To watch the Crucifixion

You put on your coat and you go down the stairs
Open the door but there's nobody there
Voices call clear 'cross the cold city air
Merry Christmas

I wonder if Jesus is happy right now
They say it's His birthday today
And candles are burning all over the world
And Calvary's so far away

Judas, I stand by the tree on which you hang
Why did you do it? You promised to take me out tonight
To watch the Crucifixion

Judas, I hope I don't have to cut the rope
You tied it like the necktie you would have worn tonight
As we watched the Crucifixion

Judas, my friend, you were so like other men
The difference was you struck a God, so I'll go
To watch the Crucifixion alone, so alone

The people chanted words I couldn't hear
The voice was indistinct but the meaning was clear
Now I don't know why there's a strange kind of sky
Will someone please explain?
It looks so bare but I feel the air
Just doesn't seem right for rain

I go from the scene, the words of despair
"Crucify Him" ring in my ears
And Judas, my friend, we're approaching the end
Explain my unreasoning tears

I wonder if Jesus is happy right now
They say it's His birthday today
And candles are burning all over the world
And Calvary's so far away

jeffrey robin
Apr 18, 2014

x     x

What is it now
That does transpire?

What power
Moves these human forms ?

What UGLINESS !     ?

I see it
I absorb it
I ignore it





The soft winds blowing

How I long to see you love each other


Our spirits
Cross the great divide

We meet

We greet each other
We are

Everyone alive

( we all say)




Feb 10

day-old sunburn,
the sirens running
the routine race
while the abandoned
lost and found box
on the corner of
yours and mine
sits innocently
in the middle of raid,
and suddenly i'm hit
with the memory
of last sunday
lodged in my throat
the same way
my breath caught
when you signed
your last letter, sorry
i haven't written in so long,

the same way
my glare lit up
your cheeks
in church
when i saw
you cross your legs
like you were afraid
the preacher
could tell last night
in a sermon,
but if he could,
could he get the words out?
could he say,
last night like paralysis,
like forgotten scripture,
like benadryll effect
in their veins

could he tell the
story of us
without closing his bible?
these revelations
nothing short
of the smallest
of a rapture
you refuse to
remember, and
now there's a headline
perched on my
forehead, a lover died
inside her fist
while she slept,

while the dynamite
between my teeth
spits sparks
like the slamming
of brakes,
and every day
like a hail mary
under your breath.

Mar 31

I have not yet found a soul that could settle next to mine
without cutting into it; that just fit, perfectly
without wounding, I have not found a person that
could come close without diving into me, we all
slice ourselves up for each other and bleed into each other's wounds
and maybe that's not because I haven't found the right person
maybe it's because we're all the right person, we're not meant to be
with one or the other, a perfect yin to my yang,
we make ourselves meant to be, we mutilate and we morph
into each other and for each other's perfection
that they may know the face of God
and everything's fucked up, I know that, I can't fix what's fucked up
but maybe we don't need to fix what's fucked up
because we're all fucked up and that's what makes us human
that's what makes us beautiful, that's how we can see God
because Jesus, though he was in the form of God
did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped
but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, and being
found in human form he humbled himself and
became obedient unto death, even death on a cross-
maybe we're meant to have wounds in our hands
and on our feet, and across our sides, and slashed down our backs
maybe we're just a combination of different people,
we crucify ourselves for those around us,
we are who we are, and then we are not,
and it is all too raw and stinging and sometimes you are ashamed
to look upon someone who died for you, it's too powerful
and you can't make yourself do that, but they did
Jesus did, and it is in this that we are most divine
it is in rawness and confusion and shame and passion
when things are too complicated and it hurts to even move
when you feel your body and soul straining and you don't know what to do
that's when you feel Christ, that's when his heart beats inside you.

With words from Philippians 2:5-11
Apr 10

And what once was so live is now quite dead.

Natasha Meyer
Natasha Meyer
Jul 10, 2014

The Great King Stands
Above the earth
As thunder rolls beneath
Tears of sorrow
Streams down His face
As His sacred Lamb
Calls out for Grace
My God, My God, Forsake me not!
In a moment of Silence
The King turns away
It cannot be complete
Unless for their sins YOU pay
And as the Son Cries out
It is finished!
Creation in silence held its breath
waiting, anticipating The act of The King
And as He reached down
Into our Realm
The Son wept and said
Eli, Eli! Lama, Sabachthani
And into the hand
Of the Great and Mighty King
His spirit and last breath flowed
And with it, sin forever slain.

Darbi Howe
Darbi Howe
Dec 14, 2012

I used to drive my nails into
Your skin, some type of sexual
They say pain before pleasure
But I know that aches
Are often felt months later
When paradise has become
Past tense
Like the scars on your back

Crucifixion masturbation for the less advanced
Zack Long
Zack Long
Jul 25, 2013

Everything's fucked
Ain't just bad luck
That's brought us to this well
Where human weakness dwells
To drink with the devil is an honor unknown
As we watch the tales of the glories of Rome
Crucifixion masturbation for the less advanced

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