elouazzani kenza
elouazzani kenza
Oct 12, 2014

My heart is a deserted island, lost in a big ocean.

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Of the desert
Dec 15, 2014

Sometimes my eyes
Are the skies
Of the desert
Dry as the lies
That they told us

Sandy brown
On the ground
Parched particles
Pointy patches
Of cactuses

Insects and mole rats
Little lizards that run fast
And you may ask
Where is the metaphor
Well, everything is a
Metaphor for everything else

I know it should be cacti for the plural but cactuses works better.
But you'll not thrive in the desert lost.
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Nov 12, 2014

Tread not on empty ground,
For the skies may stretch across
And the grass may abound upon the earth,
But you'll not thrive in the desert lost.

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I feel deserted in this desert of loneliness,
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Mar 20, 2014

I feel deserted in this desert of loneliness,
Even though several people surround me,
Just lonely sand anywhere the eye can go.

I was aimless if not for your thought dear,
Your presence in my daily life's beautiful,
Like an oasis which is needed in a desert..

I am valuable for you & similarly you are,
Invaluable for one another we're lifelong,
Igniting warmer the feelings kissing lips...

My HP Poem #586
©Atul Kaushal
Matthew Harlovic
Matthew Harlovic
Nov 16, 2014

I don’t deserve
to have someone so
deserving of another

© Matthew Harlovic

Just thinking.

Parched sun on naked earth,
Memory of water dulled,
Crushed by galloping heat.

The rhythmic wash of waves
alien as contours of verdant dales,
To blades of ancient rock and ruptured land.

Dead to ocean swells and sighing breath.
Life - which longs to root beneath
its blinding horizons,
Aborted mutely.

Sep 1, 2014

A touchable divinity,
A scalable infinity,
The clay of which you are comprised
Was gathered in serpent's eyes.

In fightable solitude,
Dancing with dots of blue,
The very thing from which you ran
Protected your feet from the hot sand.

Inspired by Steve Tiffany's writing style.
Dr zik
Dr zik
May 26, 2015

The rolling stone always remains disturb
And does not maintain his status
By leaving selfishness one can emit light as humans do
The martyr observed the cruelty of the unwanted persons
And condemns their supremacy
A martyr shows a distinctive confidence
Which is matchless
A time is coming when you will find a deserted way and nothing else
But you’ll be alone without me.

A translation of my own poem written in Urdu language. The name of book is "RAH TAKTI AANKH (راہ تکتی آنکھ)"
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