You've been in love with every girl you meet
You've managed to get a heartache with them too
When will you realize that their love is not concrete
And you getting hurt is nothing new

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Stop the truth from spilling out,
Jul 30      Jul 31

Place a bony finger,
Against my Poison Lips,
Hush me,
Stop the sin from dripping out,

Hold your hand,
Over my Filthy Mouth,
Silence me,
Stop the truth from spilling out,

Truth that should not be told,
Truth that is there for all to see,
Truth that is meant for her,
The truth that is craved by me,

I am not wrong for loving you,
I can not be blamed for speaking the truth,
I am not a disgrace for thinking as I do,
She is the fool, for not warming you.

Jul 7      Jul 9

Everyone seeks it
Yet people scarcely
Use it
It is manipulated
By the world we


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Truth is relative:
John Blake

Truth is relative:
Truth is honesty.

The truth shall be free
Jun 26      Jun 27

Words, words, words
I search for you
Permit me to express what I know
Engulf me with your power
And let me speak
The truth shall be free
And must be heard.

My tongue is tied
I summon you, my Muse
For inspiration
To speak the truth
Justice will be lost
And should be found
Words are my sword
to be heard and make a sound.

Never leave me, my Muse
Stay with me as I grow old
I need you here
In this lonely, treacherous world
Where truth must be told
Be with me, too
Not only in words
But of Will and Walk
So I can Walk my Talk
And be strong and bold

Jul 2      Jul 3

do you know life?
do you understand life?
me neither.
but i do know one thing,
even if you're nothing
or the everything,

Don't get me wrong, i'm not suicidal.  Srsly.
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To fear the utmost truth is the reason of existence
Rachel Layne
Rachel Layne
Aug 20      Aug 22

To fear the utmost bravery
To hault at expectations

This is life

We choose to loathe in comfort or seek love from others outside of us

To fear the utmost truth is the reason of existence

We have to learn
To grow
To expand
To fly

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haracter you ask them how do they gauge truth, or how do they know something is true?
vea vents
vea vents
5 days ago      4 days ago

If you want to find out about someone’s character you ask them how do they gauge truth, or how do they know something is true?

Most will say because so and so said so, some variant of outsourced knowledge. Some "Religion." Some "Scientist." Some "Dr." Some "Guru." Some "Parent." Some "Mother." Some "Father." Some "Thought triggered by someone else." Some “Theory.”

Rare people will say they don’t know, they’re a bit more evolved because they see the conditioning. They see the confusion.

The rarer people will say they know because they’ve observed for themselves, not blindly, but with purity enough to observe correctly.

Angelina Katerina Soldatos
Angelina Katerina Soldatos
Mar 31      Apr 1

There is no solution
To express poetically
Without damaging,

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