When I hear those Bagpipes roar,
Nov 24, 2013

When I hear those Bagpipes roar,
My heart begins to soar.

Frozen in my tracks,
My mind wanders back.

To a piper I once knew
Whose heart was pure and true.

He played those pipes like angels sing,
I often wondered, "Where are his wings?"

Those bagpipes casted a spell on me,
And that Irish lad's face is all I could see.

I used to weep when those pipes would sound,
Because for the moment my lost heart felt found.

See, that piper is the strongest man I ever met,
But because my heart was immature, I was'nt ready for him yet.

As years pass by, this broken heart has begun to heal.  
Yet as soon as I hear those faithful pipes, my heart starts to feel.

Time has a way of putting our mistakes far in the past,
But I have to accept that Celtic sound will forever last.

So when you see that kilt and bearskin come marching in the room,
Do as I do 'listen' and soon your heart will bloom.

For those bagpipes serve a bigger role then i ever knew, That thunderous sound can only come from a select few.

And behind one of those pipes, stands a beautiful man, but he never notices I'm his biggest fan.

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Bagpipes wail in sorrow,
Ambient Destruction

Bagpipes wail in sorrow,
This man will not wake tomorrow.

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Gosh, I want myself a bagpipes.
Mar 25, 2013

I sit upon my shore.
Ignoring the fact,
That I've made a pact.
To myself.
That I would leave no instrument on it's shelf.
I think to myself.
Of that one sound so ripe.
Gosh, I want myself a bagpipes.

I'm going to get a bagpipes whether the world wants me to or not.



*Aren't bagpipes weird?*

No, owning a bagpipes wouldn't be weird.

*Yes it would.*

Oh? That's your opinion.

*They're pretty lame.*

Seriously. Bagpipes are cool.


Don't even try to argue. Give in to the pipes.


No. Be silent. Let the bagpipes envelop you.

*Where are you even from? Is this normal there?*

The land of bagpipes. Where I am home.

*So you're from Scotland?*

No. I need a bagpipes. So I will be home.

**Curtains behind unleash 10,000 bagpipes.**

*OH GOD. Why do you have so many bagpipes!?*

They are my brethren.

*They're just sitting there bro.*

*I am home.*

I don't even know why I wrote that. but it occupied me. Good day.
the sounds of the bagpipes
May 31, 2014

the sounds of the bagpipes
found their way through my window
I imagined them being played
as the Highlanders marched into battle

the bagpipes
May 31, 2014

all in black
suited and booted
back the ferry
the memorial
has finished
the bagpipes
lay silent

Nov 10, 2011

Early morning message
There are
Like when teachers give textbook assignments
Knowing the solutions are in the back
Doesn’t matter how you learn
Show up on time with the answers
What a rocking knock
A clock to the jaw
People die
One just did
Listen, you can hear it

As I heard bagpipes in the swirl
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
Apr 29, 2016

As I turned the corner
of my eye met with ruins
of a castle in the centre
of a capital city

As I climbed the bridge
of my nose met with an aroma
of Island whisky
of the finest vintage

As I introduced the tip
of my tongue to the tip
of my fingers at the end
of tasty Scottish fayre

As I heard bagpipes in the swirl
of my ears with a rendition
of Auld Lang Syne
of the dawning of a new year

As I left I shook the hand
of a man in a kilt
of lambswool and tartan
of the hue
of his native clan

A nod to a recent-ish trip to the fine city of Edinburgh
   “Hey look: BAGPIPES!”
happy birthday prepare to die

“Go to hell jerk!”
   “No, you go you stinking moron!”
   “Kiss my stinking bag!”
   “Oh yeah?”
   “Well, kiss my putrid pipes!”
   “I love you!”
   “Me too.”
   “Let's never fight again!”
   “Hey look: BAGPIPES!”
   “All right!!!”

ont porch dressed in his kilt, with his bagpipes, heralding in the coming year with supp
Richard Riddle
Richard Riddle
Aug 3, 2015

In August, 1977, My wife, Karen, and son Russ, moved back to Texas after eight years of being away. Back to Dallas, Karen's hometown. A house which just happened to be next door to her parents was going up for sale. However, the owners decided to rent it to us, with an offer no sane person could refuse.

Now the neighborhood was a long- established residential area. The majority of the residents, like my in-laws, had been there from its inception, which made the move easier, for we knew most of them. But, there is always one, whose antics over time, become legendary.

Joe, a Scotsman to the nth degree. Every new years eve, at the stroke   of midnight, he would appear on his front porch dressed in his kilt, with his bagpipes, heralding in the coming year with supposedly,
"Auld Lang Syne ". At least that's what it was supposed to be, but with bagpipes, how does anyone really know.  He didn't stop there; never ceasing to take  advantage to publicly play that over-sized vacuum bag, he would often welcome newborn children, puppies, kittens, etc.

The day the moving van arrived, there he was, out on his porch wearing that plaid kilt, bagpipes clutched against his chest. Except, there was an unexpected "twist." After every two or three bars he would stop and yell out, "Stay away from the moors! Stay away from the moors!" Some of the neighbors stepped out on their porches just to see what was going on now. Even the crew unloading the van seemed to enjoy the entertainment and it helped the time seem to go faster.

Within ten days after somewhat settling in to our new place, Karen and I realized that the "moors" of which Joe spoke, actually were the "Moore's" who were our next door neighbors. Needless to say, it was an interesting neighborhood. That could be "another story."

copyright: richard riddle-august 03, 2015

Fragano Ledgister
Fragano Ledgister
Jun 24, 2013

so here we are beneath the pallid ray
of summer noontime seeking to escape
for just one moment from the normal shape
of discreet instance so that we might play
a different sort of role where one could say
the angry words to those with mouth agape
that tell apart the angel from the ape
but those are for another cooler day
instead we look to work a better will
in places where the choice is not so bright
as underneath the growing midday roar
of silver needles passing by the hill
each flashing clearly in the brilliant light
so bidding us to join with them and soar

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