It is nonsense to think
Kasey Shores
Kasey Shores
Dec 11, 2014

It is nonsense to think
That reason
Has little to do with loving a person.
But it is far more nonsensical
To abandon love
Because logic and reason
Because any logic
For any reason
Told you so.

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accurate nonsense
Sean Tierney
Sean Tierney
Dec 2, 2015

birds squabble
like those words
you know
but can’t spell

like life itself
it’s often the most
accurate nonsense

#short   #birds   #nonsense  
This poem is 100%, Pure Nonsense
Daniel Steven Moskowitz

This poem is 100%, Pure Nonsense
It's supposed to Save Humanity
It's supposed to Liberate our Souls and Enlighten our Beings.
Don't believe it!
Nothing in this poem is true!

Beneath all the nonsense,
sun stars moons
sun stars moons
Mar 16, 2014

Life consists of nothing but
Loud rushes of connections
that seem completely
Beneath all the nonsense,
the non-sensible,
there is order.
A system so tight and meticulous
there is no room for

#life   #charm   #chaos   #nonsense   #tight  
Is Nonsense.
Daniel Steven Moskowitz

If you take the World too seriously,
You can't really APPRECIATE It,
And one's Lack of Appreciation
Is really a form of BLASPHEMY!
So, try to appreciate what you can in this World
Even if What you appreciate most
Is Nonsense.

Adelle Stone
Adelle Stone
Oct 2, 2016

Rain drops
Cookie dough
red 1/5
blue 1/5
bippity boppity boo
everybody clap your hands
Quite atrocious
To Infinity, and BEYOND
This is my
Lewis Carroll like
Dumbledore Approved
Because I can
And that's that

paper boats
paper boats
May 6, 2014

Did you know,
Cigarettes taste like instant coffee,
The kind I drink at night,
When the dark keeps me awake.

And poetry feels like salvation,
Specially when it doesn't rhyme.

That headaches are the best thing that can happen to you,
When you're awake.

And sleep is a just a lie life tells you.
But you believe it,

Because it's the best fucking lie you'll ever hear.

I used to believe in only the things which made sense,
but beauty doesn't lie in the eyes of the beholder,
It lies in it's extraction from the bullshit.
#lies   #sleep   #bullshit   #beauty   #poems   #nothing   #morals   #nonsense  
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