I loved
   And loved
And loved

But it still wasn't

When I ripped off my fingerprint
Oct 24, 2012

When I ripped off my fingerprint
it was an accident
at first
the new skin grows
from the center outward
and I grow into a new identity.

I sleep like there’s no tomorrow
and no yesterday

a body of yours where i'd love to explore
the smell of raspberry on every line of your hair
a face i'd want to stare for hours
coming down to your lips. just a piece from heaven.
i kiss it every day. i want more.

chocolate peach was your skin colour
your neck will always be my desire
slowly licking down to your tits
my baby moans while i bite

your body is the only thing i'd put on the test with mine
your body
your body

midnight prague
midnight prague
Oct 31, 2010

thrashing through three predictions
dont let it kill you, you know the suspicion
yesterday I remembered it all, when I was sitting alone drinking half fake orange juice in the kitchen
funny I even began to listen
pausing the old tracks on a cassette player I borrowed from 1973
I warned you never to listen to me
my advice is good
the sky really is beautiful outside today
you know its good when you hear those poor kids laughing in such a light hearted way
remember that line from mr.jones were he says he wants to paint himself blue red black and gray
I picture myself painting the world like that over looking the ocean next to the cherry blossoms on that old bay
when we meet I would like to ask you over a million questions If I may
but then I will realize that I will never do that
cause that just not me
I dont like asking too many questions personally

Emma Arata
Emma Arata
Dec 18, 2010

This isn't a number
or a word
This isn't a
wish for a
stamp of approval?
That's so human.

Daniel A Russ
Jul 8, 2010

Quick little pinprick
barely breaking the skin
small welter of blood
filling in fingerprints.

Once a past shared
fleeting moments among years
erased in lieu of bigger smiles,
more pleasant portraits.

Just a quick little prick
reminding me, despite a
decade of turning away
that once, I faced the flash too.

So why do we value our fingerprint lives so dearly?
Mar 8      Mar 10

They say,
that nothing you do is of much significance,
there's nothing you'll do that is of much importance,
but the small impact you make,
you have to do.

They say,
That your finger prints are permanent,
on someones life when you grab hold.
no matter how meek,
you leave your mark on their crime scene.

They say,
that love conquers all.
Your knight in shining armor will save you.
A young little pretty woman will love you for you and nurture  you,
until together you die,
on a warm day in bed together,
to continue your lives in eternity, in blissful peace.

They never say the truth.
The story of how we just so happen to be here.
How the only difference betwixt us and an animal is that we escaped natures food chain,
and have made our own controlled by pieces of paper and fat pigs congratulating eachother over brandy and illegal drugs on wall street feeding on our developed Darwinist society.

They never say
How no matter what you'll do your efforts are deleted months after your enviable death.
Self inflected or other wise.
So why do we value our fingerprint lives so dearly?

Lauren spooner
Aug 31, 2012

Your body is not a language
But I know it by touch
I’d know you blind and deaf
The whorls of your fingerprints
Are as familiar to me as my own
Sometimes I don’t know
Which is which
I find myself getting our
Bodies confused and tangled
Forgetting where your skin ends
And my own begins
Even when we are apart.
Am I another person
Are you?
Would we really want to be
So separate that
Our skin becomes our own?

Emma Arata
Emma Arata
Nov 3, 2010

This is the pattern I see behind
my eyelids
and when I look at a leaf
or perhaps just the ocean from afar
It's in my reflection, looking up at me from
the rippling water
It's in the veins of my hands, which I
don't know so well
It changes like the moon day by day,
but the cycle repeats.
It's a song; music; perfect
It's in my head, clear like bells, and
then I'll lose it in a moment.
I can follow it but never recreate it.
It's everywhere. It's the taste I feel in my pores.

Sometimes I'm lost or afraid and I think
I forget it's there.
I lose the pattern; I close my eyes and
see nothing.
I disconnect.

This is you, and the pattern in your eyes,
and the energy in your gaze,
connecting me to the world.
There's a song in my head again, clear like bells,
like music; perfect
found in a moment, in a gaze, in a touch,
in a smile, in everything
I remember it's okay.

Adam Smith
Adam Smith
May 29, 2013      May 29, 2013

I got the message you sent and you talk a big game, but when I met you later on it just wasn't the same.

You put yourself in a different light, I took notice and to my delight; the more I looked the more I liked. Now that I've fallen for you,  it seems you've changed your mind.

You can fake it till you make it, but your still a fraud to me.

I walked through the rain, so you cant tell I'm crying.
Alone with my thoughts, It just feels like I'm dying.
The road is getting longer and the pain is growing stronger.

I'm having one of those days, where nothings going my way, and I cant figure out what to do.
I got the weight of the world, my life is coming unfurled, And who the fuck am I talking too?!

I walked in to a bar, sat down and had a cigar, with people that I never knew.
They were drinking their beers and fighting back tears, as I told them all about you.
I stumbled back to my car, knew I wouldn't get far, but tried my hardest to leave.

Hands on the wheel, can I stay in my lane?
I'm at 10 and 2 with a fifth to my name.

But in a blur of blue lights, a voice read me my rights;  I found myself in custody.

I wasn't always bound, but I wasn't free.

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