Oct 15, 2014

You'll need my help.
I'll just say
"Fuck you".

Victor Thorn
Victor Thorn
Feb 22, 2011

Hey, you got your
freedom of religion
in my
freedom of speech!

Copyright February 22, 2011 by Victor Thorn
Gareth Peterson-Shea
Aug 26, 2014      Aug 26, 2014

Try as we must
The stone will prevail
For we are but sand
On this solid veil

Apr 23, 2014

Her face is wrapped in snakes
Her skin shingles of mud
and when the rooster crows
she comes to save her blood.
The loss of childlike purity
it was never hers to lose.
Chained to the bed
wishing to be dead
but the man must always choose.

I am become the irony of me
Two halves, never free
One sided die-ing the fog
Of wars-games of the mind
Dogs howling
Chasing whor-ers
Of night-timing
Tick-tock, ticking
Kicking rhythms
Cracking ear-drummings
Blast beat-ings
My shredded soul
Teaming with a worn out
Heartless power bending
There are only three steps to fall
The autumn's

Kyle Bailey
Kyle Bailey
Jul 3, 2013

Spiralling into
Your words
Have buried
Me beneath

Love somtimes disintegrates into becoming the oppressor or the oppressed.

*It is an oppression to keep me alive,
Mar 6

It is an oppression to keep me alive,

a mercy to let me die.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)

The oppressed
By somber cloud lighting chariots
Rolling in
By raindrop form

Hatched from heaven
Hell by storm!!!

oppression reigns
allen currant
allen currant
Nov 9, 2014

oppression reigns
from above
unseen hellfire
a fallacy
can't be seen
so it is not there?

oppression exudes
from the ground
translucent, sticky
rise up and fight!
but always stuck
sinking down while
the tar fills open mouths

oppression is ingrained
in hearts blinded
by the masses
sucking the lifeblood
from freely flowing veins

oppression is a paradox
making everything
too simple, too complex
too small, too big
too easy, too hard
closing in on both sides
follow the light
at the end of expression
lest you be crushed

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