spark          **risk**         excite
Sep 9, 2013      Sep 9, 2013

  when   ?

ignore answers

open   enter   be  
build      desire     heat
spark          risk         excite
choose               vision               follow

wl, sing, suck, rave, shriek, and chew; excite the fuck, hold me, I come: I'm dead.
Cisiany Olivar
Cisiany Olivar
Dec 17, 2011

Sweet flower engorged new desire; dive, howl, sing, suck, rave, shriek, and chew; excite the fuck, hold me, I come: I'm dead.

Adventures unknown excite
Jul 18, 2010

Gone to live her life
Adventures unknown excite
Remnants of childhood
Lost between was and will be
Emerging victorious

Tanka (5/7/5/7/7)

copyright©PrttyBrd 18/07/2010
**It's complexity did excite him
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Sep 25, 2013

It's complexity did excite him
         but in a stern voice
          the Rubik's cube
admonished not to touch it!

It doesn't excite me.
Ellen Bee
Ellen Bee
Sep 28, 2013

I like giraffes.
It's funny when they drink.

I don't care for orange.
I don't know why.
It doesn't excite me.
I don't expect it to excite me.

Rainbows are okay.
They're pretty cool.
When I see one,
I always say
Hey! There's a rainbow.

I like pillows.
They're comfy.
My pillow is the comfiest.

Zebras are melancholy.

A sight to excite
Susan O'Reilly
Nov 15, 2013      Nov 16, 2013

Purple bow in hair

Bag to match

Purple skirt

Riding up her snatch

Boobs that need restraining

I’m not complaining

A sight to excite

The wife will get it tonight

You excite me.
Jesse Gebel
Jesse Gebel
Aug 24, 2013

Wake up for the coffee.

The coffee is always ready for you in the morning.

I usually have two to three cups a day,

sometimes just black,

sometimes I add a little sugar to jolt it up.

I get jolted and soon I'm high on life.

Getting high off of anything and still nothing excites me.

You excite me.

Those eyes,



that wet sour pussy,

hard  nipples

all excite me.

The shotgun hasn't arrived yet; I still don’t even know how to use one.
When it comes though,
I’ll make sure to use it on some damaged goods instead of myself.

depression suicide woman
And a scent that brings excite
Apr 22, 2010

Here is something sweeter,
Like a glass of fine wine
Something never bitter
With a taste truly divine
Wrapped in sweet white;
A color of sparkling scarlet;
And a scent that brings excite
Presented only to my starlet

That is my sweetest addiction.
Something I will call dandy
Something I can say with conviction
Something that is called: candy.

Xilhouette © 2010
to excite the element
Bruised Orange
Bruised Orange
Oct 7, 2011

this fire breathes
loud inside my head
the clang and crash
of my combustion

trying to douse the flames,

my bucket 'o water
has merely served
to excite the element

groaning breath clamors,

its loud vapor screams
my rapid oxidation

waiting beast
inside my head,
you'll have your
meat soon enough

and i, seared upon
your spit,
once again.

--bruised orange

yeah, i've got some issues
All bold emotions to excite
Michelle Balletto-Wooten


Summer solstice fires bright
Burning, burning in the night

Dance and twirl in velvet night
Fire dances with delight

Gods descend, a glorious sight
Holding on to humans plight

All bold emotions to excite
Dance for the Gods of Summer

Michelle Balletto-Wooten
© 6/21/12

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