how in a split second
Sep 30, 2013

It's incredible,
how in a split second
the foundation that is you
can crack in an
irrepairable manner.

Aug 1, 2013

I just feel like
A soul
Dragging a weight

That is my body

And while pulling it
Fighting to keep

On track

Not let that
Take over

**Split** into different pieces
Colette Williams
Colette Williams
Sep 20, 2013

Split into different pieces
Trying to put them together,
I fail and feel so defeated.
A caring friend is all that I needed.
They weren't there, so here I am,
Feeling bitter and cheated.

There's the me that smiles even when it's not real
There's the me that can do anything but feel
There's the me that only wants to cause pain
There's the me that refuses to accept blame
Yet deep down, I have come to meet the true me.
She's lost and confused as can be.
She's blinded by her own suffering.
She forgot the meaning of truly living.

and it split his courage in half

I have listened to him talk
of children dying
of children swallowed by mountains
that crumbled purple over them.

Their fathers’ lungs bloomed the dust of their hair
among the rumble-rocks
where their mothers spun ashtrays made of turtle shells
because their arms had been emptied of their fruits’
rocking, sleeping, yawning love.

I have seen his camera swallow the lightning of their sadness
and it split his courage in half
and it made my knees thunder
and I crumbled blue over myself.

The family was split.
Nov 21, 2013

Mommy and daddy are fighting again.
Close your eyes,
Cover your ears,
Quiet your cries.

Nobody's allowed in the den.
They just won't quit,
Right down the middle,
The family was split.

The word has been said.
Forbidden until now,
Though it was assumed,
I wonder how.

It's time to go to bed.
Listening at the door,
Quiet your voices!
I knew it was the end for sure. (shore)

Mommy and daddy are fighting again.
Forced to choose,
Kids pick sides,
The only emotion I have is confusion.

I knew it all along...
I heard every word,
I must pack my bags,
And migrate like a bird.

Caleb Pendleton
Caleb Pendleton
Nov 26, 2013

that’s the difference
between here and there:
here I am alone
at night
and there
I am alone

Oct 8, 2012

I see them there from time to time
Slipping through cracks in my mind
With faces that look just like mine
Only a slightly different kind
Somehow we're separate, yet still entwined
Yet when people ask, I say I'm fine
Perhaps I'm slowly in decline
Cause when I'm gone without a sign
Someone else is always next in line
To make sure our life does not unwind
I guess between all of us combined
It looks as if everything's aligned
But are they really so benign?
I'm sick of sitting on sidelines
There's too many for me to confine
Each wants their chance to outshine
To have control of our life's design
One little slip, and I'm reassigned
It's hard to fight them off sometimes
It can be so easy to just resign
And let them have their way this time

Feb 26, 2013

a mind of stardust
and a heart of gold.
i delight
in the challenge
of your mystery.
i am
enamored in the crosshairs
of your smile.

Split my head in too
andy fardell
andy fardell
Apr 14, 2012

Split my head in too
through the eye of a needle
as my headache has a headaches feel
bones filled to bursting from the rage within
blow them up with liquid grin
the wars begun ..begin
Pulse in view of painful love
as body glows a fight becomes
see eyes that see the
the greed
a Hell in Hell
A lovers feed

Oct 23, 2011

There are two of me.

We are twins,
me and her.

Same body,
Different soul,
But combined?

Two parts but still the same.
Dual songs, one unsung.

I am the snake's forked tongue

The only thought
both minds share freely:
Who am I?

Who am I, really?

It is two in the morning and I will review when I want to, which is never.
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