is its highlight
Elizabeth Squires
Elizabeth Squires
Sep 14, 2014

the opening fold of sunlight
dawns with delight
o'er the bush land
tis a scene grand

bright rays of radiance do beam  
on hills and stream
shining of glints
lovely the tints  

the sun doth light up the countryside
with its preside
dazzling of sight
is its highlight

*highlight of the mystery*
Mike Hauser
Mike Hauser
Apr 15, 2014

this girl is the perfect tomorrow
the better thoughts of yesterday
the soft spot that's right
between day and night
highlight of the mystery

she is the tapping into time
which brings about the here and now
she is what is felt by most
that never let go
she is all that is allowed

she is both the salt and sweet
the need, wanting desire
the whisper of the truth
when it grabs hold of you
the center of the fire

she is the late into the day
the slight hint that's on the breeze
the meaning in sound
when no ones around
highlight of the mystery

I still get nightmares
... or shall I call them dreams
of things
I could've done better

and whenever I open my eyes
I feel the regret and misery
destroying what's left of me

I'm sorry, old me.

I watch you go down in the winter.
But, I watch you come up in the summer.

Your some how unpredictable, but yet your still bright. You set my rainy day aflame, even if I didn't ask.

You are my flame, you are my Sųŋ.

#sun   #you   #flame   #highlight  

Every attempt to erase a memory brings it to a higher gloss.

highlight every piece of bush
Elizabeth Squires
Elizabeth Squires
Apr 28, 2014

the sun's dazzling rays
highlight every piece of bush
in a bright burnish

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