I'd love to be your hero
Your knight in shining armor
To take all your pain away

I'd love to be your damsel in distress
Your Lois Lane, Daphne Blake
Because you're my Clark Kent, my Fred Jones
You're my everything
And, thanks to you, there is no pain

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Kareena Burdine
Kareena Burdine
Aug 3, 2011

You save me.....
Not physically sweep me off my feet,
but somehow you always save me from me.

You know who I am,
and you know how I feel.
Even when I say nothing out loud,
I say nothing thats real.

I may think about it,
think about all these crazy things.
But it's like you hear my thoughts,
you always know the true me.

You see right through me,
and you know how to fix all thats gone wrong.
This love we've been growning,
because of you is becoming invinsably strong.

Are you my very own

Hip Heart
Hip Heart
Mar 26

If you really want to stop crime
like a super hero,
fight poverty and desire.
Incarceration and materials,
are an artificial fix,
that do not mend the cause,
just pointlessly capture the effect.

Allen Wilbert
Allen Wilbert
Jan 28      Jan 29


I have a pipe and dark sunglasses,
taking names and kicking some asses.
I'm a powerless superhero,
they call me Captain De Niro.
Owe me money, you better pay,
or pain will be on your way.
You better not be selling drugs,
or my lead pipe will give severe hugs.
Don't be raping any innocent women,
will be breaking your hands and fingers, all ten.
Molesting kids and you don't wanna know,
the dumpster, your penis I will throw.
I don't allow any peeping or stalking,
with broken legs, there will be no walking.
I'm one of those modern day vigilantes,
on my head, I wear my wife's panties.
Can't leap a building in a single bound,
like you, I get dizzy when spun around.
Can't go under water and summon fish,
I prefer them on my eating dish.
No fancy car or a sidekick,
but my pipe can break a brick.
Don't have an invisible jet,
like you, I'm in deep debt.
People have no idea who I am,
I might be Steve, I might be Sam.
Just a man who hates violence,
I hate people that are spineless.
I catch bank robbers in the act,
the odd against them are fully stacked.
I help keep crime off the streets,
can't count the number of villain defeats.

I’m no superhero
Chubbie Bunny
Chubbie Bunny
Nov 18, 2013

Sometimes I watch “superheroes”
And think just how lucky they are
They can spin a web for the one they love
and become New York’s superstar
When I think about these characters
And the powers they can use
I can’t help but wonder
Which powers I would choose

If I had superpowers
I’d speed up time
We’d have a place of our own
And you’d be all mine
We could stay up all night
We could watch the sunrise
I’d tell you you’re beautiful
And get lost in your eyes
I’m no superhero
But baby you make me fly

Some heroes don’t have powers
Rather a pocket full of money
They buy all their gadgets
To defeat jokers that aren’t so funny
Only their true loves know
Who they are behind the amour
But I don’t have the cash it takes
To be that dark knight charmer

If I had superpowers
I’d speed up time
We’d have a place of our own
And you’d be all mine
We could stay up all night
We could watch the sunrise
I’d tell you you’re beautiful
And get lost in your eyes
I’m no superhero
But baby you make me fly

I would fly around the world a million times
Just to keep you by my side
I would hold you in my arms and fly up high
Just to take you for a ride
I will always be there
I will fight your fight
I will never let go
Because losing you is my kryptonite
I’m no superhero
But baby you make me fly

Kirsten Lovely
Kirsten Lovely
Apr 25, 2013

You're 'heroes' aren't real people
They're drawings and hopes and tales
Real heroes are the ones that help
They're the ones that really care.
Now, don't get me wrong,
Superman is great and all
But he's really just a figure
Just strong and buff and tall.
Batman, Spiderman, they're figures too,
Their stories tell ones of crime
But I know some even better ones
Some stories really worth the time.
It's the kids that don't get noticed
The ones that are left behind
You can't put the name to face,
But they've been there this whole time.
Everyone comes before they do,
They're ready to make a change
They help, sacrifice, volunteer
And you always found it strange.
Does it seem so weird, now?
Have you grown up and seen it for real?
They're the Superman, Batman, Spiderman too
They're the ones that helped people heal.
Remember that day you dropped your books?
Remember when you felt so alone?
It's those kids that helped and lent a hand
They're the ones that should be known.
So next time you pick up a comic
Even you, in your growing age,
Superheroes are the ones in real life
Not the fighters on a page.

Alyse M King
Alyse M King
Mar 31, 2012

Last night I dreamed
My life as a comic book.
An intermingled mess,
Those who have not read
Every single issue,
Cannot begin to know.
A brightly colored spectrum
Of unexpected blows.
Amidst all the villian’s
Unrelenting throws
Of powers no more
Than planting
The seeds of self doubt,
I stood armed to fall.
As each seed landed
Upon  my head,
I fell to watch
Each punch line
Read only
and “Kapow!”.
The plot never thickened
And never came to save me.
In a story
from the villan’s head,
Perpetually trapped
Until the hero returned
to write her portion
of my tale.
As the seeds grew
Into absolute fear,
A twisted feeling
Took hold of my gut.
Who is the antagonist
and who the protagonist?

I'm your personal superhero
Jul 10, 2012

I'm your personal superhero
Who fights crime each day
I patrol outside and watch the house
While you are away

I'll cheer you up when the day is grey
Get you up, and out to play

When days get mundane, lonely too
I'll be there to be with you

I may not wear a cape or tights
But I will still help fight your fights

If you're in trouble and lose you way
I'm made to guide, to wait, to stay

Then when the sun has gone down
I'll make sure you never frown

'cuz I'm your personal superhero ---
Your ever fluffy, one of a kind,
loyal and tail wagging dog

That's great, a superhero needs a good weapon.
Inevitably Raised by Ducks
Inevitably Raised by Ducks
Sep 27, 2012      Sep 28, 2012

I will never get back what you took from me,
But I will always have what you've given me, fear.
Fear of people.
I remember when I was fourteen and I dropped a fork at a restaurant and I couldn't ask for another because I was terrified of what the waitress would do to me.
I have heard that fear is the ultimate weapon.
That's great, a superhero needs a good weapon.

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