My fiercest desire.
Is to get lost in your sapphire eyes,
Exult in your flowing golden hair,
until I'm breathless with longing.

Your smell.
That speaks of sage-filled plains,
scorching suns,
and quenching rains.

Rugged arms around me,
hearts synchronized in beating.
The female weakness,
that yearns for the virile touch
of that chosen one.

Two lost souls,
that have finally found each other,
following a trail of silver tears
and shattered illusions...

Neil Brooks
Neil Brooks
Aug 19, 2013

Laugh openly, mockingly,
at every other Religion,
Philosophy, Opinion,
Yet still I am expected to handle them with kid's gloves.
Expected to tread carefully, not to offend any of their sacred sacraments.
who conquered and enslaved my ancestors through treachery and deceit.
Maybe you should die for your own sins.

O Viking Gods of the Norse,
Nov 26, 2010

O Viking Gods of the Norse,
you governed the mighty seas.
your boats were built of gopher wood;
and you made wise use of a breeze!

31.7% of the world speaks English!
If you include Anguish.

English Language

I feel strong tonight

A hundred songs burst from me

In colorful bloom

The darkness holds fear no more

I laugh in the face of death 

Dreams cannot threaten

I fear no nightly phantom

Day will come with joy

But until then I will sleep

And rest my wearied body. 

My mind is awake

Thought after thought captures me

Musings, wonderings, 

Daydreams before I slumber;

Life is bright and wonderful. 

Yes, I feel strong tonight.

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a , tale of   Graceful Norse God ?.
Sep 13, 2013      Sep 14, 2013

O, dear friends! May I tell  
a , tale of   Graceful Norse God ?.
Odin or Woden of the Norse Myth
Father of gods and men on Earth
Faced much risk, to help His world
Mimir the God of Knowledge claimed
One of His eyes to  share  knowledge.
Suffering much studied  Woden-
Runes on wood, metal  and stone.
Ravens on either side of His shoulder
Fetch the  news from far and wide
Thought and memory were two birds
Hugin and Munin they were called.
He got  skaldic mead from the Giants
Touch of which makes  anyone a poet.
Gracious Odin gave away His skills
To  all gods and men of His reign.
Can you be such a heroic leader
To save our sighing Motherland?
Note:Norse Myth=Mythology of the Scandinavian area. The day of the Woden is Wednesday.

outlaw Harold Norse preaches

Identity is just a dream until
it becomes a nightmare.
Something that she can’t escape
and promises she can no longer keep.
Let Go and Feel Your Nakedness
outlaw Harold Norse preaches
deep inside the marked pages
of a different sort of bible.
And so she drowns her dreams
in early morning conversations
where she sleeps on the wings
of an albatross, forever in flight.

Tales of Norse gods, and their lark.
Anthony McKee
May 11, 2013

I shall go to the woods
One summer’s afternoon.
I shall go to hear the cuckoo cry
And listen to the jackdaw croon.

I shall go to seek shelter from the summer heat
Against the cool of the tree bark.
The mantra of old evergreen pines is heard:
Tales of Norse gods, and their lark.

I shall go to visit the heron
Who waits by the stream.
Patiently, she strides down the brook
Until she catches the small bream.

I shall do all these things
Missing the city, where I roam –
I shall go to the woods
And then, I shall go home.

As Norse gods pounded anvil darkness
Darrell Wade Elverum

My steps, river bank edge, look up a cloud!
gazing skyward at the massive roamers,
Left foot became right foot, fell splash, too proud
In water I was cloud-like, a floater.

The depths of the water, under me
Chess piece clouds building up over my head
treading water, current, headed to sea  
I may have been better off dead

Gray and white mountain towering heights
flashes of light, rolls of noise and thunder
jagged light and noise at me causes frights
That sound near can only be a hammer

As Norse gods pounded anvil darkness
I emit, little girl screams, shrill sharpness

First Sonnet, maybe my last,
about my love for clouds, storms
thunder lightening, wind, disasters,... sigh
Norse god of light and beauty
Jul 11, 2010

Odin created us, as is par for his day.
Creator, killer, poet.
Fitting, I think.
When things get hard, Loki will tempt us
With deception, floating through the air.

You were Odin and I was Thor.
You were the giant-killer and I was the storm.
I tried to stop you with thunder
But you killed my giant.
(Thank goodness).

But I think Baldr exemplifies you more.
Norse god of light and beauty
For not only are you beautiful,
But your soul brings me light.
Together, we become the shining day.

Together, we could be greater than all the gods combined.

disregard the odin-thor parental relationship please- From on love and other twisted things
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