not anymore.
Kenesa Wilcox

I’m breaking my bones
from the shaking I can’t control,
not anymore.
And I don’t think I’m sad,
but I know I’m far from whole
I don’t know how to feel,
not anymore.
I just want to feel my soul,
is that too much to ask for?
I’m in love with words,
and the way they can shatter a life,
or complete one.
But I’m walking around like I’m deaf
and like I have nothing left.
I need something, but I don’t think I want it,
not anymore.

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I can't do it anymore
Sep 5

I used to hold my tongue
Stop my fists
Prohibit negative thoughts

Speak to comfort
Unravel my fists
Think happy thoughts

I used to hide my screams
Bite my cheek
Think before I spoke

Speak softly
Release my teeth
Think and don't say at all

I can't do it anymore
I scream out loud
Bang my fists
Blurt all of my thoughts
I can't do it anymore

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***not anymore.***
May 30

Writing used to feel like home.
But too often lately,
even those words I cant trust.

Because it's kind of hard to believe;
that the purpose of your life;
is to write sad poems

And too often,
I can't endure my own writings,
even myself I don't trust,
not anymore.

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Who knows anymore
Oct 19, 2013

Does love even exist?
I'd like to know if its out there.
The people who say they love me really don't at all.
After all...what is love?

Know me anymore.
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Apr 22      Apr 22

I am not talking
To you, because you just don't
Know me anymore.

Victoria Jennings
Victoria Jennings
Jan 28, 2013

I don't
Feel like
Doing this
I simply
Can't handle
It all
Not anymore.

maggie eileen
maggie eileen
Mar 9, 2013

my trumpet is a doorstop
my keyboard is a table
my guitar is a bookshelf.
covered with dust,
they wait for me;
I don't have time for them

I miss them.
Dec 29, 2010

The pain I feel.
Just sitting here thinking..
Is overloading my soul..
It broke my heart...Too many times..
That he said I love you..Then took it away..
The only way...Isn't possible..
Can't tell how I feel..
The crack is too large to carry around..

I'll tell the truth...This is a love poem...Or more like..A broken heart poem...Sorry it's not happy..

i am not supposed to feel this way about you,
but, i do.

Poetry Is Life
Poetry Is Life
Jan 14, 2012

By the one he loves
She pushed him away
His heart, she shoves

Away for him-
She wants no more
So she wont love you-

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