Is the truth*
Apr 16, 2016

At the core of every secret

Is the truth

A truth we are unwilling to divulge

Yet through time we evolved

To learn truth is the best solve

~ for a time the truth may rain havoc but lies will lead to certain death

~ moral of the story - as difficult as it is its best to always tell the truth even if its ugly
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the tr
George Krokos
Sep 22, 2015

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is what the law demands
but then the law is based upon the truth by which it issues its own commands.
The truth is based upon Reality where there can't be any idea of falsehood,
Reality is in fact the Absolute or Supreme Being that is really all Godhood.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early "90's.
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the truth finally comes out?
nichole r
nichole r
Jun 18, 2014

what if one day
the truth finally comes out?
for every lie uttered
from every
there is one truth.
we see past all the facades on this day,
and see inside their souls.
we see
we feel
we know
the truth.
the lies
(the cheap disguise)
is finally gone.
some will laugh
some will cry
and the world will be destroyed.

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A lie is truth.
Francie Lynch
Francie Lynch
Jun 17, 2015

It's an old question.
Pilate asked.
Keats told us.
It's what we believe.
A lie is truth.
Some lies may coincide
With my truth,
But never quite the same.
There's always a bit of truth
In every line.

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