I pray I can be her worm one day.
Peter Balkus
Peter Balkus
May 2, 2016

She cares about worms,
she picks them up from the ground
where people stand,
and put them carefully in a safe place.

I pray I can be her worm one day.

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Sam Hain
Sam Hain
Aug 29, 2015

A gummy connoisseur,
The worms that I prefer
Are red with human blood.
They're just so goddamn good!


#food   #blood   #halloween   #worms   #gummy   #cuisine  
whenever i see a worm
Paramount Pawn
Paramount Pawn
May 8, 2015

whenever i see a worm
i feel like ten years of my life was taken
i used to be okay with them
but now apparently not
they seem to look gross
i cant seem to be not afraid of it
then i loose my cool
and start freaking out
this is why i hate worms

i am afraid of worms and insects just for sharing
#life   #hate   #afraid   #scared   #fears   #worm  
Ethan Lima
Ethan Lima
Jan 27, 2016

Flashes of light
In my eye

A tingling feeling
Then bite
Infest me
That which matters

Pound against
The floor
Not knowing what to do
I hate the lies
As I die.

Then I wake up
The worms have been killed
But I'm not free
And I soon shall let myself die.

Help me please!
I can't
Continue on
As I live in this lie.
Soon it will end,
We will not win.

The Worms are a metaphor.
#dream   #suicide   #reality   #insanity   #worms  
Lyndal Doherty
Lyndal Doherty
Apr 2, 2015

The deluge came without warning,
too fast for it to seep underground.
So, they broke the soil for a taste of rain
and openly met the flood.
They cinched towards exposed surfaces
only asking for more.
So quickly, it was as if
their bloated bodies were ripped from the soil
and thrown to the sidewalk.
They littered the pathways.
A mass suicide in pink.

This is the first poem in a series of poems that will be written by me through the month of April. Celebrate National Poetry Month with a poem a day!
#suicide   #death   #rain   #water   #worms  
i am the wiggling worm
JR Rhine
JR Rhine
Dec 4, 2015

i am the wiggling worm
writhing on the slippery sidewalk
on a cold, and dreary,
rainy day.

i weave the baleful boots
yield the pernicious puddles
on a cold, and dreary,
rainy day.

i am pelted by relentless rain
pummeled by its wanton weight
on a cold, and dreary,
rainy day.

you may ask, "why wiggling worm?
why take this cursed course
on a cold, and dreary,
rainy day?

have you no humbled home
have you no able abode
on a cold, and dreary,
rainy day?"

"i am the vivacious vagabond," i reply
"i am admittedly ambulant,
on this cold, and dreary,
rainy day.

because i must agnize affliction
i must debase duress
on this cold, and dreary,
rainy day.

if i am to appreciate the bountiful bloom
i must know the duteous doom
such as this cold, and dreary,
rainy day.

Inspired by e. e. cummings.
Summer Lee
Summer Lee
Oct 9, 2014

It's 1 am and I'm calling you .
Hating that bitch at the end of the line reciting " the person you have reached ..."
Is never available right now.
I feel so alone gripping the phone ,
I can't call you so late anymore .
Wanting to burn into you that
You are mine .
And everyone who touched you before is a fucking lie .
Across the street ,
The town .
The states .
I hate all of them right now .
And I know that this is
But it sucks that you were the first for me and I wasn't for you .
The abuser ,
The space filler ,
Now the Grecian pillar .
Hating classical way that
The years rubbed off the emotion from the chisel marks .
Fuck them
And you're like before my hands , and mouth and eyes .
My eyes ....
Always searching for yours .
In an empty room of the two of us still fucking searching for yours .

But maybe I am the first ,
And that's why I a prototype
Am still here . ™

#love   #hate   #pain   #anxiety   #relationships   #you   #sex   #latenight   #early   #worm  
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