Dancers twirl
Apr 22, 2014

Dancers twirl
Through broken glass,
Blood in ribbons
On the grass.
False laughter fills
The air with smiles,
A collection of fake happiness
For a short and precious while.
Appluad the graceless efforts
Of the sinning ballerinas
As the crowd cackles
Like the call of a hyena.

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Answers are for dancers:
Nov 1, 2014

'Sometimes things just don't make sense and ignoring things won't make you dense, but some people can't say no, so if someday our minds do blow, from curiosity and such, we will no longer keep in our clutch, reality and questions thought, and hopefully we needn't sought the answers, non-factual, we've been taught.'

Answers are for dancers:
Never step left,
always step right.
Right on the course,
where loyalist fight.
Right in the angelic pose that they do.
In fact,
it'd be better if you weren't you.
Just act like they act and you can get by,
do as they do and never ask why.
Answers I give you my dancers,
my prancers,
answers I give you to move the right way.
Answers I give you my dancers,
my prancers,
because with my answers you never will stray.
But if you do,
I assure you,
you've clipped the strings,
and do know that it means
you will shunned,
an existence unseen,
by the people who dance,
the people who sing,
by all the people pulled by my string.

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Dancers can't have eating disorders.
Feb 22

Dancers can't have eating disorders.
We are meant to be thin.
We are made this way
We are made to hide food
to starve
to throw it up
As long as no one sees us
As long as we can fake it
Cause as dancers
We have to fake it till we make it
And we aren't going to make
it if we are as fat as pigs.
People don't like watching hogs dance.
Don't worry the mirrors will tell us if we are the size of a stick or a stump.
So no I don't have an eating disorder
Dancers can't have those.
We are created this way.


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The dance of the dancers is
Eilis Ni Eidhin

The dance of the dancers is
Light and free
The skirt go whoosh

One watcher frowns,
He is frowned upon.
And pulled away

Another criea and they
Check first: happy or sad?
"Sad" they take him

Where they go
The narrator knows
To be treated


Jan 30, 2014

If your sadness were an ocean
plagued with typhoons,
and you were being thrashed around by the waves
and beaten across the rocks;
then I would be the fool who jumps in after you
However, your sadness is not the ocean
it's merely the ground,
and I cannot save you
because we are two bald eagles
talons locked, eyes focused
hurling towards it
So if we die,
we die together
and we can both write stone words
" Sadness overcame"
but if we manage to lift each other up
just before we hit the ground
then we've done a beautiful dance
and managed to pirouette away from our doom.

Dec 28, 2014

Titilating rhythm
Breaking through the barricades
Through your pupils
Through the fingertips
Into the muscles
in my toes
my arms
my back
flowing through my brain
into my body from my body
into the earth
spreading across the universe
joining with its origins.
In this circular dance of creativity
Angels and Demons join their hands
To explode in catharsis.
Flashes and sparkles from under our heels,
Higher and higher,
Spinning around the Sun
Annihilated by the moonlight.

Jan 22      Jan 22

They say a dancer's feet are never pretty
but have they seen how they move on them?

#dance   #beauty   #smile   #dancing   #ballet   #feet  

The way he dances for me
reminds me of sweet kisses passed
and flames licking at the corners
of impassioned nothings
that light me up

The floors are so far flung
and I am missing my partner
all I can do is watch him dance behind my eyelids
sitting on the side of my own dance floor

Letters of old dancers dancing to music, touching undone turbu
Feb 3

Letters of old dancers dancing to music, touching undone turbulents, formulating makeshift sentences, releasing their fury onto the world, the saints who have done no harm but are forced to make all the decisions, delivering daggers, of fury, in their brass outfits, off iron loviung, of bows and arrows locking into the hearsts of men and women in the same place, of peopple, yes, of humans loving intimacy, of loving dominance and power and in acceptance, of superiority or infiriority, clowning at majestic paragraphs, that are meaningful then meaningless, that are gibber gabber, edgar allen poe, allen ginsburg, allen allen allen clowning in your ear get back there in a fury!  make of an echo and make out of a whisper!  and do and do and do

Jolted, ready for action, body ready with a menacing pride, ready to unleash some kind of chemical, what kind of chemical, of brass of of object, some sort of metal recurring in me, let it go, release the fury, how to learn to let go proprery, let it go with some sort of a grace, doesn’t seem to be entirely possible, how does one really, really, let go?  exactly?  how do I know when my concioesnneseneses which I can never spell right is actually functioning?  when is it actually functioning at the proper measures?  I ask this humbly, as if talking to my therapist, who is thrilled with his PHD, who really really really wants to help me, and understand my disease, my disorder, where did this guy come from?  He’s full of grey hair and he knows nothing and everything and his advice is that of a weight which drags me down and sombers my tone, but is left a note in my boats prolonged brigade of bridges, bringing me back to basics

We are all but dancers
Mike Hauser
Mike Hauser
Oct 17, 2013

We are all but dancers
In the rhythm of life
While some seem to dance it perfectly
Some can't get the steps down right

Don't let that stop you from dancing
We each have our own heartbeat
Whether or not you are sure footed
Or if you were born with two left feet

Though we often feel that life can be
A large gymnasium at times
Waiting for someone to dance with us
As we sit on the side

Instead of waiting to be asked to dance
Like so many often do
Where ever it is you are right now
You can dance just for you

Perhaps a ballerina floating gracefully
Across life's massive stage
Giving your own rendition
To the beauty of swan lake

Or dancing to the river
Perhaps something in modern style
Whatever dance it is you deliver
How ever far it is the mile

Dance like there's no tomorrow
To your very own rhythm
For no one else can dance like you
The dance that you've been given

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