Cover my ears with ignorance,
pummel my head with bliss.

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Apr 30      May 1

Slipping in my ear-buds,
To get my daily dose
Feeling so close to the sound that doesn't affect me
Flying over clouds only my mind can see
Bass wobbles, no duds

I'm addicted to the ripples,
My head lulls with a vengeance
"don't bother him man, hes gone"
Passers-by call to  me
So drunk on sound...
My cranium has better acoustics then the great theater
Rhythm's projected with shock waves and powered by hand grenades
I am a supernova charged by AUX
Watch anxiety writhe and burn in my wake

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I wear my headphones
Alex Knight
Alex Knight
Feb 1, 2014

I wear my headphones
so the voices aren't so loud

and plug in my headphones.
Alice Kay
Alice Kay
Apr 23, 2013      Apr 24, 2013

I'll forget these stupid feelings for a while

and plug in my headphones.

Let the music take me to another world.
Plug in your headphones and listen
Lauren Tussey
Lauren Tussey
Jul 7, 2013

Plug in your headphones and listen
to your own

music; how wonderful a thing        
it follows you, trailing through every twist and turn you take, always        
j u s t  
a   s t e p    
b e h i n d   y o u

I'm wearing headphones in attempt to defeat
Nov 30, 2014

If you see me on the street walking to my own beat
I'm wearing headphones in attempt to defeat
My voices, no I'm not crazy nor did I make bad choices but yes I hear voices
my insecurity, lack of knowledge make great talking points
And getting them to finally shut up requires my lifesaver, my music
but then you knew this, music saved my life, and blocks my nervous twitch,
so if you see me without my tunes then something is horribly wrong
I love music but don't abuse it... it's my own connection to life, my writings and my songs

I sit there, my headphones in, volume up
Apr 17, 2013      Apr 18, 2013

I sit there, my headphones in, volume up
And you dare tell me to turn it down
What you don't understand is that I need this
I need the volume so high that the screaming tangle of my brain is quieted down to a soft hum
So I'm not surrounded by an everlasting chorus of, "You're worthless."
So I'm not completely encompassed by these depressing thoughts
So I'm not breaking down when the cloud gets too heavy
So raindrops do not race down a pale-peach canvas

Reveling in my lips parting to mouth the lyrics written,
Written for somebody else yet they ring with my very soul
Written for everybody else yet they hear nothing
Except the turn of another page, another day, monotonous
An assembly line of nothingness
It's been broken for a while
It's been loaded down with disappointment for a while
You've failed again.
You've failed.

How dare you tell me to turn the volume down?

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