"Dance, fucker, dance!
Oct 29, 2014

"Dance, fucker, dance!

Mother fucker
Sir Seth Scott Elkins

Mother fucker
Mother fucker
Fucking fuck you
Mother fucker
You fucked my mother
You Mother Fucker
I aught to fuck you
You fucking fucker
Dearest fucker
Of my mother
I’m fucking fucked
If you don’t smother
Me with fucks
You fuckity fucker
Fuck your face
You lucky fucker

Jul 17, 2014

Take it out on me
So I can give it back
Let me blame you for my bullshit
While you use what I don't lack.

the first time we kissed you tasted of cigarettes
the last time we kissed I didn't know it would be the last time
And here I am a chain smoker trying to relive the feeling I got
And you wonder why I'm addicted

September 1 2014 1:45pm
Feb 10

I wanna lick
Your sockets raw
When your eyes
Fall out


Oh shit, I'm full if it. Crap it's been ruff not knowing what to do, and knowing at the same time. Starting over #??? Yeah like that
All over again, keeping your head up!!
Got to keep your head up
skull that matters, fucker,
Derek Yohn
Derek Yohn
Nov 12, 2013

What you think about other
peoples' hair is a trick by
the establishment to keep you
down.  Not all with long
hair are hippies, not every
skinhead is a Neo-Nazi.
An afro doesn't make you
funky, having soul does.

It isn't what is on the
skull that matters, fucker,
it is what happens

Dec 10, 2014

your lips glisten with fat burger grease as you lipsmack while you touch the switch
that’ll blitzkrieg bop this forsaken city underneath
a stiff stick tween your legs
to fuck these maggots with
shoot it full of holes like the moon is beautiful
fry the poor vermin that infest this hellhole
send em government issue salvation
through death paradise
through suffering bliss
this is god’s work we’re flying on
angels’ wings
the fires burn bright and sublime
the chants of despair their heavenly screams
its just their godless souls reeling
from the crushing weight
of enlightenment.

#war   #man   #god   #death   #salvation   #soul   #bomb   #government   #enlightenment   #paradise  
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