JoBe Arenas
JoBe Arenas
May 8, 2014

Take a banana
Peel it
Dice it
Put it aside

If you thought this
Was a recipe
It is
For a disaster

Take a banana
Peel it
Dice it
Put it inside

A little clever poem on bananas
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McDonald tsiie
McDonald tsiie
Oct 4, 2016

Words emerge like birds

But this feeling can't be put into simpler words

Let's fly away and never look back
You a writer or a poet
Lets do whatever we good at

Like catnap
I am a cool cat
Let me tell you something
Without you I'm a soulless with nothing

I close my eyes
That's the only time we kiss

Poetry or writing
One of you is my other piece

No limits allowed
No limits exists

I'm smart we can never part
My question is...
Who's got the other piece of my heart

Golden child, one of a kind
Send me risqué pictures
I am a typical person I don't mind

Sei bellissima, Te amo

I'll tell you again till the end of time

Got my pen bleeding with love
No lust
Just feelings required

A figment of my brains imagination
Poetry be the one

A beauty within thoughts of thy nation
Writing resembling none

I should just intertwine poetry with my writings
Like how I made love & hate siblings

#love   #words   #poet   #hate   #lust   #soul   #birds   #writer   #typical   #risqu  
Amanda In Scarlet
Amanda In Scarlet
Jul 28, 2014

Its the perfect costume for a superhero goddess, and it makes her feel invincible; fishnet stockings, blazing red bra, heroine hotpants and the clincher; kitten heels.

Bunny can take on the world, now, appropriately dressed. She's got superpowers, alright, the doom-dogs seem to think so, and they're running scared.

Those rumours, that they trade and use and barter, of baby bunny's beautiful mouth, sloe doe eyes, and inexhaustible tongue. It's been said that she can bring an evil tyrant to his knees as she sinks down to her own, it's been said, she's good and bad, so very bad, so very, very good...

But, listen!

Sex bunny's been given a new mission; There's a new and timely terror, and the doom-dogs are, of course, the evil source; find and fellate, sex bunny, the formidable phallus of doom.

Only you, horny tawny Queen of Dawn are up to the task. Don your whiskered mask, wriggle your nose once, twice, yummy bunny, and fly, fly! Find the phallus, save the world.

It's your destiny.
You were born to blow the horn for cosmic porn.

Inspired by 'Rhymeslut,' Harriet Tecumsah Watt's published volume of poetry, and the movie 'Barbarella'.
#gender   #power   #sex   #porn   #superhero   #erotica   #comic   #risque  
You and me should let our minds get risque.
Paul Crocker
Paul Crocker
Aug 5, 2016

Baby, please don't turn on the light.
My innocent eyes couldn't take the arousing sight.
Let's take it really slowly and easy tonight.
If you're disobediant, I might give you permission to bite.
So, get the candles out and let that wax drip.
Onto places of you it isn't supposed to hit.
You and me should let our minds get risque.
No one is watching so what do you say?

Edge that underwear from your hips and my teeth scrape my bottom lip.
Wait! Stop, just grab each side and allow the beast in you to rip.
Unbutton your shirt carefully...ha you know the score.
Just let those fucking buttons scatter across the floor.
Big boy wants to get all filthy talking and risque?
You've got to earn the right to play.

You want to lick these boots but you won't say please.
I can change that as my boot brings you to your knees.
My solid crotch pressed firmly against your face.
Watching your mouth, so desperate for a taste.
If you are so eager to be risque.
You better be ready to obey.

la vie est le risque
Mar 15, 2014

je n’ai pensé jamais
que a la fois toi et moi
avons choisi cette voie

je n’ai pensé jamais
que a la fois toi et moi
avons choisi le chemin serieux

je ne peux pas croire mais,
aussi je ne peux croire que tu existes

parce que je vis dans un rêve
tous les jours dans mon propre monde

alors, qu’importe?

la vie est le risque
et le risque est la vie

#franais   #vie  
She is so risque;
Dieter Muniz
May 18, 2012

She is so risque;

She puts his tongue in her mouth

…but not in that way.

Not for the risque factor, only for the simple fact that
Oct 17, 2013

Not for the risque factor, only for the simple fact that
I only want you inside one single part of me
and it's sure as hell not my heart.

Don't look me in the eyes.
Don't look me in the eyes.

you've got a really quirky smile. and weird eyes.
risque rhythm ...     
Nov 26, 2013

coy verbal foreplay
tastefully twisting two tongues
risque rhythm ...                          breathe

so risque,
Jonny Angel
Jonny Angel
Sep 3, 2014

We both knew it was wrong,
so risque,
but we did it anyways.
I want more.
Just say when,

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