when I can't feel my love anymore.
Hannah Holliday
Hannah Holliday
Nov 25, 2015

Well, all my love is gone
it has spilled out on the table
and slid through the cracks
now it's on the floor
and never coming back
I wish I could pick it back up
but it is scared of my touch
I miss it more and more everyday
It's hard not being able to explain how I feel about you
when I can't feel my love anymore.

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***not anymore.***
May 30, 2014

Writing used to feel like home.
But too often lately,
even those words I cant trust.

Because it's kind of hard to believe;
that the purpose of your life;
is to write sad poems

And too often,
I can't endure my own writings,
even myself I don't trust,
not anymore.

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maybe one more day
maybe one more day
Jan 25, 2015

i cant take it
all i think about is you
how you made me happy
how you made me  cry
how you made me sad
how you made me mad
how you made me feel  
our cute little conversation replay in my head
i see you every time i close my eyes  
i think about how you look, smile, laugh ,cry,
your always on my mind
i just want you to leave because your the one causing me not sleep

#cant   #it   #anymore   #take  
I'm not broken anymore
Jordan Rowan
Jordan Rowan
Dec 4, 2015

Last time I was here I was waiting
For the perfect storm to come
I saw it from the cafe
And under lightning, I had to run
As the porcelain lay broken
Under the feet of weary eyes
Last time I was here I was waiting
For somebody to make me cry

Last time I was here I was burning
Under strangely colored lights
If only I did some learning
From all the previous wasted nights
And as I tried to forget the voices
That never seem to go away
Last time I was here I was burning
But I tell everyone I'm okay

Last time I was here I was broken
Like I've never been before
I can still smell the smoke and,
I can still hear the door
But as I still remember
All the things from before
Last time I was here I was broken
I'm not broken anymore

#broken   #regret   #pain   #not   #anymore  
no, not anymore
taia iverson

i look in your eyes
but i don't recognize you
no, not anymore

anymore good bye
Jun 23, 2014

this is the last time
i will not write about you
anymore good bye

#go   #short   #haiku   #not   #this   #anymore   #to   #letting   #overthink   #going  
*I don't even matter anymore
Deepening Wells
Deepening Wells
Jun 2, 2014

I don't even matter anymore
So why can't I walk out that door
Why can't I just give up without failing to do what I set out to do

I don't matter to myself
So I don't matter no more

#why   #me   #anymore   #matter  
He didn't want me anymore.
Emma Marke
Emma Marke
Jul 16, 2015

"That's one of the many reasons I was attracted to him. When he really wanted something he went out and got it."

And that's how I broke my own heart. I realized that he hadn't gone out and gotten me back.

He didn't want me anymore.

July 26 2015
#love   #heartbreak   #broken   #heart   #anymore  
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