Harriet Maguire
Harriet Maguire
Dec 13, 2013

White horses.
Couldn't drag me away.
Not with all the green snakes they have.
Lurking in their bellies.
No written word or painted scene.
No Who.
Or Stone.
Or Radiohead.
Can save me from this madness.


Nix Townsend
Nix Townsend
May 16, 2011

A fools heart
Or a wise man's brain?
This will surely drive me insane

Emma Townsend
Jul 8, 2011

Childhood gave you to me in the form of best friend.
Adolescence made our chemistry collide and rebound.
Now on the verge of adulthood you are taken from me.
All that remains is the unrequited possibility.
Unspoken and unforgotten are those almost memories.

Nix Townsend
Nix Townsend
Apr 7, 2011

The words I said I didn't mean.
Angry, agony swell up in me.
Overwhelming pain drowns me.
You're gone.
There is no forever.
I become lost, broken but alive.
Life is now a strange sensation.
What is life without love?

Nix Townsend
Nix Townsend
Apr 7, 2011

Walking a little bit sideways
While on the wrong side of the road
several weeks flow into days
and every prince is just a toad
though the nothings are a something
'cause the world is viewed through eyes
of a vocalist that cannot sing
and fancy men without a tie
cause suicide is just another way to die

Kristie Townsend
Kristie Townsend
Apr 15, 2014

So I cut myself with a knife
just to see if I can still feel anything in this pathetic life
But I feel nothing at all
as I watch my crimson blood fall
I score my skin, deeper and deeper, push the knife in
nothing..... not even a sting...absolutely nothing
I frantically seek a virginal place I can carve, cut away my hate
self loathing, disgust, as I look at myself, what a fucking state
Waiting to faint, as my blood seeps and escapes
but as if mocking me, I have to wait
relief comes at a price, a deadly cost
and reminds me of all that i've lost
tired and sleepy, waiting for death to collect me
I've planned for no one to save me, finally be free
one last slice, just to ensure
deep across artery, my blood pumps no more

My Journey Through Madness
Bryan J Townsend
Bryan J Townsend
Oct 22, 2014

I miss your fingers


Battle scars are someone's way of saying I hate my life. Some try to ignore it. Others help coop with it. I try to remember or forget. But it's hard to do either with these battle scars covering my TEARS.

I wrote this poem because we all have issues but that don't mean we should get judged for them.
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