Cayla frazier
Cayla frazier
Sep 2, 2014

With a single choice,
my anxiety is gone..gone from my
mind and my heart.
Now that I am ease,
the world feels different..
as so do I

Alexander Nelson
Alexander Nelson
Mar 29, 2012

the sounds are there, they come through walls
right around the corner
they're not visual, they're miserable and in need
they're equal opportunity exhibitionists
lovers of a family get together, taking everything in
parasitic and aware, destitute and stuck
but they're also there at the wrong time
the wrong time for the person who's alone
the wrong time for a person who's disconnected
because they want to be enjoying peace and quiet
by themselves in an old house
with summer outside making its noises, crickets
trees rustling under a jeweled sky, the pinnacle of up high
breathing in the home air of cannibus, lotion and food
being disturbed is far from a thought, but unavoidable
because the house has a strange history
the basement floods, and the machinery kicks in
the mind ponders as the constellations wander
the nights grow and shrink, the body is dry, bone dry
the shower is turned on, soap, shampoo
lost in the mind on autopilot
until the spine stiffens
its without a doubt that I'm not alone now
a minute ago i was the master of this house
a minute ago I was naked in the hallway, smoking a cigar
now I've been usurped and I just want to barricade myself
in this house that I've live in for 15 years, now i beg for permission
to stay just one more night
I beg because how could I possibly fight
It's my conscious or the pontius pilate
I hope it's the former, because if not, blowout the pilot light
There's little hope for re-ignition or stellar recognition

Long Soft Relaxing Music
T'yana Thomas
T'yana Thomas
Aug 12, 2014

As the melody sings a tune to your heart
Like a drug it Soothes the pain
Closing your eyes to vision peacefulness
Leaving your troubled day behind you
Your mental lays in another world

Long Soft Relaxing Music

#peaceful #Music #drug #soothing
#drug   #music   #peaceful   #soothing  
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia
Aug 15, 2014

Gentle wind rolling
Sunlight dancing on the green
silent bliss outside

An actual attempt, much better.
#summer   #sunlight   #calm   #relaxing  
Relaxing me
Ross Smyth
Apr 3, 2014      Apr 5, 2014

Dear pillow,
Thanks for holding me when I sleep
Thanks for Greeting me when I wake
Thanks for Calming me right to sleep

Relaxing me
Comforting me
My best friend

#poem   #pillow   #relaxing  
Relaxing in your lap I am,
Atul 'Drona' Kaushal

Come oh my darling come,
Come fluttering to my arms.
Let me dream some more,
Let me house you in the eyes..
Your abode is in my heart,
Your dwelling is not just eyes...
Fluttering in its own way,
Fluttering here is your shade..
Relaxing in your lap I am,
Relaxing in my sole heaven.

My HP Poem #604
©Atul Kaushal
Luna Elora
Luna Elora
Nov 21, 2014

This burns my throat
But boy do I feel relaxed
It's not often I play with Mary Jane.
But I feel a little less insane
The room is a haze
Filled with smoke
I'm left in a daze
When I toke
I feel amazing

#weed   #relaxing   #maryjane   #toke  
Caleb Pendleton
Caleb Pendleton
Jun 30, 2011

and it was gone just like that

like a weight off my shoulders,
like escape from certain death,
like running away without a

it was gone just like that

with a handshake,
a smile,
and five steps
out the

I was a new man


unknowing of what
had happened in the
mean time

it is impossible to come
back from death without

what hallow husk
am I trying to bring back

Jose Valdovinos
Jose Valdovinos
Sep 3, 2014

Trought these rought and cracked sreet.
Seems to remind me of life strugles and dispares.
But just like my skateboard that keeps going foward with every push I take.
I see know that no matter how big a problem, you got to keep pushing.
For the road is everlasting, but its time we dont have so just keep

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