for help another lie it begs.
Nov 14, 2014

No hands no legs
for help another lie it begs.
Alone it can go only few yards,
together their strength like house of cards.
A delicate wind of truth
and they lay in state of pity and ruth.


Tell me you love me
And if it’s not true
Keep me alive please
Just by saying you still do

Perpetual lie
GitacharYa VedaLa
GitacharYa VedaLa
Jan 22      Jan 23

The truth went away
And what you are left with now?
Perpetual lie

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to melt into the night, I told a simple lie
Oct 10, 2014

I took a picture of every figure her hips would attempt to trace
The awkward truth of washed-out love was installed on her face
For the longest while, I tried to smile, thinking doubt would die
She had to melt into the night, I told a simple lie

The rainwater parties, daydream illusions of people we used to know
Share the secrets they love to hide, putting it all on show
I can't remember that dull September she gave me a bottled sigh
I was wreck to say the least, I told another simple lie

Never knew the trouble it takes to bury those terrible ways
I need to change, mature and change, I've known it all these days
I'm too long owned by girls who moaned at the thought the moon would cry
I had to find my own way out by telling a simple lie

Empty's empty - nothing fills her, time is her enemy
I couldn't find the road back home when everything was up to me
Tried not to repeat all my awful defeats and I needed no good reason why
You'd never know the price of truth by telling me a simple lie

The ten inch finger points me out to a sentence most unfair
The smiling faces on the underground don't seem to really care
I was young, I couldn't hold my tongue; I was never all that shy
I was held in cruel contempt for telling quite a simple lie

Somebody told me a secret again, trusting that I wouldn't tell
Everything they did smelled of vague regret, another coin into the wishing well
Grinding it out before I'm thrown about by a destiny too damn sly
I thought I'd write an honest poem, but I told another simple lie

Go ahead and lie to me
Madelin Geraldino
Madelin Geraldino
Apr 11      Apr 13

Go ahead and lie to me
Try to make you feel mine  
I won't tap my back
I won't want to cry
I might simply look at you
And watch you lie
C'mon lie to me
I want you to make me fly
Go ahead and lift me up at least for the night

Yes, a lie. But a momentaneous reality.
#night   #fly   #lie   #mine  
The lie I'll never leave
R Fleur
R Fleur
Aug 6

I'll stop, the false promise
The lie I'll never leave

I don't need it anymore
I won't do it again

Cold tile on my skin
The smell in gulfs my nostrils

Tears running down my face
The lie washes over me

Stand up wash my hand
Clean up my face

Mouth wash rinses the smell away
The shame of the lie lingers

You ask if it happened again
I lie and say no

Sit for another meal
Excuse myself from the table

Cold tile on my knees
You can hear me

You ask if I did it agin
I lie

You do nothing
I lie

#alone   #bulimia   #cold   #lie  
Nov 24, 2014

What little they mean when your hands are around me, chocking me.

No stars align
The moon isn't fine
When you say they're beautiful.

#dreams   #beautiful   #lie  
our forever was a lie.
Nov 12, 2014

All the songs we used to sing,
I now sing alone.

Since you left,
a lot has changed,
and now I’m on my own.

I’m grateful for the times we shared,
but now I say goodbye.

My love,
we need to move on now,
our forever was a lie.

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*Every time I lie,
Jun 21      Jun 21

Every time I lie,
I break a piece of myself.


I dunno the real reason
why I haven't post this,
perhaps it spoke too much
in such few words.
#10w   #piece   #lie   #pretending   #facade  
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