You were no longer my Babe.
Sep 24, 2015

I did love you darling,
you were once  my everything.
But a sudden twist of faith,
You were no longer my Babe.

- 08042k15

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She no longer
Apr 5, 2014

She no longer
Imagined them
Kissing, cuddling on the couch
One day.

She no longer
Waited anxiously
For him to reply to her message
Sent an hour ago.

She no longer
Spilt her secrets and feelings to him.
Expose her other side.
She kept it all in.

For she knew
He had left.
Just like everyone else.

She no longer cared
About him.
She tried not to,

Her cold, distant gaze at the distance.
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For longer periods of time,
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Dec 28, 2016

Come, my love, come to me,
We will go to a higher level,
Deeper in our love we will,
For longer periods of time,
Oh beautiful, come to me,
So very deep inside such that,
We will be mother & father together.

My HP Poem #1350
©Atul Kaushal
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I definitely do not love her any longer.
Atul Kaushal

Not a happy write is this one,
She has just killed the lover in me.
Droņa I will be never again,
Loved as Atul I will be once again.
Surely not loved by Kripi,
But a deserving girl will love me.

Yesterday I did talk to Kripi,
She was busy winning a debate.
Well she won it very well,
Because she did debate alone.
She did a favour to me,
As now I know what she is.

I definitely do not love her any longer.

My HP Poem #1449
©Atul Kaushal
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Stay a little longer
Deepening Wells
Deepening Wells
Aug 9, 2014

Stay a little longer
You can cry and wrap your arms around me as I hold you in mine
After you're done tell me your life's story under the night's stars
And wait for the earth to turn the day's sun towards us again
You can't stay forever
But you can stay a little longer
You can be away from your troubles,
your insecurities,
your pain,
your everything
And just be comfortable being you with me
Let me into the real you
Just for a little longer
In your heart and in your soul
Just let me stay a little longer
And I'll let you stay in mines a little longer too

Again, not in love nor am I falling in love. It's just my imagination again
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My wings will no longer spread
BertJane Perez
BertJane Perez
Dec 17, 2014

We are all born angels
Everyone at every single place
I was one such angel
But I've fallen from my grace...

Dear God forgive me
I do not wish to cause you shame
But a sin I have committed
And I'm the only one to blame...

Your virtue of love and innocence
I seem to have given away
I didn't mean to cause you trouble
So please hear me while I pray...

Dear God, I am a broken angel
My wings will no longer spread
Please forgive me and all my sins
Because disappointing you is what I dread...

I'm sorry for giving up my virtue
I'm sorry for throwing it away
Please forgive me and my sins
and please hear me while I pray...

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I always try to write longer pieces
Peter Robert Hamilton

I always try to write longer pieces
But i always end them on a short note.
Dang it, i did it again.
What was my theme again?

Another fun poem i felt like just writing.It's a style i like to throw out there every once in awhile.
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Longer than I can't.
Parsavagely Kompenere

Each moment,
Held, sustained,
Drawn out,
So I can spend more time with you.
I let it last,
Longer than I can't.

Open to interpretation, originates from a typo.
#time   #cant   #you   #moment   #longer  
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