Aug 9, 2014

I never realized
that is was possible to be completely relaxed around another person

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Cayla frazier
Cayla frazier
Sep 2, 2014

With a single choice,
my anxiety is gone..gone from my
mind and my heart.
Now that I am ease,
the world feels different..
as so do I

Diana Mae
Diana Mae
Aug 3, 2014

Relax, hear me sing
About the little things
Rest, watch me dance
In this circumstance

Sleep, feel my touch
Under this blanket you clutch
Dream, about tommorow
I will share your sorrows

Wake, and see my face
Through all the days
Smile, and hear me laugh
You will never be sad

These things will come in time
I will be yours
And tou will be mine
Our life will never be a bore

Bedtime stories
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M Lundy
M Lundy
Oct 27, 2010

With shades of gray our lives
We collide always
My ways were changed but it doesn’t come so nicely
Relax, Relapse, Relax
It’s back to the floor I go
I can hear reverberations and feel the
Syncopation of our hearts as one
A single touch and my tension comes undone
With eyes to calm storms and a smile to awaken waves
We wait and watch and feel and want
And need and heed this warning;
I might love you too much

Copyright 2010 M.E. Lundy
Feb 19, 2014

steaming hot water scoured
my thoughts away in the shower
above the demons I towered
until their insults were too dour
and while I thought I possessed more power
I found myself wither and cower
next, Bright red bloomed a flower

Donna Bella
Donna Bella
Apr 14, 2015

Butterflies fluttering around
Canoes moving slowly across the subtle waves
Kids laughing and gawking
Bugs flying
Ducks fighting
Families grilling
Couples holding hands
This is relaxation
This is nature

#love   #life   #nature   #mother   #relax   #relaxation  

I like the way your laugh, and when your wear my hoodies.
I like the jokes we have, and when you sneak up on me.
And when the kids take all our time, and we don't even have a dime,
sit back, relax, and close your eyes.
Meet me in my dreams.

Romance is a cunt.
#love   #dreams   #cute   #inlove   #relax   #relaxed  
The Wonderful Place to Relaxing
Sep 15, 2013

The Wonderful Place to be Relax
Is like a beach
The Wonderful Place to Relaxing
And playing every day

The Wonderful Place to be Relax
Is like a garden
We can gardening
Every plant we want

The Wonderful place to be Relax
Is like The lake
We can gymnastics in the morning
And running on the edge of a lake


I like The Wonderful place to relax
Paul Celano
Paul Celano
Jun 16, 2010

To have your body relax
Once a stiff board
Now all joints a movable jelly
Aches turn into tingles
All because of happiness

To have your face relax
Once strained from frowning
Now to have a constant smile
Your face becomes smooth
Not wrinkled with stress

To have your heart relax
Once shriveled with cold
Now warm again
Full and pumping with life
Pure of a deep red

A body
Happy and relaxed

©2005 Paul Celano
Aug 14, 2011

Thinking too much.
But not intensifying.
I do what I have to, and I don't do a lot.
Come to think of it, I'm lazy most of the time.
My lazy is

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