Mari Gee
Apr 12, 2012

i am the piper
cept my pipes are
a bit rusty

out of tune

its too late for monthly checkups

but you never seem to mind

but you see the only reason they are
so worn out
is because i sing my melody
as loud and beautiful as I can
every time we do the dance of passion

no, they can't be rusty
i've serenaded so many other women before you
that can't be

your melody is sweet, pure, harmonious
but of course, you've only just started

you make me feel like an old man
whose pipes have seen generations
i almost feel bad serenading such a pure heart

but i know what will happen
you will leave me soon
yes, I know from our passion dances that you
love me
but when you find another whose music is sweeter
more pure than my coarseness
i promise
you will love him more

its only a matter of time...

Wack Tastic
Wack Tastic
Nov 14, 2013

Watching strange scenes,
On a fabricated screen,
I did not know where I ended,
And the vision,

Hip Heart
Hip Heart
Sep 29, 2012

Words flow no longer a trickling drip

but the raging Mississippi with that

dream steamboat demotic.

It is good and I am whole.

The spirit is alive

and flows from these enlivened fingertips.

I am my own and this energy will be harvested.

I will storm and I will rage from dawn

Through the twinkling night.

plumbing your depths...

The topography of your body...
Is the landscape
I call home.
Scaling your heights
plumbing your depths...
your wetlands
and peaks.
If I were blind
I could find my way
by tracing your form
with my greedy hands.

And is now a rich bitch with plumbing!
Rachel Elizabeth
Rachel Elizabeth
Sep 14, 2010

Jack and Jill
Went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down
And broke his crown
And Jill collected the life insurance
And is now a rich bitch with plumbing!

Copyright Teresa Joy 2010
ignores the grid of labyrinthine plumbing
Daniel A Russ
Jul 4, 2010

Weird smell in the bathroom.

I'm pretty sure it's coming
from behind the toilet.

It expands up past tile floors
ignores the grid of labyrinthine plumbing
to drift
around long-past-cast-porcelain
wall-panels asynchronous by decades
ignoring the mirror more murky than coherent
and into my sensory network
as I add to the problem.

with bad plumbing
Mar 4

you cry
like the sky on a slate day
the world is a tsunami of
coffee and dusty light
and crumpled pillows.
my life is a studio apartment
with bad plumbing
I need you
I am a plastic bag
I miss your green luminescence

redit Cards discreetly billed to ‘Avi’s Plumbing
ᏰέƦẙḽԃṏሁ Լέῳ


$500 first hour

$300 each additional hour

$2000 overnight


$700 first hour

$350 each additional hour

$2500 overnight


B&D; $300

S&M; $300

Roleplay $200

Costumed Roleplay $300

Blow Jobs N/C

Around the World (me) $100

Around Your World $300

Golden Showers $150

Hitler’s Thing (don’t even ask)

Teabagging $200

Sploshing $200

Gun Fetish $200

Foot Fetish $150

Other Fetishes P.O.R

Cash or Credit. Credit Cards discreetly billed to ‘Avi’s Plumbing’

P.O.R - Price On Request
the pipe dreams are now piping in the plumbing that runs beneath the streets
Apr 4, 2012

A mechanized millennium
with silver rivets hammered from
the once glorious dreams of the populace
They are now all identical.
instruments that pierce the flesh of progress
the price paid to advance across the toll bridge
that is "the betterment of society"

But bland and boring can hardly be better
than stark and standoffish rants of individual pipe dreams
They took those too-
the pipe dreams are now piping in the plumbing that runs beneath the streets
we walk all over them.
only half realizing they exist and not half caring
with spirits that lack luster our
low lackluster dreams are dying

all plumbing and stair rods,
Sonja Benskin Mesher

crossed the great divide,
sea to the land, from
one to another, then, talking.

crossed the narrow bridge
talked of the past,
revisit the old place.
all plumbing and stair rods,
you know what i mean.

courage to walk away
from objects that irritates
our eyes, to eat another way,

with snakes and camphor oil.

you know what i mean. with
the kindness of strangers
to cross the mountain, be led

they say it may be drizzly today.


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