If they cut their finger
It's proclaimed a mortal wound
If someone loans a smile to them
It turns into a swoon
If they have an obstacle
It soon becomes a dragon
If they cant get out of bed
A lifetime they'll be laggin'
If they feel attraction
Then a goddess do they make
And don't even get me started
On what they write about heartbreak
Everything is magnified
To the tenth degree
In a collection of fantastic
The most dramatic one is me!

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eliza bonnet
eliza bonnet
Jul 22, 2014

so what if i was dramatic
that doesn't mean that i didn't feel that way
you met me right around the time my dad broke my heart
he was everything to me
and he broke my heart
and you got to sit back and watch
without knowing me
and I'm sorry if that is all i talked about
but you were my best friend
who else was i supposed to go to?
supposed to trust?
apparently anyone else would have been a better choice
I'm sorry things ended the way they did
but please
never call me dramatic again

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Jun 23, 2015

Who was I to think we had something worth keeping?
Certainly not you.

But why.
We played the game.
I thought I understood the rules.
I thought you were trying to break through.

My walls oh so high
They hid the sun from you
And you saw my darkness.

In the dark you found truth.
Unable to understand it, you ran from it's grip.
Too tight around you,
the darkness is unwelcoming.

If only you knew that if you held on a little longer,
the sun was to rise and from truth love were to arise.

But you disengaged.
Saw the truth and convoluted them into lies.

Now nothing.
But a heartbroken metaphor
for I think I miss you more.

You've moved on,
naturally and genuinely.

I sat here,

Rachna Beegun
Rachna Beegun
Nov 15, 2015

Your feelings are valid. You have every right to feel whatever emotion you want. You aren’t being dramatic. You aren’t over exaggerating. You’re feeling. And that’s okay.

Memories Soul
Memories Soul
Dec 17, 2015

Every sadness is the sound of waves
Every emptiness is sound of silence
Every words is quotes of the world
Every feels is the feeling of the air
Every dramatic is the stories of world
Everything is the beautiful
Finally, The tears will be returned to the ocean blue.

Mark Parker
Mark Parker
Jun 23, 2015

There he sits.
The moon is in the sky,
like clockwork.
His personality changed
from yesterday,
along with his clothes.
Tonight, he's draped in stars
and showing only a quarter
of his wonderful personality.
How humble he can be.
He's playing off the light
of the fireflies
like a violinist from a conductor.
Look at that...he's higher
than the shadow connected trees.
My old friend,
you have a flare for the dramatic.

Observing the night....the other night. I always looked up and imagined the moon as a person when I was younger.
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Marsha Singh
Marsha Singh
Jan 3, 2011

Monsieur Polti wrote of
thirty-six dramatic situations
that you and I
as pro- and ant- agonist
may find ourselves in.

I think we could survive
all but two or three.

DC raw love
DC raw love
Dec 3, 2014

Mellow Dramatic
is nice

But so is my

DC raw love
DC raw love
Feb 9, 2015

Mellow Dramatic
is nice

But so is my

Danielle Lee Cook
Danielle Lee Cook
Apr 22, 2015

You say I'm being dramatic
I say I'm being me
All I'm doing is expressing myself
Without adding censoring

I don't blame you for not understanding
I just wish you'd be more accepting

It's okay, just don't be so harsh next time you stomp on my emotions..
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