Know me anymore.
Ashley Spence
Ashley Spence
1 day ago      1 day ago

I am not talking
To you, because you just don't
Know me anymore.

ellen menzies
ellen menzies
Mar 9, 2013

my trumpet is a doorstop
my keyboard is a table
my guitar is a bookshelf.
covered with dust,
they wait for me;
I don't have time for them

I miss them.
Dec 29, 2010

The pain I feel.
Just sitting here thinking..
Is overloading my soul..
It broke my heart...Too many times..
That he said I love you..Then took it away..
The only way...Isn't possible..
Can't tell how I feel..
The crack is too large to carry around..

I'll tell the truth...This is a love poem...Or more like..A broken heart poem...Sorry it's not happy..
Jun 18, 2013

maybe it was only me
being stubborn
when i refused
the second chance
you were trying
to give me

but i didn't believe
so i need more


God I'm so glad that's Your
and that you are
even through the
that i momentarily
Poetry Is Life
Poetry Is Life
Jan 14, 2012

By the one he loves
She pushed him away
His heart, she shoves

Away for him-
She wants no more
So she wont love you-

Things are tasteless anymore, I thought that I would have come full
Scipio Africanus
Scipio Africanus
Mar 13, 2013

Things are tasteless anymore, I thought that I would have come full circle by now; I have not. My pallet is wet and dripping with hunger for what? Yet the thought of satiating this bodily need causes a kind of reeling from somewhere deep within. There is something of a beast with holding the answer from both this page and myself. It is quite the monstrosity that I find now and again, its claws digging and tearing at the base of brain stem and spine. It softly whimpers, giving away its position for all to hear.

inute because I don’t know how to write anymore

I am up at 3:00 in the morning writing too many essays
I saved them until the last minute because I don’t know how to write anymore
It’s been too long
Too long since I scratched words into the wall by my bed until my fingers bled
Now I spend my time laying in bed, trying to get up
                        But I just can’t do it any more
                 Why can’t I do what I love any more
I don’t know how to describe what makes my heart so heavy
I don’t remember when I last saw the world in beautiful colors
                           It isn’t beautiful anymore
                                        It’s gray
The only time I see the colors is when they rush towards me like unstoppable waves
And for a few months I am unstoppable
                                    I am a god
                     The world is shocking colors of gray
                     Punctuated by overwhelming oceans of colors
And I am drowning
  ­                                   It isn’t beautiful anymore

Not anymore.
Kay Baybay
Kay Baybay
Jun 19, 2013      Jun 19, 2013

Never being able to sleep
always seems to be the theme of my life
the soundtrack so dramatic
action packed and inappropriate

However the reasons now have changed
my heart beating at a different pace
thinking I can finally answer
all the questions burning in my mind

Being the being I have always wanted to be
is fulfilling in so many countless ways
having lost so much time over chasing this concept
never expecting to actually capture it

Not endlessly striving for perfection
just wanted to be relatively understood
my thoughts always so busy in my before
with everything else in my now has been soothed

Feelings sometimes get the better of me
like the rug pulled from under me, caught unawares
the best I can do is follow the direction they lead
but this time the end result completely unknown

With complete anticipation
yearning, aching, and almost desperation
I take one tiny step forward
and, clumsy me, fall flat on my face

The difference is
as I lay with my inbetweens
I will forever always get up
never letting the fall get my very best

Not anymore.


i am not supposed to feel this way about you,
but, i do.

Victoria Jennings
Victoria Jennings
Jan 28, 2013

I don't
Feel like
Doing this
I simply
Can't handle
It all
Not anymore.

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