O Viking Gods of the Norse,
Nov 26, 2010

O Viking Gods of the Norse,
you governed the mighty seas.
your boats were built of gopher wood;
and you made wise use of a breeze!

Corey Kuropas
Corey Kuropas
Oct 14, 2014

I fight for the gods
To make it to Valhalla
Thirsting for sweet war

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Neil Brooks
Neil Brooks
Aug 19, 2013

Laugh openly, mockingly,
at every other Religion,
Philosophy, Opinion,
Yet still I am expected to handle them with kid's gloves.
Expected to tread carefully, not to offend any of their sacred sacraments.
who conquered and enslaved my ancestors through treachery and deceit.
Maybe you should die for your own sins.

31.7% of the world speaks English!
If you include Anguish.

English Language
Isabel Bonilla
Isabel Bonilla
Mar 6, 2014

My fiercest desire.
Is to get lost in your sapphire eyes,
Exult in your flowing golden hair,
until I'm breathless with longing.

Your smell.
That speaks of sage-filled plains,
scorching suns,
and quenching rains.

Rugged arms around me,
hearts synchronized in beating.
The female weakness,
that yearns for the virile touch
of that chosen one.

Two lost souls,
that have finally found each other,
following a trail of silver tears
and shattered illusions...

Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Apr 30, 2014

I feel strong tonight

A hundred songs burst from me

In colorful bloom

The darkness holds fear no more

I laugh in the face of death 

Dreams cannot threaten

I fear no nightly phantom

Day will come with joy

But until then I will sleep

And rest my wearied body. 

My mind is awake

Thought after thought captures me

Musings, wonderings, 

Daydreams before I slumber;

Life is bright and wonderful. 

Yes, I feel strong tonight.

#dream   #sleep   #good   #night   #joy   #strong   #tanka   #glad   #haibun   #tankas   #norse  
Pride Ed
Pride Ed
Nov 24, 2014

Glide on dark tempest and frighten the skies,
Above blooded lands, lamenting past battle cries!
Valkyrjas of storm; born of thunder.
Warriors of gore; bodies torn asunder!

O’ Blooded maidens; princesses of death,
Descend on these fields with hurried breath!
Pillage strong souls of frenzied conquest.
Gather them now at Odin’s behest!

Herd legions of wraiths behind Valhalla’s cruel gate.
These sleepers of ire; of wars they lay in wait,
For Ragnarök shall roar, so revel in glee.
Delight in this violence, thy mote it be!

For yet another prompt on allpoetry! XD
#war   #death   #dark   #mythology   #goddess   #valkyrie   #norse  
Shaded Lamp
Shaded Lamp
Aug 12, 2014


Extreme use of profanities

and Gods engaged in an orgy of lust

Apology in advance for any offence caused


At Freyja's Table

Fucking Gods everywhere
Fucking here
And fucking there
They fucking suck and fucking fuck
Some fucking clean
Some fucking muck
They fuck in heaven
And in fuck in hell
Cupids got them
under his fucking spell
With fucking arrows
in their fucking hearts
Fucking priests
Fucking tarts
Fucking freaky super powers
Fucking torrential golden showers
The fucking sparks
Fucking fly
Fucking murder in their eyes
Fucking Eris causing troubles
Fucking Bacchus blowing bubbles
Fucking Sif is fucking Thor
More and more  
On the fucking floor
Fucking Gods everywhere
Tied up with their golden hair
Freyja clears her fucking table
Grabs any God that she's able
And fucks and sucks
And licks and fucks
Fucking breathless
Who fucking cares
Fucking Gods are everywhere
Discarded robes
that lay beneath
Fucking horns
and clenching teeth
They fucking cum
They fucking squirt
They cum again
Until they hurt
Steaming bodies
Sweaty hair
Fucking Gods are everywhere

No "modern God" was harmed during the production of this filthy work
Inspired by Cooper Clarke's "Chicken Town"
#gods   #norse   #orgy  
Michael E Huttner
Michael E Huttner
Dec 21, 2015

Thrust through fronded forests thrice
Outside Utslag, Frierk fights
Breaking beasts as cats to mice
Skimming living from the ice!
A young king's son Frierk was born
Yet long before he learned to mourn
His father, King, acquired scorn
From jealous kin, his loyal-sworn.
Frierk's father's body rode
The quick'ning current of the lode
That ran from Utslag, clear and cold
Now stained by blood, noble and old.
Frierk, just a babe in arms
Had no strength or wits or charms
Betrayers brought beyond the farms
The baby of the noble King.
As sacrifice to heathen gods
Kunüt fixed Freirk on the knobs
While trees awoke with shrieks and sobs
For Frierk, rightful King.
And fearing forces from the forest;
Spirits waking, speaking woe,
They turned away and wished to go
On back to Utslag, their stolen home.
Yet just as Frierk came to freeze
The gentle buzz of honeybees
Came to his ears through bark and leaves
The queen-bear found him, wary, pleased.
She took him back inside her coat
Of fur, where neither foot nor boat
Could reach, she knew the way by rote:
The highland path where fairies float.

I wrote this after listening to speech in Icelandic, and having no idea what they were saying I could only just enjoy the sounds. I noticed the sounds of "Fr" and "Thr" seemed naturally to be repeated in pleasing ways and wanted to write an alliterative sentence in English using those components. The rest came to me afterwards, unsought, except for a few words here and there that required me to stop and think about how best to arrange the line or what word would fit more comfortably into the rhythm/rhyme scheme.

I have no idea if I'll ever add to it, or finish it, but I would love for Frierk to be real one day.
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