As dictated by the first law of thermodynamics
Keyanna Coghlan
Nov 1, 2013

The anger doesn't go away
No one makes the anger what it is
It's just something that has always been there
The energy of the universe
Unable to be created or destroyed
As dictated by the first law of thermodynamics
So it is
So it changes
So it converts between people
Anger projected and harnessed
And eventually a build up of anger so big
Released so violently in a human reaction
It's always there and it's always in me
Just a potential anger so easily triggered by the surrounding world

They call me short tempered, but really
I am an exergonic reaction
Spontaneous with a small amount of activation energy
To release my anger onto the world around me
Leaving me drained of energy until more potential stores within me
Like it always does

Jan 14, 2013

Physicists believe this dimension
may be nothing more than a hologram

But they have not run their fingertips
down the curve of your back

Riq Schwartz
Riq Schwartz
Apr 6, 2013

I'm cracking up
Like rotten eggs
Like seven years
Of shitty luck
Like old mosaics
Losing tiles
Across my windshield
Sending thoughts
Into the ether
Each one taking
Part of me
I'm cracking up
Like cheap ceramics
Broken, scrapped,
And then replaced.

Ned Carter
Ned Carter
Mar 19, 2013      Mar 21, 2013

I have always been
And will always be.
Nothing created or
destroyed, You see.

inside us all.
Star stuff makes up
this tiny blue ball.

directing the course
energy and matter's
chaotic discourse.

Never dissipating.
Always in flux.
I'm still here,
and that is the crux.

Do not be sad,
nor shed a tear.
I simply changed states,
I will always be near.

So say your goodbyes
to this one incarnation,
And know it isn't over,
temporary emancipation

Particles spinning
here, but not.
Quantum reality
more than one shot.

It never ends,
we will always be
in different forms
that's our reality.

There’s a law of thermodynamics which states entropy is
Aug 5, 2013

I wish I could greet death
Like a svelte Russian KGB agent
With bright red lipstick and a menthol
Dangling from my mouth
Leaning against a brick wall
So casually

But in reality

I will greet death like a newborn infant
Alone in the world until it meets the eyes
Of its mother

I will greet death
Hiding under a desk
With the barrel of a gun pointed at my face
Wondering when was the last time I told my mother I loved her.

I will greet death like a naïve university student
Learning about entropy
Did you know,
There’s a law of thermodynamics which states entropy is
What the universe is constantly moving towards
Energy resolving itself into a more probable arrangement
Like the moment it all clicked together
My universe, my body, my system
All shifting to a more probable arrangement,
that is Death.

Who only sees the second law of thermodynamics
Romeo Balingcongan

Oh, pity, pity him
For whom the universe speaks
Yet only of futility;
Who only sees the second law of thermodynamics
Inexorable –
    All suns dying of a slow, slow death,
    Then nothingness;
Who sees the nebula only as a splintered sphere
    The big bang before its final whimpering!

Oh pity him who cries,
    “The world is dew,
    And yet…
    And yet…”

If all that rules the universe
Is chance, mere chance,
    Why sing a lullaby for a new born babe?
    Why rage against the dying of the sun?

Oh weep, weep for him
For whom the firmaments proclaim
    No god at all,
    Not even man!

“The heavens proclaim the glory of God…”

I wrote this as a young Christian at the same time I wrote my poem "Quiet Time" in which I lament the futility of a life without God.
the first law of thermodynamics speaks: energy cannot be created nor de
Katelyn Arnold
Katelyn Arnold
Nov 14, 2013

the first law of thermodynamics speaks: energy cannot be created nor destroyed
hypothetically, there must be some type of energy created between two people
though this winter has lasted a few years, natural vagabonds are asunder, seeking warmth
for years, we were condemned to search for that other half of us to keep us alive
we want someone who will grab our shoulders at the edge of a steep cliff
we want someone who will appreciate the small things, like drinking tea together
if our atoms bisect and travel alone someday, i want to know i felt that fear of love
that loss is the kindest of suicides, it empties the entrails which scatters through the walls
and the ribcage grows a garden of dead plants and a unlimited drought occurs
god knows when the clock will stop ticking in my chest and my soul goes west


The law of thermodynamics

Sometimes I spit
To let the saliva
On my lips

Its stupid cold
A cold of the kind
That effects the synapses
Of the mind

So cold the the very molecules
Experience a slowing of time
That I
Cannot taste

Cold so that the frozen ground
Refuses to accept
The burial shroud

A kind of cold
That dinosaurs
Dreamt of in nightmares

Planetary bodies
Far more distant from ours
Are warmer

And still the saliva


Moist on my lips


And dripping

A defiant middle finger
Shouting damn physics
Damn the evidence

Nothing can be as real and limiting as this

Biology at war with
The law of thermodynamics

A molecular battle to exist

And still the cold persists

defying thermodynamics,
Mar 11, 2013

I watch
as they crumble
some only for a moment,
a flash of the inner turmoil
a glimpse, a blink, and it's gone
others, like staring into an open wound
a gaping hole,
still throbbing, still pulsing
bleeding, slowly

I sit
head in hands
trapped in the cycle of disbelief
and fooling myself into relief
I feel the passive observer
unable to act, or speak, or move
just sit

I stare
the panels above my head
offer a temporary distraction
this time, it wasn't just a dream
yet it feels more like that
than ever before

the Reality
rolls under my door
and drifts through my window panes
like a noxious fog
curling in wisps along the blue tiled floor
defying thermodynamics,
cold rises, heat sinks
seeping into my pores
filling my lungs, running through my veins.
I Know.

yet I still imagine,
fantasize, dramatize
a cruel joke, a terrible mistake
a diagnosis totally amiss

the phone Rings
a tremor of relief begins to quake inside of me
soon to be dashed
by the words transmitted across that line

I run
outside into the morning sun
the greenery astounds and amazes
the thirst of the Earth,
quenched at last

as a child I always looked up to the sky
to the clouds
as the End, the finality
high above, unreachable, untouchable
and yet, here I am,
Earthbound, temporal,
running through the gentle misting drops
of a cloud

I don’t get thermodynamics
Sarah Gawricki
Sarah Gawricki
Feb 28, 2013      Mar 1, 2013

they call this mad science.

a socket for your two-pronged charger
bright bounding bolt that sparked in my raincloud
raging radiation leaking from my core-shaking meltdown
lovely little life source of my
lovely little town
you just need a generator
all I learned in chemistry is how to cheat
I don’t get thermodynamics
but you look like a heat lamp
left unattended

get inside of me.

we need to harvest this power
before big government finds out
& steals all the energy for themselves
turn it into a sweatshop or a car factory or some drill rig
searching the ocean floor for dead dinosaurs
to power all man-made things
all man-made things doomed for obsolescence
glorious in their rape of the sea
it’s pathetic the way we are all asking for it

no one will find us.

you stay hidden inside
no one will find us inside of me
get inside of me & never come out
get inside of me now
I’ll sew you up good
rip you back out
when the bay needs an electrical storm
frighten the pirates into conceding
it’s God or the gold, men
some maniac needs an impromptu electrocution
before he grabs that  girl’s collar
slices her on the orange shag carpet
on his way to Missouri
they call this something like
you’re the only electric eel in the sea
I see smacking on deck
I’m anemic & mercury deficient

they call this the rule of proximity.

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