to melt into the night, I told a simple lie
Oct 10

I took a picture of every figure your hips would attempt to trace
The awkward truth of washed-out love was installed on your face
For the longest while, I tried to smile, thinking doubt would die
You had to melt into the night, I told a simple lie

The rainwater parties, daydream illusions of people we used to know
Share the secrets they love to hide, putting it all on show
I can't remember that dull September you gave me a bottled sigh
I was wreck to say the least, I told another simple lie

Never knew the trouble it takes to bury those terrible ways
I need to change, mature and change, I've known it all these days
I'm too long owned by girls who moaned at the thought the moon would cry
I had to find my own way out by telling a simple lie

Empty's empty - nothing fills her, time is her enemy
I couldn't find the road back home when everything was up to me
Tried not to repeat all my awful defeats and I needed no good reason why
You'd never know the price of truth by telling me a simple lie

The ten inch finger points me out to a sentence most unfair
The smiling faces on the underground don't seem to really care
I was young, I couldn't hold my tongue; I was never all that shy
I was held in cruel contempt for telling quite a simple lie

Somebody told me a secret again, trusting that I wouldn't tell
Everything they did smelled of vague regret, another coin into the wishing well
Grinding it out before I'm thrown about by a destiny too damn sly
I thought I'd write an honest poem, but I told another simple lie

Love and lie laugh
Love and lie laugh
May 23      May 23

Fate will make our paths cross
But is it what I want? My future is someone else's, and soon it will be yours.

People say we are for each other, but is it truly so? A companionable silence will follow but nothing will grow. They say time will bring us love
I think not. Acceptance will grow but not of love

Love eludes me in this destiny, this cage I'm trapped in
My choices are yours, your choices are others
We are what they define us to be.
Love for us - It's nothing but an illusion
The only love we will ever have is to forever be
In love
With the idea of love.

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every lie you will tell
Donna Bella

Every word you say is
every lie you will tell
I'm quite tired of your words and lies
I'm quite tired of you

#love   #life   #family   #false   #lie  
Feb 18

Tell me how you feel

Instead of telling lies

Instead of telling half truths 

And instead of confusing me

Tell me the truth

#truth   #hate   #confused   #you   #me   #tell   #lie   #fell  
i'm sick of the lie
Kayauna Rose Freeman

there's nothing left of tomorrow.
you've been consumed by your own sorrow

where do I go, where can I stay
I wasn't even sober, for just one day

i'm sick of the lie
it's time to say goodbye.

Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez
May 26      May 28

You say you're gonna do things, but you do the opposite.
You promise me things, but never keep them.
You promise that you won't hurt me anymore, yet you do.

All these broken promises, all my hopes crushed...

#lies   #broken   #hopeless   #lie   #heartless  
because every I love you was lie
gabby dial
gabby dial
May 9      May 9

At that moment in time
my heart was beating to loud to hear anything else
my tears were falling so fast
the rain could not compare
the look in my eyes gave it all away
the look in your eyes told me you were ready to let me in
could that have been your gaol?
reaching for the last thing that put me in control.
I just want you t know
that I can never let you go
If i could set flames to flowers
and if I could burn the memories
I would fly away with the ashes in the breeze
and i'll stare in to your bruised eyes from a distance
like two moons staring back at me
and I'll try not to listen
because every I love you was lie

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A lie cuts both sides

A lie cuts both sides
A lie never hides  
To your naked heart
Guile a flying dart
A lie once employed
Leaves a gaping void
Poison soon will win
The vacuum within

#lie   #deciet   #guile  
Who invented the lie?
Alyssa Sunico
Alyssa Sunico
Jun 19, 2013

Who invented the lie?
How smart was he
To make such an action
Hidden humility

The lie
A gift to the ridiculed
A weapon to the a elite
A curse to the oppressed

Such a lovely thing
A lie can be
To hide true intentions
To tease the population

Yet so powerful it could be
To fool anyone
To lead people on
One great temptress

The best thing it does
Is to fool oneself
To forget everything
To live in your own world

Thus, it is used
Thus, it is loved
Thus, it is needed
By the likes of you and I.

Hope is a myth.

To live is to die, to die is to die, there is no hope.

I see the world ashen, aflame, burned, scorched, molten, squelched.
My soul thirst for that which is right; it cries out for goodness, is weeps for justice!
The world mourns the dead, I mourn the world.
All my rising is a burden, better had it been if I was never born than to witness the destruction of the world I came into.
Life is an unending road of burning tires and weeping mothers. All my hope is turned to despair.

this does not reflect my personal beliefs
#death   #dead   #lie   #hoe  
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