*highlight of the mystery*
Mike Hauser
Mike Hauser
4 days ago

this girl is the perfect tomorrow
the better thoughts of yesterday
the soft spot that's right
between day and night
highlight of the mystery

she is the tapping into time
which brings about the here and now
she is what is felt by most
that never let go
she is all that is allowed

she is both the salt and sweet
the need, wanting desire
the whisper of the truth
when it grabs hold of you
the center of the fire

she is the late into the day
the slight hint that's on the breeze
the meaning in sound
when no ones around
highlight of the mystery

You were the highlight of
Gulnaz Khan
Gulnaz Khan
May 31, 2013

You were the highlight of
my unreasonable being,
you never realized how
much I loved you.
You were the highlight of
my days and nights,
and feeling loved was
the only feeling I felt.
You were the highlight of
everything I wanted and
needed so bad,
you knew what you meant
to me you just didnt care.

you're the highlight of this hour
Jan 8

This class is boring
you're the highlight of this hour
let’s continue this

Your shoes are groovy
your character wonderful
I’m sure there is more

You free after class?
to learn more about each other?
smoothie of coffee?

I gave this to a girl after class because we had been talking for a while. We did get coffee and she turned out to be really cool, but she moved away. :/
a highlight in the life of a coffee table.
john oconnell
Aug 29, 2010

Occasionally adorned
with glasses of brandy
and appletart and cream;
while cigars are passed around
stimulating very good storytelling -

a highlight in the life of a coffee table.

Highlight reel.
Megan Galema
Megan Galema
Jan 30, 2013

Empty and cold
Numb I feel.
Life's a backwards
Highlight reel.
Highlight the real
moments in time.
When time to time
love shows itself.
An intangible wealth
found by the blind.

acting, hoping, searching.
Acting without thought
Hoping ignorance is bliss
Searching for the

The power to change your fate.
but if ignorance is bliss,
then knowledge is power.

It creates a paradox in which
intelligence and happiness cannot coexist.

We're doomed from the start
and the end games unclear.

Makes me wonder,
why I'm even here.

-David Abreu

To highlight
Sharina Saad
Sharina Saad
May 22, 2013

I am struggling with the Choice of words
The best to use to develop my Researh Objectives
To determine
To assess
To examine
To establish
To explore
To develop
To distinguish
To highlight
To deduce
If you'd love to help...
please help me choose the best three
only need three to describe...

i am struggling with my research paper....
to highlight the headlights
Danny O'Sullivan
Danny O'Sullivan
Jun 8, 2013

your face is very sharp
not like knives though
not like knives cutting
like sharpness used specially
to highlight the headlights
of jokes and talking
ha ha ha ha
this reminds me of your eyes
they go so big mine too though
god it's just nice to look

The ones that highlight
The Quiet Wallflower

Am I too stressed?
Am I?

Is that why the silver strand
came out to play?

The ones that highlight
my grandma's head,
signals of the wear of time

The ones that catch light
on my mother's crown
All cheeky and mocking

Am I too stressed?
Am I?

My mom and my sis have this thing where they have golden hair.
I have silver.
ha. ha. ha.
With tint and highlight.
Ann Beaver
Ann Beaver
Apr 22, 2013

Half of my face
Is scared
Is scarred
It's the part I hide
In the shadows
In the back of the room
With tint and highlight.
Ugly Textures
And those scars
I bandage
And, behold, I manage.

Which highlight
Scott T
Scott T
Nov 8, 2013

Every morning
I shoot through miles of tunnel
In a rattling tram
And people have forgotten how to look out of the window
At the fleeting lights
Which highlight
The graffiti
Which highlight
The primordial urge to create
Which has morphed
From the cave paintings of bison
To territorial pissings
Of equal splendour

People try to avoid eye contact
Look at their shoes
And everyone wears a shade of blue or brown
Blandly coupled with something black
But I stare at the tortured faces
Dominated by Moloch
Who is slowly branching his tendrils around my ankles
And I try to guess their stories

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