When you put on headphones and sing to yourself

You put everything into perspective
When you put on headphones and sing to yourself
Like a lonely person
Like the person you know you are
And you can barley hear yourself
But you can't hear anybody else
And that's all
there is to say

Cover my ears with ignorance,
pummel my head with bliss.

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Aditya Shankar
Aditya Shankar
Jun 25, 2014      Jun 26, 2014

I pulsate
On the nodding beat
Thats taking over your mind.
I feel you hanging on
To the last note that fades
Away from my grip.

I create
The vibrant scene behind your closed eyes
The million goosebumps
Riding up your arms
The silent shiver
Down your spine.

I emanate
The singing of strings
As your hesitant voice joins
In a burst of exuberance.

And now you pull me down hurriedly
Glancing back at the weird looks around you.
From my vantage point around your neck
I chuckle internally
And welcome the peaceful silence.

Based on a writing prompt given by a friend, "Life as a headphone"
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Apr 30      May 1

Slipping in my ear-buds,
To get my daily dose
Feeling so close to the sound that doesn't affect me
Flying over clouds only my mind can see
Bass wobbles, no duds

I'm addicted to the ripples,
My head lulls with a vengeance
"don't bother him man, hes gone"
Passers-by call to  me
So drunk on sound...
My cranium has better acoustics then the great theater
Rhythm's projected with shock waves and powered by hand grenades
I am a supernova charged by AUX
Watch anxiety writhe and burn in my wake

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Once I put on those  headphones ,
Nameless Wonder
Nameless Wonder
6 days ago

Once I put on those  headphones ,
My surrounding becomes non-existent.

You, the bulky headphones freak.
Jun 30

So you want to speak music,
You, the bulky headphones freak.

So you want to act dramatic,
You, the shy impish freak.

So you want to be all punk,
You, the neon pink adorned freak.

So you want to be the freak,
You, the coward of the class?

#drama   #music   #shy   #freak   #headphones   #impish  
My headphones
1 day ago

My headphones
Are wonderful

I can tune out
The people
That live here

My headphones
Are usually on

They let people know
I don't want to talk

The people
That live here
Really have nothing
To say

That matters much to me

Thank goodness for headphones

headphones around my head
May 8, 2014

camera around my neck
tears in my eyes
a lump in my throat
a pen in my hand
notebook in my lap
glasses on face
ponytail in my hair
headphones around my head
and yet, you are still on my mind.


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With these headphones i can go places
Feb 24, 2014

Escape from reality
No where to go
As i lay on my bed
No where to go?
With these headphones i can go places
With each track is a new adventure
With these headphones its like time travel
Past. Present. Future.
You know you want to turn it up louder
The higger the volume
The deeper you go
Pause, play, pause, then play button
You are trying to groove
But cant help if you are needed
Wish these headphones could make me invisible
"Oh what do you want?
Im listening to my music."

and plug in my headphones.
Alice Kay
Alice Kay
Apr 23, 2013      Apr 24, 2013

I'll forget these stupid feelings for a while

and plug in my headphones.

Let the music take me to another world.
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