jeffrey conyers
jeffrey conyers
Sep 7, 2012

Each morning when you awake.
Radiate your smile.
I personally guarantee you that you make someone day.

A person that's down.
Within minutes will turn their mood around.

Radiate, with pleasantries.
And watch others begins to model themselves too.
Believe in the comment it only takes one.
To attract two.

All because of a happy mood.

Hadn't a bad experience always ticked you off?
That you wanted to respond too.
And it's because of the bad mood.

So radiate.
If you feel happy inside.
Let no others dictates the thingss you do.

Happiness is a reaction.
To an event within your soul.

Mar 18

Whenever you walk into the room, my eyes have to adjust.
The light you produce is blinding -- a torch in the middle of a dark cave.
What is that light?
Is it the light of happiness? The light of love?
Whatever it may be, don't let it extinguish.
You're the light that illuminates my eyes and my heart.
I would surely be lost without you.

not much, having a bit of writer's block... anywayyy
I love you, Rach <3 Thank you for being my personal sunlight.
Warm bodies, slow pulsing, we radiate through the night.
Paul Gurrieri
Paul Gurrieri
Sep 8, 2012

White Arctic tundra.,
wind screams past outside our tent.
Roasting marshmallows,
graham crackers and chocolate.
Joking and passing the flask.
Brandy, s'mores and warm kisses.
Outside is blizzard,
But we are warm together.
Fluffy fleece blanket.

Warm bodies, slow pulsing, we radiate through the night.

Phoenix Wind
Phoenix Wind
Apr 6      Apr 8

My eyes are black,
My heart is cold,
self-hatred is radiating from within my soul,
the mirror reflects what i don't want to see
i hate every single aspect about me
from my abnormal eyes
to my ugly, fat thighs
see, i hate myself too
probably even more than you.

#suicide   #self   #sad   #depression   #hate   #eyes   #depressed   #alone   #black   #soul   #help   #me   #suicidal   #drowning   #way   #ugly   #cold   #selfharm   #mirror   #fat   #reflect   #thighs   #selfhate   #radiate  
You radiate so
Ezra Schultz
Ezra Schultz
Jan 3, 2013

You radiate so
Moon and sun both hide in shame
You shine more brightly.

radiate periods of
Brian O'blivion
Brian O'blivion
Sep 29, 2013


to the kill
what death saint
radiate periods of
the self
no longer


I radiate poetry
Kittridge James
Kittridge James
May 6, 2013

Only in my state

Of punch-drunk

In love and

My buzzy body high

Can make me feel as if

I radiate poetry

though you radiate suave.
Nov 21, 2013

How is it you know nothing,
though you radiate suave.
An absolute perfectionist.
The Suit & Tie life is the aim.
Teach me your ways, Chief.

Radiate nothing.

For these few hours
I close my eyes and
Radiate nothing.
The opposite
Of infinite.
I am gone.

I wrote this after waking from a nap.
they radiate a careful disguise,
cassandra garate

my eyes are blurred,
they cant see the way they used to.
my eyes are scarred,
they've seen things they wish to undo.

they hold within them sadness,
always guarded.
they hold happiness,
always gleaming and warm-hearted.
they hold loneliness,
unsure if anyone will ever understand.
they hold acceptance,
always welcoming with a helping hand.

they radiate a careful disguise,
scared to let anyone see what lies within.
they radiate a overwhelming pride,
never giving up until they overcome the obstacles and win.
they radiate a fiery anger,
uncontrolled and suffocating.
they radiate a shy demeanor,
so timid and frustrating.

they hold a love,
they hold a wall.
they hold emotions so hard to speak of,
they hold a blank expression or nothing at all.
they see,
they radiate.
they sing,
they interrogate.
they're my eyes,
different, young, immature, and wise.

what do you guys think?
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