Any fool can harvest but it takes true skill to plant.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

Any fool can harvest but it takes true skill to plant.

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ullet ridden: this is how God reaps His harvest of faith.
Prabhu Iyer
Prabhu Iyer
Dec 17, 2014      Dec 17, 2014

I come floating to you Mother, dead on the river, body bullet ridden: this is how God reaps His harvest of faith.

See, those columns that support the sky now, carried once the roof of our temple. The fire burning the pyres now carried oblations to our ideals; But we face a jealous God consuming in wrath.

Here I come, un-wreathed, unsung, wet in the tears of the skies, skin carrying scars of resistance, eyes open to the tyranny of faith.

Clutch my hands, let me feel the love that birthed me, one last time before my Spirit moves onward and beyond to the worlds of light.

Religion, unguided by the arc-light of spirituality, is becoming a tool for violent self-aggrandizement at the hands of extremists
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Amanda In Scarlet
Amanda In Scarlet
Sep 29, 2014

When I write here of desire
This specific wanting; the how of now,
I am not talking about the tightrope walk of lust,
That pleasant lower belly pull;
A trembling, tugging need.
My wanting right now is for the soft warm crush
Of your hand in mine as we stroll through autumn halls
Bedecked with fallen leaves, the shedding trees
An audience to the resplendence of our love
Which deepens into the season of sleep
With the same inevitability and beauty
As the crispness of the morning
And the birds that heed the calling
Of promised warmth, in another land,
Another space and time.

Raquel Cheri
Raquel Cheri
Oct 6, 2011

Words tossed
landing in mind fields
Thoughts perceptions
grow like weeds
Water swaying turmoil
nurturing seeds
Harvesting our love
holding up shields
simply waiting
wanting to give our souls freely
Tending to wounds
The memoirs of agonizing gullibility
Like razor blades to my brain
You take away the pain
Mere words could not explain.
Laughter holds all meaning
To this love lust never fleeting
Repaired damage thriving surely
Through the plains of time

Sep 10, 2010

golden wheat sea waves
hot sun shines over combines wake
happiness is dust

a pink dawn fades blue
beautiful sunshine beckons
finally payday

© Stephen Petluk 2010
the seeds carefully you can reap a rich harvest;
Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Apr 18, 2014

If you choose the seeds carefully you can reap a rich harvest;
Someone choosing the seeds for you may yield nothing but a barren land
Living off your love and care to create a future unstable
Till you realize that you are left with nothing
But till then it’s too late, as your territory has been breached
Wait till you replenish your emotions, your tears to water the land
Another year will usher a land ready to plant a rich harvest

© Amitav

Above me a plane flew into the harvest moon
Jazmin Dawn Mehrmann

Running uphill
I tripped over a BBQ brush
I turned
We exchanged a nod
Then I thanked him for getting the gristle out
Above me a plane flew into the harvest moon
And bled diamonds into the sky
I found a broken pipeline marker
And wrote your name in the sand
Then blew it across the cityscape
I saw the light catch the grains
And hoped that the wind might carry it
To a lamp near you

a harvest moon at its finest,
Sep 23, 2010

Night air, so tranquil,
accompanied by you and me,
and an ever gentle breeze
soothing our decree.

Words so soft,
spoken like raindrops
making love to a puddle;
majestic discretion revealed
to the only two willing souls
savoring the sky.

Nineteen hours away,
you still manage to sink
into my welcomed chest
as our synched eyes caress
a harvest moon at its finest,

the royal glow ascertaining
a profound truth heavier than
the radiant Venus hanging below
on its translucent string,
swinging with the stars,
swinging in our arms,
in our hearts;

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