*Truth will forever be like grains of sand
Nov 7      Nov 7

Truth will forever be like grains of sand

seeping through the cracks of your hand

Sometimes the answers are always meant to be out of your reach...
In truth it was yours darling.
Lens of Truth

I truly am pathetic.
But not for the ways you say.
For the way that I let you tear me down.
For the way I said it was my fault.
That everything was my fault.
In truth it was yours darling.
But I thought if I blamed myself,
then you wouldn’t be hurt.
That you would feel better about yourself.
And you did,
But I didn’t.

Now this is what it’s come to?
You, writing these spiteful lies you call poetry?
Now you’ve become pathe-


I can’t speak of you this way.
I never could.
I always let you hurt me
with a smile on my face.
I always blamed myself,
though that was not the case.
I should have said something.
Stood up for myself.
But I didn’t want to hurt you,
Make you sad,
Make you feel the way I do…
I just wish
That these people,
The ones who read your poems
Knew the whole story,
My side of it.
The side that makes the heroin, the villain
That makes the abuser,
the awful, disgusting, worm of a man,
just a sad, lonely and broken boy,
willing to destroy himself to see his true love happy.

But words are powerful
And hers may be better than mine.
If so then my story may go untold,
But, believed or not,
The truth must be told
I will no longer be that pathetic, submissive soul,
but instead an instrument to show the truth
A lens of truth…

I cant just sit here and let you destroy me. The truth will be known...
Paul Gurrieri
Paul Gurrieri
Oct 3      Oct 3

Cut your eyes out
if you can't see
the beauty buried in each pore,
in each scar, and blemish
that stares back at you
beneath the surface of the mirror.
Put a bullet through your brain
if you don't think
that you deserve happiness and pleasure,
because of the pain you have caused,
when that pain is just a reflection
of the horror you have endured.
Smash your body on the rocks,
and shatter every bone,
if you believe
that the flesh you wear is a curse,
and not a blessing.
And, after you have destroyed yourself,
and rendered your being down,
into a pile of unmoving meat,
know, that even so,
you are beautiful, beyond description.

Dec 8      Dec 8

There I lie awake
Under the stars,
I hallucinate.

Thinking of what I could be,
of what I could feel,
and of what I could see.

I open my eyes to see,
that I am just behind bars,
that this is my reality.

I wish I could find,
the better side of the deal,
with all the goodness intertwined

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You've been in love with every girl you meet
You've managed to get a heartache with them too
When will you realize that their love is not concrete
And you getting hurt is nothing new

#truth   #pain  
Jul 7      Jul 9

Everyone seeks it
Yet people scarcely
Use it
It is manipulated
By the world we


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Truth is relative:
John Blake

Truth is relative:
Truth is honesty.

Jul 2      Jul 3

do you know life?
do you understand life?
me neither.
but i do know one thing,
even if you're nothing
or the everything,

Don't get me wrong, i'm not suicidal.  Srsly.
#truth   #sad   #life   #thoughts  
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