computer Games
are a total fucking waste of time ~
and a waste of time is a waste of life!


BTW, my mother actual was at Auschwitz and Majdanek.
You can read her triumphant memoir of survival at:
Please read my mom's poignant memoir about surviving Auschwitz:
Sara: From Bialystok to Brooklyn, A Survivor's Memoir (Chapter 1-3/My Family-Bialystok)

Sara: From Bialystok to Brooklyn, A Survivor's Memoir (Chapter 4-6/Nazi Occupation-Majdanek)

Sara: From Bialystok to Brooklyn, A Survivor's Memoir (Chapter 7-8/Blizyn-Auschwitz)

Sara: From Bialystok to Brooklyn, A Survivor's Memoir (Chapter 9-10/Liberation)

Sara: From Bialystok to Brooklyn, A Survivor's Memoir (Chapter 11-End/Brooklyn)
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When he found me I told all his classmates that he had stolen my lunch money.
Holly Salvatore
Holly Salvatore
Aug 27, 2013

He was the best hide and seek
Player in the
Second grade
There were whispers
He could beat the 5th and 6th
Nothing was ever lost to him
But time spent
And that was worth it

I hid and
When he found me I told all his classmates that he had stolen my lunch money.

St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost people and finding things.
we try to kiss our classmates
Nov 1, 2012

when we are young
we try to kiss our classmates
not knowing the consequence

i knew you were unhealthy for me
but i did it anyways

the only good thing you ever did
was cut me loose

i had a dream you took me back
i never wanted that

We're classmates
Bai Ambolodto
Bai Ambolodto
Oct 2, 2013

You're so close
But so far away
We're classmates
But you sit on the other side of the room.

Our heights are a close match
While our distance between each other is far
Our personalities don't match
And so is our love

I'm so in love with you
Oh you, the boy who is closely far.

you're here for your classmates,"
Marshall Ellis
Marshall Ellis
Feb 9, 2012

I'm paying for the shit,
leave me alone
and let me sleep.

"You're not just here for yourself,
Mr. Willis,
you're here for your classmates,"
Mr. Fart said.

"I'm here to get a degree."

"Well, I'm sorry"

Yea, "Well",
now get your ass out my face
and let me sleep...

I respect teachers that want to teach; that love it; but there's a fundamental difference between a teacher and a professor; some can be both, most are either one or the other; any level of education.
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