I am money,
Kevin T Norman
Kevin T Norman
5 days ago

I am money,
bringing joy and greed.
I'm not sure of my power
only who owns me does.
I'm the voice in your head
saying spend me, steal me.
I can be total destruction,
or just a twinkle in the eyes.
I can cause the end of friendship
or the beginning of a new life.
I will disappear in the end,
but it's not me who dies.
I will have killed your life,
not mine.

I am money

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Money never came my way
Roger Turner

You don't hear it much
My music, my muse
My soul was taken away
That's something big to lose

Contracts signed and sealed
Delivered...not to me
Money never came my way
Not a penny did I see

Follow the music and you will find
Musicians like me,
We all went and signed
Contracts worth nothing
Not to us, not a cent
Follow the money
And see where it went

We poured our emotions
Our hearts and our souls
We gave them our music
Which they all then stole

Producers, execs
all down the line
All made the money
On songs that were mine

I heard all the rumours
But, they must be wrong
Then I wrote and signed off
On another hit song

Follow the music and you will find
Musicians like me,
We all went and signed
Contracts worth nothing
Not to us, not a cent
Follow the money
And see where it went

I was not famous
But, there must be some sales
Just follow the money
From the bargain bin pails

Somebody, somewhere
Was raking it in
As companies folded
In the business of tin

Houses of cards
Fold and collapse on the floor
But, the money went somewhere
'Cause I'm still in the stores

Follow the music and you will find
Musicians like me,
We all went and signed
Contracts worth nothing
Not to us, not a cent
Follow the money
And see where it went

Somebody made out
Like a bandit with me
My albums still selling
From around sixty three

Just follow the money
And see where it goes
Into some execs houses
And some dj's nose

I'm too old to go
And do a oldies rock show
I'm always invited
But, I never will go

My voice is all raspy
And one thing's still wrong
I get paid for the singing
But, I don't own the song

I know that I made it
But I hate the sound
Of my music creations
That I sold by the pound

Every time that they surface
On late night FM
I know somebody else
Made cash off of them

Just follow the money
And then you will see
The thousands of others
Who were ripped off like me

For Sixto Rodriguez, Pete Ham, and all the other singer, songwriters who were taken advantage of by unscrupulous record companies and execs.
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I despise money and its hold over society.
Mar 31

I am exhausted.
I wasn't mean't for this time.
My only relief are my dreams and my rhyme.

This world makes me cry.
Its people are irrevocably blind.
I am tired of everyone's fascination with greed.
It's an evil concept that draws no distinction between race, color or creed.

I despise money and its hold over society.
It isn't the way it's supposed to be,
I dream of natural selection and anarchy.

Strip the businessman of his bills.
Call him an equal
and set fire to Beverly Hills.

Phones that are computers and computers that are phones.
People who eat that shit up.
Sicken me,
I want to throw up.

I dream of a world where the only time I would use money
would be to set it ablaze to start a fire.
An honest truth, call me not a liar.

Anarchy to cleanse the Earth.
A sadistic thought from a cynical perspective,
But in my mind
Death, destruction, survival and rebuilding
are far superior to
iPads, government, wall street and Burger King.

The only way to save the Earth
is to turn back time
an re-evaluate a human's worth.


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Since money is all you want
Feb 8      Feb 9

Since money is all you want
Money is all you'll see
If money is all you love
then money is what you'll be
Money money money money
Money does not love you honey
Cause love cannot be bought
What happens when the money is gone
You'll be all alone and lost
Just remember you chose money
So money is what you got

You cannot buy your children's love and respect they will only feel entitled or like they owe you, it will never be from the heart.
Steven Fried
Sep 30, 2013

Plastic Paper
Gold Silver Platinum
All the value is subjective

money in it money out what is life all about
andy fardell
andy fardell
Mar 4, 2011

money in it money out what is life all about
scrimp and save for what we hear
life in homes for old dears

yet we plod along the way
nodding on no futures grace
money rules money hurts
thems the rules aint life a b#tch

Money makes a person feel great

The color of green
Wanted by all human beings
To have a lot amounts is our biggest dream
Some sell to get it
Some get jops
You can get it by working
But some get it when they rob
Money makes a person feel great
But to much money can turn the realiest person fake
Money is a root of all evil
Money is needed in high levels
Some get money when working with god
But you can also get it while working with the devil
Money is also a life saver
It can get us out struggles thats hard to beat
Money is dirty and money is neat
Money is sour and even sweet
God made money to put us to a test
To see if the  riches would help tbe best

Money, brought me heartache.
jeffrey conyers

Money, brought me heartache.
Money, brought me pain.
Money, brought me trouble that I can't explain.

Money, brought me women.
Money, brought me children.
Money, brought me power that I manipulated to get my way.

Just like entertainers out seeking thrills.
I was my own celebrity.
I just wasn't into drugs or pills.
Needed none of them to play to my thrills.

Money, brought me hang arounders.
Who said?
What I wanted to hear?

They came they went according to my voice.
I was selected upon certain things concerning my business.
Which led to more rumors.
And fools seeking for confirmation.

Money, made me.
Mistakes broke me.
Sometimes, money just need to be avoided.

I don't need money
Jeanette Rogers
Jeanette Rogers
Mar 22, 2013

I don't need money
I could burn it all right now and my heart would still beat
Food and water is all I need
But wait...
They cost money
Why put a price on necessities ??

Zulu Samperfas
Zulu Samperfas
May 18, 2012

Creates the economy
Also there comes a heirarchy
It's also something I care very little about
The obsession with it makes me want to scream and shout

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