Nov 23, 2014

I don't like to be at home
I don't like to go out

I hate when I eat
I hate when I don't eat nothing

I love the sun
I love the cold days

I like to sleep
I like to stay up all night

This makes no sense but so do I

Snort repticalc and mashed up altoid
Have fun with some friends in God’s portwine stained forehead wrinkle
Imaginary time and poison thumb I like
Natalie rips some Earth nuts from soil
Ripping out the toxins and crackin it open with your her teeth
Clapping laughing and crackin nuts and cookin crumbs in pressure cooker
Bad dreams in your frozen water bed
Damp in the ceiling drip and trickle onto papas
bald spots, plastic mickey mouse cup collecting
ceiling leakage
peanuts and marmite froze over lickin frost
Dirty wrist grunk trash youre rubbing frolicly on the placid table
I cant believe the glass aint clean
Looking not out a window
But a piece of glass reflecting the city behind me
And my band fall out of place
When the old man sneezes
I get pushed aside because the marching band needs me to move and
Im only so talented
dead Chihuahua smell coming from the basement
a parallel universe where there’s one extra atom
with lana del rey on repeat
and jesus was a comic book character too
knuckles breathing fight stance
contraposto counter position backwards and
upside down rubber band army march
a thin breathing kettle with 0 durability
and a plastic bent tight so it’s white, pink, spotted
palamino dress and champagne skin
the damp gets to me
again again again
fingerless gloves for fingerless tom

i am speaking nonsense
a beautiful tragdy

i cannot
and will not
sit here and speak to you
in metaphors and similes
like he did to me
because i know that you will not even come close to understanding
but neither am i gonna sit here
and zip up my mouth and lock it up
just to throw away the key and keep quiet.
but again,
i also cannot
and will not
speak to you in simplicity because
it is NOWHERE near that simple.
i am speaking nonsense
and you probably think that i'm just
jumbling letters together to create words
and having them just roll off of my tongue
but i swear to you that i'm not
i'm trying to make sense
i swear
but my thoughts aren't quite coming together
so maybe i'll just talk until they do
this is quite ironic actually
because i may be rambling,
but my feet are really, really cold.

this probably wont make any sense to you. sorry.
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Mar 24, 2011

What words do I use - do they even exist
To help lift my soul from this low
The fog is so thick and clouding the way
The left or the right way to go

The perfect picture life of bliss
Painted for me, by you
Was only outlines that you sketched
My love filled in all the hues

Of all the hurts that you could choose
You’ve given them all before
Something novel I would expect
Not the same cloak that you once wore

You caught me twice on the same hook
I hang my head in shame
I allowed love to dull my sight
And was a pawn again, in your game

The glue on my soul was not yet dry
From not even six months ago
What words do I use, do they even exist
To help lift my soul from this low


Feb 12, 2011

We've walked this path,
many times before.
The fun and the laughter,
has turnd to a bore.

I'm sorry we can't be,
what each other needs.
I need life normal,
and you need life's schemes.

I know you have tried,
but can't beat your demons.
I've tried my best too,
but can't find more reasons.

I can not pretend,
that my heart isn't sore.
You push till the limit,
and then push some more.

My strength has run out,
and hope has run dry.
The belief that I had,
was squashed with each lie.

I love you so much.
But I can't stand the strain,
you inflict on me daily,
'cause your head is in pain.

I offered you love,
and a lifetime of life.
But you chose the other -
hurt, conflict and strife.

I can not disrupt,
my bubble that's calm.
'Cause your chaos living,
has only done harm.

You know you can't give me,
what I need in life.
And I can't keep living,
with nothing but strife.

You are the right man,
I believed was for me.
But now you have shown me,
deceipt has a fee

If you could stay sober,
for more than a week.
Life would be pleasant,
and we'd find what we seek

Feb 4, 2011

You've been in my heart,
for five years long.
I'd accepted the fact -
that we didn't belong.

The stars then decided,
to give us a try.
They gave us new wings -
to see how we'd fly.

The problem with flying,
if you have two wings.
They must both work equal -
to achieve greater things.

Both wings need to want,
the same final goal.
Or else one will tire -
and give up the toll.

But your wing was wounded,
and healing took time.
I believed love invincible -
and your love strong as mine.

How foolish I was being.
My heart lying to me.
'Twas fibbing when it made me think -
that love could set you free.

I do believe you love me,
though not enough for you,
to cast off all your shackles -
and do what you must do.

It hurts to be with someone,
that runs away from real,
and rather numbs lifes' blessings -
than allow himself to feel.

I'm clearly not the person,
thats meant to be for you.
'Cause if I was it wouldn't be -
so difficult to do.

In this life I hope you find,
the person that's for you.
And maybe she will show you things -
that I had tried to do.

Love's not about projecting pain,
'cause you are feeling small.
Those are the times you should reach out -
and let me break your fall.

I do believe our love is rare,
and written in the sky.
It's probably that the time aint right -
it's not our time to fly.

Make no mistake, love of my life,
I know we meant to be.
If not this life, then in the next -
we'll be as one, you'll see.

June 2008
Feb 4, 2011

Lifes blessings are so many.
Yet we forget to see.
The things we take for granted -
are those that set us free.

We wallow in our problems.
We give them place to breed,
till they have multiplied so much -
they've strangled every seed.

If we could only give as much,
attention to our joys.
The sun would chase the dark away -
and quieten all the noise.

Seeds of joy inside our souls,
need just the smallest spark.
To help them strengthen and to grow -
to banish all that's dark.

We stupid fools give all control,
to misery and to pain.
Sit back and let it swallow us -
till we almost go insane.

In those times of dark dispair,
we need to step aside.
And focus on that miniscule -
blessing we know we hide.

Once we find that ray of light,
in the abyss inside of us.
That ray will shine on other joys -
and question, 'why the fuss?'

The tests that life throws our way,
is never beyond our skill.
They're set with future tests in mind -
to stregthen soul and will.

You don't attempt to do your best,
and rather run and hide.
Hoping it will all be gone -
when you jump back on the ride.

Bunking tests is fine for now.
You've won 'cause you weren't caught.
But next weeks test will rely upon -
the lessons this one taught.

Bad as things may seem right now,
they feel like it's the end.
There's always little seeds of joy -
waiting to help you mend.

Don't concentrate on what you've lost.
Say thanks for what you keep.
You could have had a whole lot less -
for what we sow we reap.

Tend and nurture the seeds inside,
so you can learn and grow.
Your soul will be at peace again -
and your heart will surely know.

August 2008
wrote a note of nonsense,
Feb 19

Damn, someone must have
wrote a note of nonsense,
colored it pink,
and placed it in your skull.
The chicken scratch scribbles
on the note
scraping into your
rote learned system.
It isn't as simple as
doing a lobotomy,
You can't simply use scissors
to tear a piece of the note out,
And we all know
a perfect tear can't
happen from human hands.
Damn, why can't I just simply staple
the simplest note onto your
spit ball brain that would
stop your way of thinking?

I guess this might sound like I'm talking about everyone with different opinions, but I'm talking about everyone who has some weird ideas that make them think it's okay to kill, steal, and hurt people. Why don't they see anything wrong with it?
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