that money
Mike Essig

Wallace Stevens
once wrote
that money
is a kind of poetry;
he did not say
that it is good poetry.
- mce

as long as you have enough money to your name
Jul 10, 2014

you can't buy love
but you can buy a shag.
you can't buy happiness
or time you won't get back.

you can buy beauty, health and friends
you can buy anything
so look after your wealth!

you can't buy…oh
wait, you can buy it all!
as long as you have enough money to your name
the world will lie at your feet and follow every step you take.

It's only money.
Roisin Sullivan
Roisin Sullivan
Jul 22, 2014

For the first time in my life
I felt ashamed
Of where I came from,
And where I live.

And the worst part is
I can't tell you why.
You'd laugh it off and say
It's only money.

money doesn't just talk
Apr 17

In some cases
money doesn't just talk
it screams.
Quite frankly it has a big mouth.

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Money masters the world
Jan 29

Money masters the world
while cancer's spreading death
Money is our lord
on which we dedicate every breath
Money is a sword
which will cut us at the first chance

#sad   #life   #sadness   #reality   #money  
I Wish friends were like money.
Makayla Kelley

I Wish friends were like money.
So then that way I could hold
Them up to the light to see
Which ones are 'real'
And which ones are 'fake'

#friends   #fake   #real   #money  
Money is a porn producer, who mascarades as a
Mattrick Patrick
Mattrick Patrick
Nov 22, 2014

Money is a porn producer, who mascarades as a professional film producer, promising fame and fortune to young girls in LA.

Money exploits us all, telling us to cry on his cock as he forces it down each of our throats.


Money talks its valuable poetry, cha ching as we take the money shot, the money shot, the money shot...

Blaw! we take the money and run. Exploited, every one of us carries this inflated value; running around with our heads chopped off.
Where did we put our heads?
Not a one realizing how.
We put our heads collectively in the sand.

Money talks, but we dont. Money walks, but we wont. Money marches, but we cant stand. Can't form a coherent sentence while we're getting fucked.

"If my dad finds out he will destroy me!"
"I won't tell."

Money wants us young, dumb, and full of idiom; and as the bubble bursts, we can't help but feel depressed.

Our faces are all over the internet. America the beautiful, I can hardly see your face behind the biggest, blackest cock.

If you want to turn anyone into your own personal whore, first you got to get the money!

Money is king. But is he kind? Money is our god, but what kind?

Money money money, MONEY!

The lyrics of every rap song on the top 100

Can we get some hoes and some money that we can throw's up in here!?

It's what we all want, and its what we all fear. Money controls us and rules us without a peer.

Money replaces trust, it replaces common decency, and puts a friendly mask on the face of a murdering monster.

Money makes me sick. It smells like burning flesh if you read it just right, and put your nose up real tight, it can start to burn you too.

Roll a hundo, give Ben a sniff. Money doesn't care if you sell it off to buy drugs or a train wreck. Money isn't ethical and neither are you.

Money wants us all to bow down, and when we rise up, we look like monopoly men.

Give me some money and I can change the world into a paradise on earth; give your local bank some money, and our world looks like a shopping mall.

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eliza t
eliza t
Feb 2

buy this
and that
all new
low price
blow-out sale.
but you
can't buy
what i
want most;
love, life
happiness, joy
time, family
you. ♡

#love   #world   #you   #money  
When money speaks, power escalates.
Mar 5

The poor get poorer,
The rich get richer.
           In some cases it’s a debate
             harsh situations Fluctuate
When money speaks, power escalates.

The poor gets tougher,
The rich gets fragile against danger.

Often times…
Harsh situations make us stronger,
Easy life makes us weaker.

the second one...
thanks again for reading.
#power   #poor   #rich   #money   #pondering   #situations   #pax  
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