Apr 16, 2015

I will always be dancing.
for you.

#dance   #you   #wait   #patient  
Bre Free
Bre Free
Mar 9, 2016

Being patient sometimes gets me impatient
Waiting for you.
Waiting... Waiting...  
For the right time...
When the time is right, will I get my chance?
When your time is right, will you give me the chance?
I'll still be here...

Jul 9, 2015

my fingers stars tapping against the cold granite floor
and i sit and wait
i sit
and i wait
so patiently, it kills me
not the waiting part,
well, that too
but also
the knowledge of knowing
what i'm waiting for
could either bring me
immense joy or sorrow

Adrianna Aarons
Adrianna Aarons
Dec 4, 2014

you don’t deserve to be here. you’re not crazy, your heart is just shattered to pieces far too small to put together again. i’m sorry.

Encaging patients,
C Alyn
C Alyn
Jun 18, 2014

I'm chained to this wall,
A belt round my neck,
Tongue tied, cannot call,
My heart's a ship wreck,

Sunken to the soul,
Where no light enters,
Just like this hell hole,
Where insanity centres,

Encaging patients,
Deemed untreatable,
Losing their patience,
With nurses incapable,

Of treating our minds,
The pain in our veins,
Or pain they can't find,
"Hopeless" they claim,

But in this darkness,
Fear is controlling,
Just like the madness,
Existing in the nursing,

And pain turns to death,
As rain turns to tears,
While they take their last breath,
For screams that last years

#death   #insanity   #patience   #trapped   #caged   #cure   #patients  
Wide Eyes
Wide Eyes
Sep 8, 2015

In a bustling bus lingered a vacuous seat.
'She's impure,' they proclaimed; indiscreet.
The poor woman wept- shedding tear after tear.
'Don't sit next to her,' they warned with a sneer.

The wide-eyed girl looked on in curious worry,
As the fierce conductor tried to make the woman scurry.
The amused passengers laughed on encouragingly
As he tugged at her bag, her hand, even her dignity.

Spurned by the hospital; in society she had no place
For she had not the money to be referred to as a 'case'.
Her sole possessions- her disease and her fright.
The doctorless patient drowned in her ceaseless plight.

Melancholia stared deep into the girl's wide eyes.
They welled with desolation as she heard the cries.
Her dream of being a doctor would soon come true,
But oh doctorless patient, what will become of you?

Based on a true story.
#sad   #life   #poor   #problem   #poverty   #doctor   #patient   #case  
Kenan Eren
Kenan Eren
May 9, 2015

Who is patient enough for me?
forget me
all over trying to come out
trying to say in too many words but forget to ask
who is patient?
Am I patient,
for me?

#love   #brain   #forget   #patient   #scatter  
May 19, 2015

Wait she said,
be patient.
But I am not a patient man.
I keep myself busy
just to avoid waiting
gym, running, cars, chores,
Because idle kills me.
Waiting allows me to think
And for me
thinking is death.

to my patients daily,
Olivia Kent
Olivia Kent
Jul 2, 2014

A free bird I am,
I am free,
but I am in no way cheap,
I'll sell my personality,
to my patients daily,
just to earn a living wage,
I smile at you,
you smile at me,
as I rabbit on,
I have patients,
lots of them,
and lots of it,
they seem to like my pitter patter,
somewhat like raindrops,
sometimes I hold their hand,
but only clinically,
I'm not sure why,
they like me,
but they tell me that it's so,
I guess they really must do.
(C) Livvi

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