I feel deserted in this desert of loneliness,
Atul 'Drona' Kaushal

I feel deserted in this desert of loneliness,
Even though several people surround me,
Just lonely sand anywhere the eye can go.

I was aimless if not for your thought dear,
Your presence in my daily life's beautiful,
Like an oasis which is needed in a desert..

I am valuable for you & similarly you are,
Invaluable for one another we're lifelong,
Igniting warmer the feelings kissing lips...

My HP Poem #586
©Atul Kaushal
May 29

there are no tall oak trees
or gray rainy days to distract from
just flashing smiles
and intertwined fingers
dancing in warmth.
sunshine souls made honest by the heat,
I want to spend my summertime
absorbing so much Vitamin D
that you can swallow me
like your morning pill.

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This is desert living
katie pratt

Candle flicker

Keeps mosquitos away

The wind is picking up

No sound to be heard but paper crumpling rustle of aspens

A damn seagull squaks; only here 

This is desert living

Desert loving

We have a porch

It kind of feels like heaven

Just the moon and lamplights

And pajamas with no undergarments 
Citronella smell

Dry breeze

Skin no longer chapped

Weathered from my initiation 

During the apex of summer when I read outside at midnight

#desert   #reading   #utah   #slc  
Under the desert sky,
Kelbi Afkari

Under the desert sky,
We shared our souls
As the hours passed by.

Looking up at the stars,
Embracing one another
in intertwined arms.

For, to you I gave a piece of me
And to me was given ecstasy.

We stayed up all night talking:
About our lives, past events,
And the things now occurring.

Though it felt like an illusion,
Your hand in mine assured me
It was no mere delusion.

Your cheek, brushing gently against mine.
Eyes closed, we held each other
As if there were no time.

No time. No time.
Though t'were as if the world stood still
As we sat upon that hill,

Time was no longer suspended
As, with the sunrise,
Our dream ended.

- kelbi

In the cool desert night
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

The love songs of locusts
In the cool desert night
Croon to pale creatures
Parched by day’s light.
They’re nestled in their crannies,
Burrowed in the sand,
Perched upon thorn trees
In God’s arid land.

Listen to the sighing sough
Of wind rustled palms
As the wail in the sun’s passing
With fluttering arms.
See the moon seething saffron
Veiled faintly with a mist,
Scorched sands swirling senseless,
Wooing wind with is kiss.

Written in my college years.
#love   #kiss   #god   #night   #trees   #desert   #mist   #thorn   #beryldov   #palms  
The desert skies of royal hazey colors
Nicholas Kurtz

No one to talk too
My mouth is sore from being shut
My brain spinning with thought
I'd talk to the stars,
Even they didn't show up

The desert skies of royal hazey colors
New grounds for me
For others discovered

Through long plight before me
Spirits endlessly struggling

To bask
Under the hazey royal indigo
Desert skies

Enlightened wolves
Darkness despise

A free flow poem :)
That does not belong in the lonesome desert
Autece Soul

I miss her more and more as the sun rises and the moon fades
Slowly she creeps in my mind like a plague infecting my brain
Eating away all thoughts I have created
Only to be consumed by her image
A black storm as it rains down my sorrow
As my smile only hides the pain within
For I will not lay my problems to yours
Therefore you will be blind to my suffering
And fall victim to illusions I portray in front of you
Not knowing if it is wizardry performed by a warlock
With a keen knowledge of the dark arts
Of who must not be named
Or is it all just smoke and mirrors
A fake grin as I trick your mind of my felicity state
Or lack thereof
Invisible as the oxygen we breathe from the trees of nature
As I stare out my window to see a palm tree
That does not belong in the lonesome desert
Only to share its sympathy as I feel I do not belong
To a place where love is cynical and mediocre
Where love means to be physically bounded
I search for a mental connection
As I have with a Being greater than me
Yet when I look for it
I am alone left in my own cataclysm
Drowning in the abyss of a decrepit heart
Flooded by the gates of grimaced faces
As I slowly close my door to my own emotions
And embrace a meaningless melancholy to fulfill others' happiness
When I connect to one mate who shines as bright as the moon
She fades just as such when the physical bond is no more
When the dark energy of negativity subsumes the thoughts of serenity
Then there I lose her
And for me
I am left to think about her
As the sun sets and the moon shines from the darkness
And once again I begin to miss her
More and more

