But you'll not thrive in the desert lost.
Ashley Somebody

Tread not on empty ground,
For the skies may stretch across
And the grass may abound upon the earth,
But you'll not thrive in the desert lost.

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Of the desert
Joshua Amos Graff

Sometimes my eyes
Are the skies
Of the desert
Dry as the lies
That they told us

Sandy brown
On the ground
Parched particles
Pointy patches
Of cactuses

Insects and mole rats
Little lizards that run fast
And you may ask
Where is the metaphor
Well, everything is a
Metaphor for everything else

I know it should be cacti for the plural but cactuses works better.
the evening desert with saguaro looking people, my friends
CA Guilfoyle

Walking this trail, all is strange
I am still round, in a place fitting square pegs
the evening desert with saguaro looking people, my friends
snakes, and the hissing heat of day, now crawl away to bed
in a melting sea sky of orange, red
birth of indigo rising, turning pitch black
no sound of cities, no world out there
only the calling of stars, musical notes
songs, twinkling in time with
the honey yellow moon

#stars   #night   #sky   #desert  

There is a soothing pool,
Which with the driest dirt,
No man shall break its rule,
It stands to be assert,
As outlaws start to drool,
When these men hurry first,
They encounter their duel,
A man with crimson shirt,
To man he is no fool,
They try to make sure he is hurt,
By using deadly tools,
Some disguise to a friendly flirt,
To try to become cool,
But he does not attempt to lurk,
Cause they were very cruel…

#desert   #pool  
Sep 1

A touchable divinity,
A scalable infinity,
The clay of which you are comprised
Was gathered in serpent's eyes.

In fightable solitude,
Dancing with dots of blue,
The very thing from which you ran
Protected your feet from the hot sand.

Inspired by Steve Tiffany's writing style.
I feel deserted in this desert of loneliness,
Atul 'Drona' Kaushal

I feel deserted in this desert of loneliness,
Even though several people surround me,
Just lonely sand anywhere the eye can go.

I was aimless if not for your thought dear,
Your presence in my daily life's beautiful,
Like an oasis which is needed in a desert..

I am valuable for you & similarly you are,
Invaluable for one another we're lifelong,
Igniting warmer the feelings kissing lips...

My HP Poem #586
©Atul Kaushal
May 29

there are no tall oak trees
or gray rainy days to distract from
just flashing smiles
and intertwined fingers
dancing in warmth.
sunshine souls made honest by the heat,
I want to spend my summertime
absorbing so much Vitamin D
that you can swallow me
like your morning pill.

#love   #girl   #boy   #summer   #desert   #sunshine   #arizona  
Desert ensued
Olivia McCann
Olivia McCann
Sep 23      Sep 24

Things grew dry
Desert ensued
And I wanted an oasis,
Pleasure of sitting
By a pool
In the arid air.
It was comfortable enough
To keep on,
Legs in rhythm
The exhausting heat
And friction
Became too much and
You stopped to rest.
And soon blood lept
From my body
And muscles felt sore.
I collapsed in the sand.
And you hugged me anyway.

#love   #blood   #desert   #sand   #heat  
Under the desert sky,
Kelbi Afkari

Under the desert sky,
We shared our souls
As the hours passed by.

Looking up at the stars,
Embracing one another
in intertwined arms.

For, to you I gave a piece of me
And to me was given ecstasy.

We stayed up all night talking:
About our lives, past events,
And the things now occurring.

Though it felt like an illusion,
Your hand in mine assured me
It was no mere delusion.

Your cheek, brushing gently against mine.
Eyes closed, we held each other
As if there were no time.

No time. No time.
Though t'were as if the world stood still
As we sat upon that hill,

Time was no longer suspended
As, with the sunrise,
Our dream ended.

- kelbi

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