I feel deserted in this desert of loneliness,
Atul 'Drona' Kaushal

I feel deserted in this desert of loneliness,
Even though several people surround me,
Just lonely sand anywhere the eye can go.

I was aimless if not for your thought dear,
Your presence in my daily life's beautiful,
Like an oasis which is needed in a desert..

I am valuable for you & similarly you are,
Invaluable for one another we're lifelong,
Igniting warmer the feelings kissing lips...

My HP Poem #586
©Atul Kaushal
Desert of mine,
Azlynn Jane Andrews

Desert of mine,
So cold
As I melt in your blistering sun
Why do you leave me,
Stealing the wind
And voices
Now the only thing left
Is the slowing sound of my heart beat,
For my soul left long ago.

In my desert heart.

Cracked lips,
Parched tongue,
Love long lost.
Face it,
No oasis,
In my desert heart.

This empty desert owned it.
Jonathan Wood
Jonathan Wood
Oct 23, 2013

Confronted and humbled by this being.
I stare searching for meaning.
Try to peer in deep to study.
The surrounding grounds all bloody.
Curiosity calls me closer.
I stand before it, arms crossed and guarded.
Before this peculiar moment. I was lost and open.
This empty desert owned it.
For now it seems, I'm chosen. She reaches in to touch me.
My knees no longer hold me.
Submit upon her presence.
I have no more resistance.
She whispers me a secret. As warm and bright as she is.
This light cannot be mine and,
I feel the need to hide and,
before I act I'm taken, challenged by a kiss.
The walls around me fall.
My reflection in eager eyes call. This is the time, the place I should have been so long ago.
And as my mind tears out, I hear the cleansing shout,
“you could be right here without lust, hesitance or fear.”
“Just let her heart touch you
and let her words soak through.
Just follow them right to,
the one thing you share with few.”

CA Guilfoyle
CA Guilfoyle
Nov 3, 2012      Nov 3, 2012

There was an ancient gully
there were skeletons,
ocotillos strewn across the sand
holy places creatures crawled out from
Cactus brittle, drying, lying dead

Mirages leapt up - spectrally
ghost dancers, drunkards falling down again
Bloodshot eyes searching,
shipwrecks, lost waters, the sea
cool river floating past the trees, you drift
and wake alone
cow skulls haunt you
death's sun bleached

Aug 20, 2013

when all I really want
is to clean my soul
and clean my head
I can't find any water

I've hold it down for so long
it has evaporated
and now all I've got left
is a desperate sound
from my dry throat

- Emmatell

Jan 20

i am here waiting
sun scorched and parched
wondering if you'll ever discover
this simple truth
about me and the sun:
we don't really get along.

Desert at night
Ann Beaver

Desert at night
cold, moon bright
harsh cactus cuts
spiny needles as the door shuts
sand between your toes
lonely heart beats and woes
echo through vastness
black sharpness
I wander without
I wonder about
how it came to be this way

Oct 18, 2013

Same as always
I look to somewhere new
These tired eyes point at you.

You of a new
Place of hope
That I've made my own.

The land was fertile,
Now dried to bone.

the sands of a vast desert,
Joshua Brown
May 21, 2013

Let not our love be compared to
the rose, for Time shall surely
claim its crimson beauty.
Instead, let our love be
the sands of a vast desert,
that though the winds may
shift, shall remain eternal,
burning hot across the eons
as does my heart across this
great, terrible distance.
For you, the journey over the
dunes is made worth the heat and
flaying winds of doubt.
To be with you in the Oasis,
hand and heart intertwined,
our minds betwixt around each
other, is the truest love, for though
the abrasive wind shall always blow,
neither of us will ever bow to it.

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