#love   #sorrow   #tree   #desert   #miss   #palm  
For it is a desert out there, dry and lifeless
Elise E
Elise E
Apr 30

It's one of those things where if you have it
You know it for sure
And if you're not sure, you don't

A while ago I gave up on love
Because every time I got it, and thought I had it
Some one very close to me came and took it away
And I am left without it

At first I was doing well
I would not fall for it
I would see a nice guy, but would not buy it
Or, a boy would like me, but I'd avoid it

But now I've fallen in to it, the well of love
Oh, how deep is this well, with walls so wet I can't climb up
At last I splash in a pool of water
A pool of love

And in this pool I'm drowning
Now I am floating, flowing down a river
I am spit out at an oasis, a beautiful oasis
But now I'm breathing, even under the water

And now I am swimming, I am in control
I now see the way out, but I dare not go near it
For it is a desert out there, dry and lifeless
A desert with no water, no love

This love, I feel it
I know not if he knows it but I feel it
It's warmth, it's life
I want to surround myself in it

I dare not lose it
Too many times I have lost it
It is mine! I will hold on to it
No one will take it from me, lest they die!

Now I believe in love
And it's all thanks to him
He unburied my love
Now I love him


Just when you think you're giving up on love, when you think there is none left for you. (and we're not talking about the gushy stuff)
#love   #life   #falling   #him   #desert   #well   #lifeless   #floating   #oasis  
Beneath the scorching azure desert sky
Harlon Rivers

Crawling across the arid cactus wilderness
Chasing nothing but blue skied impossible dreams  
He followed the utopia of a wild exotic river wide
Meandering effortlessly through his mind made mirage  
Rippling downstream along sweltering cactus shoreline
Beneath the scorching azure desert sky
Flowing at the speed of loneliness  
Fleeting towards the refreshing Ocean’s tide

He searched charily through a labyrinth of chimera
While standing deliriously on the brink a sublime      
Spiny leaves awakened all sense of uncertainty
Mystic static air excites his sun wilted eyes
Enticing infinite reborn senses thrive alive
Rousing imagination’s magical archive reveries
Enkindling a cornucopia of inflamed reprise

A daydream of an erotic fragrant, vibrant flower
Pricking his heart with her natural delicate demure,
Drawing blood with her coquettish cactus quills
Tantalizing a figment a poignant hallucination's thrill
Inching slowly, slithering silently,
Sensibilities frayed, heart on his sleeve
Too thirsty to drink, once bitten, twice shy

Lingering at the crossroads of an exotic oasis
The illusion a nomatic basin river courses on
Zigzags, winds turning far, deep and wide
Swerves amongst mysterious tantalizing desert flora
Hidden bashfully behind a sun faded shadow's disguise,
Her taproot in a desert spring’s bedrock
Her beauty reflected in the shine twinkling in his eyes

A prairie wolf paces on the distant horizon
Vultures are gliding in the arid desert skies
Silhouettes gracefully soaring in hazy solar disguise
Coyote, was just listening to the ethers' muted sighs
The blustering wind howled the gathering dust
Blowing the drifting barren sand astir
Over the lonesome travelers’ trail of wanton lust
Caught-up in her sticky tangled web trying to free her

"Taunt and tease Prickly Pear blossom
Share the simple life of the prairie breeze
I’m crawling through pebbles and cobbles
Over bedrock through sand dune fields to the sea
Drawn to your fertile spring water oasis surprise
The thirst quenching splendors of your dalliance astir,
The impassioned esprit your abundant soul set me free"...

May 21, 2014 ...rivers reprise
crossing many rivers deep & wide
#love   #dream   #life   #rivers   #soul   #journey   #desert   #loneliness   #utopia   #mirage   #sighs   #oasis  
Like a desert and
Anh Huynh

Like a desert and
I am marrying my thirst;
I crave you too much

#love   #short   #haiku   #crave  
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