Tell me how you feel

Instead of telling lies

Instead of telling half truths 

And instead of confusing me

Tell me the truth

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Lie to me.
Apr 12      Apr 12

Lie to me.
Tell me that I am everything I never was.
Tell me that I am beautiful and watch me tremble and shake.
Look into my eyes and lie to my face, will you?

Why did I build my home
on such an unsteady foundation of lies and insecurity?
Time and time again, I swallow my grief
just to blink back tears and brush the truth away.
Stay where you are and do not come near.
Don't cause a land slide that will surely destroy me.
I will be crushed under the weight of so many lies weakly supported by kind intentions.

Hide the truth for me if you love me truly.
Cover my eyes and whisper into my ears: you are beautiful.
Protect me with your lies.

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Everything is a Bittersweet Lie.
Jasmine smiles
Jasmine smiles
23 hours ago

What can I say
That has never been said
What can I read
That has never been read
What can I hear
That has never been heard
Who can I say "hello"
Who has never heard "goodbye"
Who can I say "I love you"
Who has never heard "I hate you"

Everything is a Bittersweet Lie.

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If you're going to lie,
Kelsey Nicole3
Kelsey Nicole3
Jan 11, 2013

If you're going to lie,
About why your breaking up
With someone at least come up with a good lie.

Alyssa Starnes
Alyssa Starnes
Sep 19, 2010

piece temporarily down for mental cleansing.

My own thoughts.
I Fell In Love With A Lie.
Marlee Jane

I Fell In Love With A Lie.
I Will Admit That Now.

And Boldly
I Will

Step Out Into the unknown.

I Will
Push Hard
Enough To Break
My Fucking Spine

I Fell In Love With A Lie.
I Won’t Continue To Fall.

lie to me,
Brian Bigley
Mar 25, 2013

lie to me,
                    it's time. 

       I'm barley even in the room
          or in attendance at the banquet
             of my cloudy fingertips
                lie to me it's time to shake
        that old blue saxophone
            down in a rattle-puff
                              fat lip moan
         lie to me that I'm as real
        as anything that jumps
           into the cotchels of the sky
          toward a well tied noose

               lie to me my
                 magic limbs
                will hold
              and I'll be strong

              despite my hot
                 and watery
            eyes of lapsang souchong,

                    my soul 
                a liquid swirl
                    of smoke
          against my teacup bones

No you didn't lie,
Nov 9, 2012

No you didn't lie,
No you didn't try,
But there was a hidden truth,
The biggest truth...

You are another woman's,
Bound by the power of the ring,
But your empty vows,
Empowered your deception
Yet there was the creation of a creature,
Your pride and joy,
Your reason to stay,
Our reason to not exist.

Yes, you did lie,
Yes, you did try,
This is your truth,
Your hidden truth

How I had to lie.
Thomas James
Thomas James
Oct 11, 2011

My whole life I just wanted to cry,
Though no one would ever know why.

I’ve been waiting for a change,
But it seems like things are staying the same.

So many things I want people to know,
Just not enough courage to show,

The truth about my life,
How I had to lie.

—Thomas James Written on August 28, 2011

Sometimes I lie to myself,
Mary Had A Little Lamb

Sometimes I lie to myself,
I say you're happy

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