Apr 4, 2015

Take my heart,
Crush it
Then feed it to the birds
Pretend that you're helping
Stopping the hurt
Feed my empty soul with words that caress me
Til I burst
You were good at your craft
Obviously rehearsed.

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mark john junor
mark john junor
Sep 6, 2014

you do magical things to me
bring out the the compassion and hope
you entice the gentle heart in me
i know its because you are magical yourself
i see it in everything about you
i see it in how i am captivated by your eyes
by the suggestion of you in the deepest dreams of my soul
like dreamlight crafted in hearts warmth
you haunt me

standing here at my crossroads
with you sweetly on my mind
will i ever find my way home to hear your gentle laugh
to your tender embrace
will i ever really have a home again
now that your so far away
dreamlight crafted in hearts warmth you will forever remain

forever here at my crossroads
edge of the deep sea
and the wild lonely desert
forever looking to distant shore and the memory of you
the taste of you on my soul
dreamlight crafted in your hearts warmth
means so much to me
you are the song my heart breaths

guess it works better now that i chopped off that last line


words fall on paper like vomit,

they look ugly, and smell really bad,

those days i hate the craft,

but sometimes,

words arrange themselves so beautifully,

like falling leaves during fall, on the wet floor,

and there, the craft is brought to a fine art,

and my love for it is fulfilled.

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Jan 31, 2015

True artist is not all about the talent,
it’s the art of loving your craft.

a quote
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Allen Robinson
Jul 11, 2016

Is there anything
more divine than
something made by
human hands
Throughout generations
of honed skills
handed down
to family member
or apprentice
crafted to be passed on
only to become
possibly antiqued
The subtle care and
time involved with
impeccable technique...
no substitute for the

Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
Dec 25, 2016

All that I want, and think that would be best to be, right now, is out in front of me. Presented here within these words, which I crafted deep from within. And to say that I in some way, am too much for you right now. That is cowardice towards what ere could be. So don't claim to know what a word really means, when you want to craft alongside a wordsmith like me.

Remeber... I'm not a machine.
Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Apr 5, 2015

Finer moments
Chiseled and crafted
with hands that care
Hearts rhythm of love
Finer moments
will remain etched forever
Testimony of dreams
that came alive with love
Finer moments
are to be cherished

Julie Langlais
Julie Langlais
Mar 10, 2016

Art rests inside the vision of creativity
Art comes alive with that interpretation
Art is cultured from craft
Until a masterpiece has evolved

(C) Julie Graham 2016

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