Oct 28, 2014

Let this cancer grow
Take everything away
Nothing will stop the spreading
No hope no lies.

I once was held chained up in hopelessness and depression.
Eddie Starr
Eddie Starr
Jun 29, 2014

I once was held chained up in hopelessness and depression.
I still live in depression, but the chain of hopelessness fell to the floor.
When I realize that it was Christ not people that gave me Hope.
I felt alone, lonely and empty deep inside my broken heart.
I even travel around searching for that woman who was my perfect mate.
But each time I thought that I  found her, I was toss aside once more.
It been many years since I did the traveling, but I now know something important.
Only Christ can give us that Hope that we all yearn for, in our time of need.

Alicia Strong
Alicia Strong
Dec 26, 2013      Dec 27, 2013

I look in the mirror,
and what do I see?
Bitter disappointment
staring back at me.

It seems no matter
what I do,
I just can't seem
to get through to you.

I'm clawing away
at what's left of me.
and people won't let
the pieces be.

I shed those pieces for a reason.
I'm sick of being stuck in this rainy season.
Walking around with a cloud above my head.
Sometimes I think I'd much rather be dead.


Hopelessness is the worst feeling of all
charles hamilton
charles hamilton
Apr 3, 2013

Hopelessness is the worst feeling of all

Hope must be the very scaffolding upon which we build ourselves

Because the moment hope dissipates the moment it begins to wear and give way

We collapse within forgetting any light that ever previously illuminated the circumstance

When you demolish a building, you don't have to destroy every piece but merely compromise its infrastructure

The same goes for destroying a person, or even a group of people. You don't have to destroy them as a whole but simply destroy their hope and watch as they collapse inwardly

Love is forbidden
To those who fight
Who fight for love
For love is not.

Love is given
To those who need
Who need love
For love is fickle.

Love is lost
To those who try
Who try for love
For love is cruel.

Love is none
None of these for me
For I have you
And love is mine

The hopelessness hold so many worthy people hostage.
Eddie Starr
Eddie Starr
Mar 21, 2014

The hopelessness hold so many worthy people hostage.
The key to rescue is in truth, Faith and healing,  love of Christ.
Like you I too was at one time, held a prisoner by its grasp.
But it took Christ to rescue me from its slimy clutches.
I needed to know I am loved, and worthy of complete joy.
I may not always be happy but I do have joy in my life.
To know whom you are in Christ is the key to rescue.
But so many end up ending their life because of this.
But once you realize just how special that you are.
This is where the healing will take place  in your life.

May 12      May 14

As I slip deeper into this eternal sadness I must wonder if anyone is actually there for me.
Nobody knows how I truly feel, nobody sees this side of me.
I feel my time getting closer, no light at the end of the tunnel, no escape from my thoughts.
Always here for everyone but nobody there for me when I need it most.
I cant do this any more.

Ella Quing
Ella Quing
Jun 29, 2014      Jun 30, 2014

Loss for words,
A sudden sharp intake of breath,
As I slowly realize
That what has been in front of me
Was something I've been searching for all this time

The quick erratic beating
Of a heart that's been caged
Reminds me that I can feel
And love again

The endless conversation,
Each sentence flow with no hesitation;
Don't look away! Please, I crave for your attention
Stay with me, stare at me
This scenario won't last forever

The feeling that keeps me up at night
Knowing you and I
will never truly be together

#love   #sad   #unrequited  
Hopelessness is swallowing me.
Ann Witt
Sep 19, 2013      Sep 22, 2013

Hopelessness is swallowing me.
For all my life I've been it's prey.
Sometimes strong, sometimes weak,
I've always managed to hold on,
but my grip is loosening.

My dreams have been squelched
and my imagination is fading.
I'm tired of pushing boulders uphill
only to watch them roll back down.
My shiny glaze of compassion has dulled.

Flaccid are my heartstrings,
flying ramdomly like torn ribbons
on a misguided kite.
Where can I escape and become
someone else somewhere else?

Gleb Zavlanov
Aug 21, 2013

I’m left with no one to talk to,
with none to ever share
Only my blackened heart to feel,
the crouching, gray despair

I want to shout, to scream for help,
but I don’t have a voice
My soul is left in darkest void
without a single choice

The shadows whisper at my name,
they want to get along
They sing for me, and cry for me
a very woeful song

But I don’t care, I never heed
I know it’s now too late
To fix my very crippled life
And untwine my twined fate

It’s gone now, I failed all of it
I left it, I did shun
Leaving it to rot and to die
And wither cold and wan…

Copyright Gleb Zavlanov 2013
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