Live it up;
play it down.

Joel M Frye
Joel M Frye
Mar 18, 2012

I have no wisdom
of my own; borrowed insight,
hindsight of many.

Looking subjectively at others
can sometimes be the best way
to objectively look at yourself.

We don't know it all:
Things aren't as we may think, yet
things still seem to work.


I used to think
That Gods gifts were
On shelves
One above the other
and the taller we grew
The more easily
We could reach them
But I later realised,
That Gods gifts re on shelves
one beneath the other
And that
Its not a question
of growing taller
But of stooping lower

It thus describes

Be humble else u fumble and stumble.....
Geno Cattouse
Geno Cattouse
Dec 24, 2012

Be humble and he might let you in.

Stay humble and she might let you win.
Every success is

cause not to celebrate
but to

You mustn't
always interject,
for it is not more auspicious
to be considered a Fool
than to affirm such suspicions,
is it not?

Defer unto thy knowledgeable peers
and, if ye be Sage among the Like,
thou shall be deferred unto.

Timothy Emil Birch
Jun 15, 2010

I'm a humble little Monkey
I can't help it if I'm cute
I just do my little Monkey things all day
It may be that I'm amazing
I wouldn't really know
If it happens that things just turn out that way
I never asked to be this clever
So sleek and smart and trim
I don't know why fate has blessed me with so much
I can't help it if the ladies
Melt when e'er they hear me speak
And I don't know why they shiver at my touch
I'm a humble little Monkey
Please don't hate me for my looks
Please don't blame me for my mesmerising voice
It's not as if I made myself as amazing as I am
I really didn't ever have a choice.

This is written with my tongue firmly in my cheek - I'm just feeling silly so I thought I'd write something silly.

Copyright June 15, 2010 by Timothy Emil Birch
Geno Cattouse
Geno Cattouse
Oct 20, 2012

Be humble in word. And deed after all we all are constantantly in need.
The journey up can
be painfull or dizzying or tangled. Life hands out no rain checks.

Be patient in thought and motion.
Try a 5 count. Breath deeply. Think neutral.

Be humble in word and deed. Try carresing the soul. Yours and all.
Remember well that pride goeth before a fall.

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