May 19, 2015

They say we leave fingerprints on the lives we touch.
I have been scrubbing at my skin for the past
eight months
trying to erase yours,
but now matter how hard I scrub,
I can still feel you as if
you were still here.

Cristina Relange
Cristina Relange
May 24, 2014

What would the world look like
if thoughts poured
through fingertips,
imprinting secrets on
window panes
dinner tables
library books
her arms
your back

I wonder.

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Richard Perez
Richard Perez
Sep 8, 2015

I trace the memories kept behind like fingerprints.
The love we had is now crushed and swept away by a wave of  
our indolence and insanity.
I go back to the time of sadness,
Because it was the sadness of her eyes the made me
and somewhat sane…

All I have left are the mental photographs of what happened
and of wanting what could have been. I leave now with all the
things that I traced—things that can never be erased
like fingerprints that never  
ever had changed.
I sit here alone in this disease-ridden couch, with my
disease-ridden hope. And I will memorize your eyes,
blinking to the rhythm of you heartbeat, dancing in a starlit daydream—as  
I am wishing of a memory where you gave me  
everything you had
and where I offered you the pieces that were left
of me.

I kept all memories of you in a heart-shaped box,
where it is slowly crumbling as time goes by.
I kept all your secrets,
your playbook,
your cards,
your broken cassettes and cigarettes
our now and always,
your sad eyes and the happiness you had
and which made me smile again.

So maybe fingerprints and memories share a common thing. They say  
that “good things happen to those who wait”, I’d say keep on waiting,
shithead, I have been waiting, and still all I’ve traced is  
the measurements of my  
indolence and insanity. So yeah, keep on waiting.

Fingerprints and memories do share a common thing and if you can understand it then you have suffered too at some point. Hope you like this.
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I´m still looking for that fingerprint, that would get me
Mazen Edlibi
Mazen Edlibi
Jun 18, 2016

Frowning in silence, gave me a personality of its own!
Childish face, surrendered me to leave things unsolved!
Shyness led me to keep million of things undisclosed!
After all that
I´m still looking for that fingerprint, that would get me

a fingerprint
Apr 29, 2014

a giant's eye
the sky
a fingerprint
in time
a pale blue dot
in view
part of God
and You.

#god   #time   #sky   #you   #fingerprint   #palebluedot  
Oct 24, 2014

your fingerprints are on my heart and i haven't quite been able to get rid of them at all
it's been six months and i owe my current boyfriend an apology because fuck, i don't love him
i never asked for these lingering prints and i've tried so hard to get rid of them but tears did not wash them away, and loneliness did not erase them. now im learning that a heart in new hands will not cover your marks either and to my boyfriend, i'm so incredibly sorry, but you're not him

i'm a shitty person
Feb 27, 2012

Her hands held on to
His fingerprints on
The other side of the glass
Window that divided them

Left her longing for
A moment to grasp
And cherish him and her
And what they never were

And while she watched
His back turn to her
She conquered the familiar
Sense of holding back

And with her fingers she wrote
The words in the dust he left
On the window. She whispered
“Look back and see” I love you

but God's fingerprint
Mar 27, 2014

It's harder than you think to be content
to be happy without looking at someone else
so if you ever have trouble
if you might think your ugly
just remember our differences aren't reasons to be jealous
but God's fingerprint

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