We are dancers,
Storm Raven
Storm Raven
Oct 19, 2015

We are dancers,
Teardrops form a sad melody,
Forsaken in the crying woods of death,
Missery and sorrow join us.
We are dancers,
You and me,
Our sadness forms the beat,
Dancers of the national ballet of depression.
We are dancers,
You and me.

Just trying something
Feb 25, 2016

She dances through the garden
Blooming flowers in her wake
Chirping birds duetting
With the crickets by the lake
A newborn fawn with wonder
Marvels from her resting place
For she never saw a dancer
Blaze with such resplendent grace

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Dancers twirl
Apr 22, 2014

Dancers twirl
Through broken glass,
Blood in ribbons
On the grass.
False laughter fills
The air with smiles,
A collection of fake happiness
For a short and precious while.
Appluad the graceless efforts
Of the sinning ballerinas
As the crowd cackles
Like the call of a hyena.

#love   #lies   #life   #fake   #reality   #dancers  
Dancers must have two extreme qualities
Thomas A Robinson
Thomas A Robinson
May 23, 2015

Dancers must have two extreme qualities
Intense desire , gritty fortitude , and raw courage .
. . . one two three , OK  , dancers must have three extreme qualities .

Dancers actually do break a leg upon the stage

At parties they are the flight of the hummingbirds . Amazing what they do .

Their tight limber bodies often make me wonder how I would do in bed with them

My ambition was always tied to a rope that held me back
Because  when I danced (after twenty-four bottles of beer)
It was on my face I always fell flat

#bed   #beer   #bottle   #dancers  
Oct 6, 2014

One step ahead, and three steps left;
Sous sus, plié, and pirouette.
Let me dance adagio,
Will you play me the piano?
I can do chassé,
Float in bourrée,
Entechat, glissade...
Just play for me, if only once.

Shadow And A Dancer by The Fray kinda prompted this...
That, and I've been practicing pointe more than usual lately...
Nov 25, 2014

I met a dancer once
She looked at me with her twinkling eyes
ready as a bird for her flight
She moved swiftly
like water reaching the shore
She came to me and asked
if I'll catch her when she falls
but she is so elegant with what she does
how could she ever fall?
'Sometimes, it happens J. Now wait for my call'
she moved gracefully
destroyed imaginary barriers
Kicked her demons away
I met her out of luck.
She then danced to the beat of my words

Dancers can't have eating disorders.
Feb 22, 2015

Dancers can't have eating disorders.
We are meant to be thin.
We are made this way
We are made to hide food
to starve
to throw it up
As long as no one sees us
As long as we can fake it
Cause as dancers
We have to fake it till we make it
And we aren't going to make
it if we are as fat as pigs.
People don't like watching hogs dance.
Don't worry the mirrors will tell us if we are the size of a stick or a stump.
So no I don't have an eating disorder
Dancers can't have those.
We are created this way.


#sad   #dance   #fake   #eatingdisorder   #ana   #done   #ed   #purge   #pretend   #dancers  
Peter Balkus
Peter Balkus
Nov 1, 2015

I'm invisible for material world,
but visible for the ghosts.
I'm a day for a night, a hope for those who are about to die.
I'll die too but I'm not lost,
I hide myself in death,
for an eternal moment she is my host.

I dance
though I lay on the ground,
and my legs aren't mine,
someone's borrowed them and never gave back.

I don't dance for my own pleasure or for others' fun.
I dance
I dance for those who can't.

#poem   #ghost   #dancer   #invisible  
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