As dictated by the first law of thermodynamics
Nov 1, 2013

The anger doesn't go away
No one makes the anger what it is
It's just something that has always been there
The energy of the universe
Unable to be created or destroyed
As dictated by the first law of thermodynamics
So it is
So it changes
So it converts between people
Anger projected and harnessed
And eventually a build up of anger so big
Released so violently in a human reaction
It's always there and it's always in me
Just a potential anger so easily triggered by the surrounding world

They call me short tempered, but really
I am an exergonic reaction
Spontaneous with a small amount of activation energy
To release my anger onto the world around me
Leaving me drained of energy until more potential stores within me
Like it always does

Jan 14, 2013

Physicists believe this dimension
may be nothing more than a hologram

But they have not run their fingertips
down the curve of your back

Riq Schwartz
Riq Schwartz
Apr 6, 2013

I'm cracking up
Like rotten eggs
Like seven years
Of shitty luck
Like old mosaics
Losing tiles
Across my windshield
Sending thoughts
Into the ether
Each one taking
Part of me
I'm cracking up
Like cheap ceramics
Broken, scrapped,
And then replaced.

May 27, 2014

some nights,
it would be a lot easier to rearrange my atoms,
reform the chemical compounds that make up
a teenage girl barricaded in her bedroom,
to send myself back into being stardust and sand.

when the universe was created, i'm sure,
did the swirling subatomic particles ever think
they would end up here, beating at the bones
of someone sad-eyed and shaky-handed,
screaming let us out, let us out, let us out?

they are not the only ones going unheard.
let me out,
let me out,
let me out.

Raina Grace
Raina Grace
Aug 2, 2014

On a swing sat a girl.
She sat, and she sang.
Cars drove about,
A telephone rang.
The usual noises
Went through the town
As the girl kept swinging
Upwards and down.
Then the swingset was empty
And nothing was heard
But the creak of the swing
And the caw of a bird.

She disappeared. But don't worry, she's safe.
#noise   #disappear   #swing  
Let us break the second law of thermodynamics
Hedonic Nihilist
Nov 14, 2014      Nov 14, 2014

Let us be then: you and I
In an exchange of energy, you and me
I will give up for you what you give up to me
And we can exist entirely

But let us go then
And we can debate about the usages of words that no one else but you and I will ever know

And I will love you to the passive voice
You will be loved by me
I will be loved by you

Let us break the second law of thermodynamics
Because you and me
we're better than exchanges of energy
I am perpetual to you and I will be to you a violation of the laws of entropy

Every movement that we make will ease the chaos in our lives
And let us do then what we're not supposed to do
And let me go then where I'm warned not to go
And I will take you and you will take me

Forget entropy
And just love me

This is highly irrelevant and romanticized
#love   #entropy  
the first law of thermodynamics.
Barbod Gif

Your life, you leave behind.
Your belongings, you leave behind.
Your memories, you leave behind.
Your heart, your love, your sorrow,
your happiness, you leave behind.
the law of nature it is, if you want
to have something
that your heart desires,
you must lose something -instead.-

- Wishing the reverse law was also true.-
You leave yours behind.
You leave - you - behind.
at last, you are one alone soulless person
who has nothing to gain
'cause he has nothing to lose
- except your heart. -
The hidden law of nature it is,
the first law of thermodynamics.

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