Mountain plumbing is constant crisis
Joe Cottonwood
Joe Cottonwood
Aug 3, 2015

Terry and I climb a different hill today,
a narrow trail
weaving among wildflowers
where we search for an old water intake,
finding rusty pipe but no collection box.
Mountain plumbing is constant crisis
as storms re-engineer the landscape
while three hundred houses wait to wash.
Terry, you should know, operated
the water system for years and years
in our old hippie town.

Moving on,
we walk around the former reservoir
that collapsed in the winter of ’82.
Now that was a crisis.
I say I used to come to this hilltop
every day at sunset with my dog
to meet a woman and her dog.
Terry says thirty or forty years ago
he used to come to this hilltop
every solstice to drop acid with his buddies.
“When was the last time you took LSD?” I ask.
“Last week,” Terry says.

Terry, you should know, is seventy-two
with cardiac plumbing that has
weathered a few storms.
He says the trips are milder now, sweeter,
like spring-water from the little glen
on the hill above his cabin,
gurgles out slowly
but worth the wait,
at the end of that trail
only you and I know.

Sep 14, 2016

Nut and bolt

Wrench my heart

Spanner's throat

Pulled apart.

© Copyright SE September 2016

The Turgid Trilogy
#10w   #plumbing  
Eure Ka
Eure Ka
Feb 25

Why did it not matter your blank facade
wide hands slides Upholstery
Arabic, I can see the lightease
Danced with the Chocolates
We held together through the night
to all thy cold goose bumps.

she knows who she is
Allen Wilbert
Allen Wilbert
May 5, 2014

screaming in pain
cleaning her drain
it was very clogged
I am very logged
loved my plumbers crack
she gave my ass a smack
faucet beginning to leak
from the point of the peak
ended up in bed
she gives good head
wanted bill to be free
told me during my morning pee
I said you lost your mind
so I poked her from behind
how about half price
she said sorry no dice
please free she would beg
as she played with my third leg
running wild was my imagination
you could feel my frustration
after the plumbing was all done
it turned out she was a nun

Wack Tastic
Wack Tastic
Nov 14, 2013

Watching strange scenes,
On a fabricated screen,
I did not know where I ended,
And the vision,

Sep 9, 2014


Life is hard
any way you stack it.

Soul Survivor

If you'll notice,
I'm one brick shy... :-)
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