chat anymore?
Dec 29, 2014

remember that time
when you promised you'd
do something other than
fuck me?
well i texted you again
and it seems like
youve already moved on,
since you ignored me
when i asked
why do we never
chat anymore?

God my friend is pissing me off like if u don't wanna talk don't ask me to read your shit before U post it and then post it anyway and not tell me jeez I feel like shit
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cant take it
cant take it
5 days ago

i cant take it
all i think about is you
how you made me happy
how you made me  cry
how you made me sad
how you made me mad
how you made me feel  
our cute little conversation replay in my head
i see you every time i close my eyes  
i think about how you look, smile, laugh ,cry,
your always on my mind
i just want you to leave because your the one causing me not sleep

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***not anymore.***
May 30, 2014

Writing used to feel like home.
But too often lately,
even those words I cant trust.

Because it's kind of hard to believe;
that the purpose of your life;
is to write sad poems

And too often,
I can't endure my own writings,
even myself I don't trust,
not anymore.

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Who knows anymore
Oct 19, 2013

Does love even exist?
I'd like to know if its out there.
The people who say they love me really don't at all.
After all...what is love?


i am not supposed to feel this way about you,
but, i do.

I don't feel you anymore, I don't want to feel for you anymore.
Dec 26, 2014

Stay alive, soft, dark and dreamless
For beneath my nightmares and loneliness
I hate myself breathing without you.
I don't feel you anymore, I don't want to feel for you anymore.

Know me anymore.
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Apr 22, 2014      Apr 22, 2014

I am not talking
To you, because you just don't
Know me anymore.

Victoria Jennings
Victoria Jennings
Jan 28, 2013

I don't
Feel like
Doing this
I simply
Can't handle
It all
Not anymore.

Ellyn k Thaiden
Ellyn k Thaiden
May 2, 2013

You are my conscience
Whispering the rules of life
But you poisen my head
No I wont listen


You say you know whats best
But clearly you still have tribulations
Tiny daggers peircing my esophagus
Keeping me from telling the truth

Not anymore

Will I let you cover my mouth
Bound and gag my own words
I will let them drip out
The way they were meant to


And I might stop breathing
Instead I hold onto dear thoughts
They keep me living
Through your pain
Your selfishness inflicting lies

Not Anymore

Will I let you control
My allies are mine
My whimpers were hushed by
The screaming of your lies

No not anymore

It is a song, little heavy rock.
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