as long as you have enough money to your name
Jul 10

you can't buy love
but you can buy a shag.
you can't buy happiness
or time you won't get back.

you can buy beauty, health and friends
you can buy anything
so look after your wealth!

you can't buy…oh
wait, you can buy it all!
as long as you have enough money to your name
the world will lie at your feet and follow every step you take.

It's only money.
Roisin Sullivan

For the first time in my life
I felt ashamed
Of where I came from,
And where I live.

And the worst part is
I can't tell you why.
You'd laugh it off and say
It's only money.

led with you is worth more than all the money in the world.
Cassidy Shoop

i kicked you out years ago but i could never force you to leave permanently in fact i'd probably call you and tell you to come home if you hadn't blocked my number because at this point what do i have to lose? you ripped out my insides and took them with you when you left and everyone seems to believe i can buy a new being just like the one you stole from me but the heart that's filled with you is worth more than all the money in the world.

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Sep 4      Sep 4

"I'm broke."
Why are we broken?
Who broke us?

I am money,
Kevin T Norman

I am money,
bringing joy and greed.
I'm not sure of my power
only who owns me does.
I'm the voice in your head
saying spend me, steal me.
I can be total destruction,
or just a twinkle in the eyes.
I can cause the end of friendship
or the beginning of a new life.
I will disappear in the end,
but it's not me who dies.
I will have killed your life,
not mine.

I am money

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I plainly say, "I'm going to marry for money."

My best friend and I were talking today
She was going on about how she was going to marry the Prince Charming of her life
I plainly say, "I'm going to marry for money."
She started going on and on about how that is wrong
And that 'I should love who I marry.' and 'love isn't as rare as you say.'
But I explained that I am going to marry a man that can afford to spoil me
Not only me, but also the children I want to have
I want to marry for money in fear of never finding the man I love
The fear of never meeting my soul mate
I know myself enough to be able to say that I can train myself to love someone
I could at least love him enough to say 'I do'


This is completely true!! And it isn't even the worst conversation we've had!!!
They say money is time

They say money is time
but technically time does not exist
so we need to make money
because time is what we make it

but money is power too
because to make money takes time
which we do not like to spend
so people who crave it quick turn to crime

but money is freedom
giving us time to do with what we wish
the power of choice
the ability to switch

but money is material you say?
simply paper?
real life is spiritual ay?
well see if a smile pays the bills

regardless of what you think
accept that money is a choice
and realize no one listens
to the man without a voice

So deface it if you will
belittle it if you want
but money is microphone
although I am no savant

I know money is money
and not much else
so treat it as such
and save yourself

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Let your money go
Donna Bella

Let your money go
Doesn't declare the happy
Doesn't declare the sad
But it declares the greed
Declares of wanting more
Declares of sacrificing goods
Sacrificing every minute
Wanting more

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Half as much as money
Stripper Thoughts

Girls who go on bended knee
And show the world their fanny
Never ask for love or care
Or one to call them honey
If they choose to put a price
On showing men their body
With empty hearts and purses full
It seems kind of funny
If only they could love themselves
Half as much as money

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