What His Exclamation Points Mean
Meggn Lily Alyssa
Meggn Lily Alyssa
May 30, 2014

Face to Face
Will Always Be Better
Skin Meets Skin
and I Don't Quite Know Yet
What His Exclamation Points Mean

K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Dec 25, 2011

Good gracious me!
what have you done to me?

Exclamation Point
Dec 26, 2013

Kiss me harder
Fuck me faster
Love me now
And hold me
I'm desperate
For you and
I won't wait
Another day
To see you
In my arms
I'll text you
Now and not
Wait for later
I'll speed to
Your house
Because there
May be
No Tomorrow
This might be
Our last kiss
Our last fuck

I'll be straight
With you
Live life
With an
Exclamation Point

Mar 3, 2014

Minimalist poetry.
Each one with an

Oh noble exclamation mark!
Raj Arumugam
Raj Arumugam
Oct 9, 2010

Oh noble exclamation mark!
I expel! I exclaim!
Oh most excitable exclamation mark!

Oh, to see you
sends blood racing
in my veins!
Oh, I love you
and I love you thrice!!!!
- oh, was that four times????
Oh, be not jealous
I brought in your
distant relative
the crooked and deformed question mark
for I not only love you
!!!! –
but I love you forever, most excitable exclamation mark!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!.......and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............

Oh noble exclamation mark!
I expel! I exclaim!
Oh most excitable exclamation mark!

Like exclamation marks!
Casey James Dunn
Casey James Dunn
May 17, 2014

Sleep depravation leads to many fun things,
Like commas,
And sea dragons,
And low self esteem,

Being happy leads to several exciting things!
Like exclamation marks!
And dolphins!
And a sexually transmitted disease!

Anger leads to lots of frustrating things.
Like periods.
And humans.
And bullets handed out for free.

So with all these great feelings, creating such magic!
How in the world could life be so tragic.

Nov 25, 2014

if you throw a pebble at my window
i will let you in.

Feb 7

I love her C-s and O-s,
Her zeroes,
Her parentheses.

© 2015 J.S.P.

SB Stokes
SB Stokes
2 days ago

I wanna say ghost crumple but fear the retribution for assuming something other than

something I vaguely remember no that's a downright lie as flagrant as a flag flapping

in defiance I remember so well as if branded by that moment scalded by my focus

your post-coital scent and that smile in both your eyes and your own cascading

laughter the honest laugh done in private when truly experiencing wonder and the

baby smell in the crater where your neck joins your skull to that body your body

young and heavenly unspoilt like a river's passion cresting itself and returning to

your carefully manicured shores I wanna say paper cut but anticipate the ache the

burn that will cause me my body my brain my heart we called it spleen in previous

times something other in the future no doubt in my mind my heart my body the echo

of recollection of a different color and a different flavor than the original worn into

something other by the abrasions of both time and nostalgia a different shape all

together taken by this memory but its intensity a twin identical and more perfect in

reflection of your reflection in a sunlit moment the denim blue of curtains unable to

contain the refraction sliced delicate by the broad leaves and your bare skin still

glowing from a washing and a shaving and you are lost in your own reflection

humming songs and curling your hair bleached shocking white with blonde intention

natural roots so Nancy Spungen but more or less that much more careless and

ruthless a thing you were in that moment only I couldn't and didn't know it I wanna

say please just leave it, but I daren't and I shouldn't and at the time I couldn't couldn't

bear to think it but really just like cancer I just knew it and I didn't and you didn't and

we stood there and I wanna say we let it but we didn't and it happened and now it's

just reflection recollection and despair

And exclaimed, "You look like an exclamation point!
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

This is the metaphorical chronicle of a cyclops with a
So blinded by tunnel vision he'd see everything
Through a telescope he spied a she-cyclops wearing a hat long and
And exclaimed, "You look like an exclamation point!
Now that's quite

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