No one gets it.

Why do you act different in school and outside, a classmate might ask.
He would see me everyday at school then when he talks to me via phone, he doesn't think it's me, except my voice.

At school,
I am cool with my friends,
Respectful to my teachers,
Laugh just as hard as them,
Go out sometimes to Panera or the movies,

With family, however
I do chores,
Mostly playing video games for 5 hours a day with friends.
Cuss so much that I'm glad there's a door
And seem so relaxed that I'm a whole 'nother person.

Some wonder why.
Some never payed attention and will after this poem is published.
Some question how.

Horrible poem, could've tried harder...meh.
Split-ends of
Silas T Williams
Silas T Williams
Apr 25, 2014

Life Consists of
Thousands of
Split-ends of

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Silver Lining
Silver Lining
Jun 21, 2014

You need to do it.
                            I don't..
Yes you do- and you know it.
                            Stop. Go away.
Just do it already you big baby.
                            I'm scared.
Why? You've done it before. It's not a big deal. Fucking go.
                            What if Mom hears me?
She won't. Do you want to lose it?
What are you waiting for then?
You need to do it.
                    ­       (Gives in)
Feel better?
                           No.. Yes. I don't know
You do.
I win again.

We are our worst enemy.
I am split in
Lisa Marie

You make me glad,
He makes me smile.
You make me laugh
And so does he.
You keep me safe,
I feel secure.
And what he says
Makes me bubble.
For I'm with you
But not with him,
I feel happy
As I do sad.
I am split in
Two even halves;
If only I
Could give you each
A piece of me
But faithfully.

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Split in two,
Aug 22, 2014      Aug 24, 2014

This is a hard battle,
I'm trying my best not to rattle,
Split in two,
Who do I listen to?

One says wilt,
And fills me full of guilt,
The other says bloom,
And escape this doom.

A constant game of tug of war,
I'm not even sure what I'm fighting for.


I hate this feeling of being split in two.
Jun 2, 2014

I hate this feeling of being split in two.
I just want to go buy some glue.
Shit a needle and thread would do.
anything to be one piece.
I hate this feeling of being split in two.
What am I suppose to do.
I am an honest person so everything I say is true.
I hate this feeling of being split in two.

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how in a split second
Sep 30, 2013

It's incredible,
how in a split second
the foundation that is you
can crack in an
irrepairable manner.

I'm even lost amongst those who could never find a place to begin with

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