Dec 9, 2014


Swords and Roses
Swords and Roses
Nov 12, 2015

lifted up inside
eyes and mouth widely grinning
hands clap together
anticipation rising
going through the whole body

Apr 15, 2014

Heart crunches million veins
Kicking pressure to its highest level
Grinning from ear to ear
Gladly to meet you here

After the dark clouds heavy water
Over the rainbow liquid of joy splatter
When I'm with you, nobody's after
After a day of grief and monster
Finally it's bliss and  laughter

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Aug 8, 2014

Contractions are fearful of the
ominous bliss; mighty T Rex.
Now we've reached that time, so classic.
For our lips meet and our hearts ski
under the dim fluorescent light
she smiles, and so too do I.
Ends are beginnings in our sin.
Dancing into the night, we sing.

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Dec 29, 2014

there's something melancholy,
something tragically beautiful
about loving someone who doesn't love you

there is a certain sadness
of bleeding for someone who
wouldn't even shed a tear for you

and there is a certain romance
to reaching out and falling to the floor
and falling for you and crying silent storms
of unexpected kisses and warm hugs.

Jul 22, 2014

I can't tell if it's the world who is holding their breath
Or if it's me,
And I can't tell if it's the earth who is shaking
Or if it's my heart.
It feels like an earthquake has erupted beneath my feet
And somewhere deep within me;
I'm so terribly excited.
It feels like someone captured a zoo of butterflies
And has caged them in my stomach.
I feel bubbly from head to toe,
My blood is boiling-
Your love is warming me up.
Love? Yes, I think that's the word,
A word I've hated for so long.
But you've brought it back to life-
Yes you, of all people,
And I'm so terribly grateful.

oh elliott..
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My how you excite me !
Thomas A Robinson
Thomas A Robinson
Dec 23, 2014

How do you get me excited ?
When the evening breeze tares
my thoughts of you .
When the mental images taxes
my reason of right and wrong
When your words tease
my desires for you .
When I just crave your touch .
When I wish to touch your face .
To press lips together ,
savoring your breath .
To sigh heartwise without
the disguise of fear .
Take eternal the heaven of hugs
from your breast .
To share dreams that dance
like phantoms in the flames
of eternal love .
Weild the wild luster
embedded in my soul
from the ages past .
Longing in depth's decisions ,
made and bled ,
for a future truth .
My how you excite me !

#love   #hugs   #excitement  
Ann M Johnson
Ann M Johnson
Sep 7, 2014

I am so nervous and excited all at once
I start school tomorrow
I hope I can navigate my way through the site for my on line classes
I hope I will quickly learn what I need to
I yearn to attain new knowledge
I will need to get more organized
I can not disguise that I am not a morning person
I hope with my morning cup of coffee I can make it through
I will need to dust off my thinking cap and resist the temptation to take a nap
I will wipe the cobwebs off my mind and armed with determination everything should work out fine  
I am grateful for the new adventure

#life   #nervous   #emotion   #school   #excited  
Mahdiya Patel
Mahdiya Patel
Jul 4, 2015

Someone was once able to create a chemical excitement within me//

Like when I looked at him I could see the power radiating from inside his skin//

And when he looked at me I could feel his stare in the deepest part of my gut//

Or when he touched me the power fled from his skin to mine //

Or when our lips met I could feel the electricity burning my flesh in the most beautiful way//

And when he said my name
The words rushed out of his mouth to create artworks in the air above us

Consisting of the most vibrant colors

causing a rush of energy flowing through my blood stream//

Someone was once able to create a synthetic exhilaration within me//

#love   #lust   #art   #lips   #blood   #skin   #sexy   #chemical   #artwork   #excitement  
Jul 17, 2014

Just one moment passed in time, a split second ticked by
something's changed...
My brain it tingles, something's sparked inside my mind
Was it the way the teacher taught me? The facts delivered to me?
Something has struck a cord within me, and I'm hooked
All my life before feels pointless, I did everything wrong
My passions have changed to something worth my time, this time

I rush home with a spring in my step, the autumn cold penetrates all but myself
I'll dive on my bed, open the laptop, switch it on
learn all I can, dig deeper for the core and branch out more
videos, images, articles, merchandise
my elation grows as the weeks pass by, I look forward to going home
All on my own, wasting my intellect on the activity alone

I'm sorry if I bore you, I don't mean to ignore you
I'm excited and frankly I've no intention to stop
I will rant and rave and sing the hymns
of my religious obsession, like a rabid televangelist
you'll never get how I feed on my fixations
they make me happier than even my own friends
They are my bread and butter

I'm predictable in my unpredictability
whatever next, when will I take my next life step
it's my favourite band, my favourite film, favourite book, favourite creature
it's a subject most curious, it's my talent, my skill
whatever form it takes it's forever my best friend, my consistent shapeshifter
and the old loves never truly leave me, it's an amicable breakup
forever in my heart it resides, old flames join new flings when things are getting quiet
I don't know how I'd survive without obsession in my life
Most folk's lives seem boring, they have holes where passions lack

It could be days, it could be years
one day that tingling feeling will happen once again
a new fixation forms...

I have a tendency to obsess over favourite subjects, to the point where my brain has no room to focus on anything else.
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