I am going insane.
Oh wait, I already am.
I see the demons already,
I see the floods.
At least I don't see,
crimson blood.

Poetic T
Poetic T
Aug 13, 2014


                                                               ­          Inside


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Kei Grey
Kei Grey
Nov 20, 2014

"Society is cruel to make us believe we are sane, but we all secretly know that deep inside our minds, we are all insane."

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Someone take my mind away from me,

                                    its driving me INSANE.

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The few people who recognize their insanity, are truly sane.
Dec 25, 2014

The few people who recognize their insanity, are truly sane.

Why the majority of people who are suppose to be sane.

Are truly insane.

©2014 copyright Michael Cross
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losing our insanity
Jaclyn Harlamert

It will happen to the best of us
losing our insanity
I climbed into a tree of lust
to feel reality
We're only living on the crust
and the earth is really deep

We humans always think we have it figured out; the way we're supposed to live and love. But to never question your beliefs is real insanity
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Apr 8, 2015

(from my wattpad story)

As he watched her

fall  asleep,

He watched himself

fall a little more

insane .

This is not much of a poem, more of a quote from my story "Falling Insane" on watt pad. If you wanna check it out, go to http://www.wattpad.com/story/22168083-falling-insane !
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Bailey Kreutzer
Bailey Kreutzer
Jul 16, 2014

Sanity is knowing, there is no such thing as sanity.

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*Touch Upon My Insanity*
Dec 14, 2014

Touch Upon My Insanity
She whispers
Into the white walls
Touch Upon My Insanity
She cries
To the men and women in white coats
Touch Upon My Insanity
She screams
At the white buckled jacket
Encasing her
In a never-ending repetition of
Touching Upon Insanity

Insanity, I can't find my sanity,
S  castle
S castle
Jun 7, 2015

Insanity, I can't find my sanity,
                            in the wake of all this

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