No one gets it.

Why do you act different in school and outside, a classmate might ask.
He would see me everyday at school then when he talks to me via phone, he doesn't think it's me, except my voice.

At school,
I am cool with my friends,
Respectful to my teachers,
Laugh just as hard as them,
Go out sometimes to Panera or the movies,

With family, however
I do chores,
Mostly playing video games for 5 hours a day with friends.
Cuss so much that I'm glad there's a door
And seem so relaxed that I'm a whole 'nother person.

Some wonder why.
Some never payed attention and will after this poem is published.
Some question how.

Horrible poem, could've tried harder...meh.
Split-ends of
Silas T Williams
Silas T Williams
Apr 25, 2014

Life Consists of
Thousands of
Split-ends of

#split   #ends  
One piece refuses to split in half.

I can hear it popping.
Feel the heat pressing against my fragile fingertips.
Wanting to escape.
Wanting to be free.
The fire crackles:
The wood has been eaten away.
Most of it.
One piece refuses to split in half.
Like lovers, they cling on to each other,
Unaware of the danger engulfing them,
Burning them,
Splitting them apart.
Still, they refuse to let go.

#fire   #escape   #lovers   #free   #split   #fingertips   #refuse   #wood   #cling   #crackles  
Silver Lining
Silver Lining
Jun 21, 2014

You need to do it.
                            I don't..
Yes you do- and you know it.
                            Stop. Go away.
Just do it already you big baby.
                            I'm scared.
Why? You've done it before. It's not a big deal. Fucking go.
                            What if Mom hears me?
She won't. Do you want to lose it?
What are you waiting for then?
You need to do it.
                    ­       (Gives in)
Feel better?
                           No.. Yes. I don't know
You do.
I win again.

We are our worst enemy.
I am split in
Lisa Marie

You make me glad,
He makes me smile.
You make me laugh
And so does he.
You keep me safe,
I feel secure.
And what he says
Makes me bubble.
For I'm with you
But not with him,
I feel happy
As I do sad.
I am split in
Two even halves;
If only I
Could give you each
A piece of me
But faithfully.

#love   #sad   #two   #harpy   #split   #faithful  
Split in two,
Aug 22, 2014      Aug 24, 2014

This is a hard battle,
I'm trying my best not to rattle,
Split in two,
Who do I listen to?

One says wilt,
And fills me full of guilt,
The other says bloom,
And escape this doom.

A constant game of tug of war,
I'm not even sure what I'm fighting for.


I hate this feeling of being split in two.
Jun 2, 2014

I hate this feeling of being split in two.
I just want to go buy some glue.
Shit a needle and thread would do.
anything to be one piece.
I hate this feeling of being split in two.
What am I suppose to do.
I am an honest person so everything I say is true.
I hate this feeling of being split in two.

#love   #feelings   #sad   #life   #living   #hate   #pain   #confused   #happy   #people   #two   #and   #sucks   #gone   #person   #honest   #tired   #everything   #split   #learning   #awake   #dazed   #buy   #needle   #thread  
how in a split second
Sep 30, 2013

It's incredible,
how in a split second
the foundation that is you
can crack in an
irrepairable manner.

I'm even lost amongst those who could never find a place to begin with

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