I put on my headphones
lost girl
lost girl
May 20

I put on my headphones
as if its a shield of sorts
as if it can protect me from the dangers of the world
as if Radio Head & Weezer can save me

Save me from thinking
from crying
from feeling
from hearing all that is wrong

All that is wrong
with me
with this fucked up society
with my family

I put on my headphones
and escape the silence


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I wear my headphones
Alex Knight

I wear my headphones
so the voices aren't so loud

and plug in my headphones.
Alice Kay
Alice Kay
Apr 23, 2013      Apr 24, 2013

I'll forget these stupid feelings for a while

and plug in my headphones.

Let the music take me to another world.
Plug in your headphones and listen
Jul 7, 2013

Plug in your headphones and listen
to your own

I sit there, my headphones in, volume up
Apr 17, 2013      Apr 18, 2013

I sit there, my headphones in, volume up
And you dare tell me to turn it down
What you don't understand is that I need this
I need the volume so high that the screaming tangle of my brain is quieted down to a soft hum
So I'm not surrounded by an everlasting chorus of, "You're worthless."
So I'm not completely encompassed by these depressing thoughts
So I'm not breaking down when the cloud gets too heavy
So raindrops do not race down a pale-peach canvas

Reveling in my lips parting to mouth the lyrics written,
Written for somebody else yet they ring with my very soul
Written for everybody else yet they hear nothing
Except the turn of another page, another day, monotonous
An assembly line of nothingness
It's been broken for a while
It's been loaded down with disappointment for a while
You've failed again.
You've failed.

How dare you tell me to turn the volume down?

don’t  think I’ll take out my headphones right now. I like hearing the music.
Nov 2, 2012

It was the whole universe on the surface area of the white wires that took me home. I like the oldies. Sometimes I’m just too tired to learn a new song. The old songs are just as good, just as beautiful, perhaps more.  And it’s not that I’m mad at you, I’d just rather hear Elton’s voice than yours. I know that your story is important, but I’ve heard it before. Yeah, I’ve heard his too, but his is more interesting, and I like it better. So please to don’t call me self- centered, like the uninteresting, dependent generation that I was born into.  So I don’t  think I’ll take out my headphones right now. I like hearing the music.

Arianna Lee
Arianna Lee
Dec 2, 2012

Eyes closed.
Breathing in through my nose
and breathing out through my nose.
My mouth is closed...
Listening with my ears.

Heart opened.
Mind wandering freely
as the sounds dance with my soul,
the feathers have been plucked from my skin, revealing tiny bumps.
I feel that time has ceased to continue.

The reality that words do not fully captivate it;
It is in that reality that we feel complete happiness.

What does this mean to you as you read it?
With these headphones i can go places

Escape from reality
No where to go
As i lay on my bed
No where to go?
With these headphones i can go places
With each track is a new adventure
With these headphones its like time travel
Past. Present. Future.
You know you want to turn it up louder
The higger the volume
The deeper you go
Pause, play, pause, then play button
You are trying to groove
But cant help if you are needed
Wish these headphones could make me invisible
"Oh what do you want?
Im listening to my music."

Through these headphones
Justin Wright
Justin Wright
Apr 19      May 03, 2014

Sometimes I feel like I don't know how to feel
Like when Trayvon Martin got killed
Two sides of the story and I wasn't there
So who am I to say the verdict wasn't fair?
People judge what they don't know, until it happens to them
If you were under the microscope, what would happen then?
I turn on the tv and it's a story of the same kid
They blame his parents for the way they raised him
So they send him to another doctor office
So they can figure out what his problem is
Instead he turns to cutting and pills
So I write this when a beat gives me chills
Cause its the only way I know how to cope
It's my release, for me it's hope
And I wish I could fight for those who can't fight for themselves
You just say they're weak when they cry for help

I turn on the news, all they do is run their mouth
Telling people how to live like they got it figured out
But they ain't got a clue, they're just adding fuel
To the fire the one Billy Joel tried to tell you!
You never see Nancy Grace on sixty minutes
Ask Alanis, it's a little too ironic isn't it?
What about the damage the news media causes us?
We're supposed to accept that isn't where the problem is huh?
No matter how hard you try, people will think for themselves
I bet if you looked closer you'd see Dr. Phil needs help
What kind of person thinks everyone else is wrong?
So don't act like you know us all
Why is Kesha's song the number one on the radio
But if you go on YouTube it's barely getting played though?
It makes me wonder what I could do with money
Could I buy fame and pay people to love me?

Through these headphones
I found a way to escape
An outlet that could replace my hate

Through my words
I could paint my pain
A picture that could erase my shame

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