Emily Townsend
Emily Townsend
Feb 19, 2016

Percentage of selfies on Instagram: 42
Estimated number of days until returning home to Seattle: 479
Portion of dreams that are actually nightmares from working at Mama’s Pizza: 2/3
Total value of Urban Outfitters clothes, accessories, decorations: $786.54
Likelihood of starting anything on Monday: 1/7
Decibels of hearing I've lost at birth: 62
In addition to 2.5 billion beats in a lifetime, when I see a sunset my heart roars: 1,000,000
Total years spent in hell (aka Texass): 16
Probability of rolling my eyes when I read a cliché: 1/1
Swipes of Chapstick per day: 53
Level of urgency to pee after holding it in a car outside of El Paso for two hours: 17/10
Accumulation of hearing aid batteries used in one year: 124
Time I stay awake to if I had coffee the afternoon before: 4 am
Projected cost of 10:23 pm Friday dinners of Peking’s daily special in one month: $40.33
Average number of minutes I spend angrily live tweeting about stupid Disney movies: 67/123
Date of which I made a promise that I'm still keeping, but she broke hers: January 2, 2010

My nonfiction class had an assignment where we had to model the Harper's Index with stats and facts about ourselves, and I really enjoyed this one
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Harriet Maguire
Harriet Maguire
Dec 13, 2013

White horses.
Couldn't drag me away.
Not with all the green snakes they have.
Lurking in their bellies.
No written word or painted scene.
No Who.
Or Stone.
Or Radio head.
Can save me from this madness.

Sarah Richards
Sarah Richards
Aug 31, 2015

in the
Devil's hour,

when your form
is next to

I can feel, can
hear your body pulsing,
with the world

I'm never sure
if I should
let it talk,
release its
stories to the

or if I
should brush
you with my fingers
and pull you back
into existence
next to me.

Kristie Townsend
Kristie Townsend
Sep 23, 2016


-Duane Townsend
Duane Townsend
Apr 21, 2016

I pray the Lord their souls to keep
Make the days as short as sleep
My kid, an Airman, the time is nigh
Spread their wings and let them fly
Save the world and protect our land
In the air and on the sand
Teach them skills and plant a seed
To live an oath, the Airmans Creed
In their blues, us parents grin
Aim high, our Airmen, Fly, Fight, Win
-Duane Townsend

Nix Townsend
Nix Townsend
Apr 7, 2011

The words I said I didn't mean.
Angry, agony swell up in me.
Overwhelming pain drowns me.
You're gone.
There is no forever.
I become lost, broken but alive.
Life is now a strange sensation.
What is life without love?

Nix Townsend
Nix Townsend
May 16, 2011

A fools heart
Or a wise man's brain?
This will surely drive me insane

Emma Townsend
Jul 8, 2011

Childhood gave you to me in the form of best friend.
Adolescence made our chemistry collide and rebound.
Now on the verge of adulthood you are taken from me.
All that remains is the unrequited possibility.
Unspoken and unforgotten are those almost memories.

Bryan J Townsend
Bryan J Townsend
Oct 22, 2014

I miss your fingers


Bryan J Townsend
Bryan J Townsend
Oct 22, 2014

i love you

     cant you see that.

    i love.
    your body
             your mind
                       your soul
   your everything

#mind   #soul   #body   #ilove  
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