Oct 15, 2014

You'll need my help.
I'll just say
"Fuck you".

Jul 5, 2016

to oppress
means to abuse;
the oppressed
are the people
you have abused
with words
to degrade them,
and actions
to end their lives
every day it seems
they pay prices
for sins they can't remember
and the people
who receive their money
are the people
they work for.

if it doesn't make sense,
make a change.

I felt the need to write this. I can't stand by and watch injustice after injustice and expect a change. This is only a poem, but I'm hoping it will become a form of movement towards equality and justice for all.
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Lark Train
Lark Train
Jul 21, 2016

Where's the divide
Between wrong and right?
At an officer's side
Or the unarmed's height?

Who's in the wrong
When everyone is?
This violence does nothing
Whether trans, gay, or cis.

Why won't they speak
When the world is ending?
When majorities win,
The rules begin bending.

Politics suck. Silence sucks. Apathy sucks.
You have a voice, and if you refuse to use it to better the lives of others, you are hurting their cause.
Depression is oppression.
May 19, 2016

Depression is oppression.
It's a deadly hidden message
Defined by self-hate.
It seals its prisoner's fate.
It holds you captive and throws out the key.
It stabs and jabs just to see you bleed,
Inflicting wounds that scar for life.
Destruction is its mother and death its wife.

You can cry, but it will always ignore your screams.
It terrorizes your soul and haunts your dreams.
It sends you false hope through a bottle or pill.
It destroys your goals and inflicts its will.
You can't run, nor can you hide.
By its rules you will abide
Until it celebrates that you have died.
Open your eyes, or you will be its prey.
It will blur your vision in the most twisted way.
It will seek your destruction and call for your head.
You will lie and wait but never rest in your bed.

Peace will come to those who want peace,
But as long as you feed him, you will see the beast.
You can't run, nor can you hide,
But if you conquer the beast, you will survive.
Prayer and hope can lead the way.
Cling on to every word you pray.
Hope is in truth.
Hate is in lies.
Pray for your soul and open your eyes.

Victor Thorn
Victor Thorn
Feb 22, 2011

Hey, you got your
freedom of religion
in my
freedom of speech!

Copyright February 22, 2011 by Victor Thorn

Try as we must
The stone will prevail
For we are but sand
On this solid veil

I killed oppression
Nov 26, 2015

I killed oppression
But it doesn't mean
That i'm insane
I killed oppression
For it was just
To wait in vien
I killed oppression
fury made of fire
Brought down all the people
We were never equal
I killed oppression
Standing on the sun
The flames
You can keep em
They killed oppression
right between the eyes
Third you may see
Lead you to your destiny
They killed oppression
Look at the world
Crumble let it be
No one really cares
About the people
They killed oppression
The wars about a dollar
Corporate overlords
Disguise pain with laughter
Gotta feed the horde
Seduction is their nature
They killed oppression
Look at the world
Crumble let it be
No one really cares
About the people
Read betwEen the lines
They Have drawn for you
We kill oppression

Apr 23, 2014

Her face is wrapped in snakes
Her skin shingles of mud
and when the rooster crows
she comes to save her blood.
The loss of childlike purity
it was never hers to lose.
Chained to the bed
wishing to be dead
but the man must always choose.

Sep 21, 2015

I am become the irony of me
Two halves, never free
One sided die-ing the fog
Of wars-games of the mind
Dogs howling
Chasing whor-ers
Of night-timing
Tick-tock, ticking
Kicking rhythms
Cracking ear-drummings
Blast beat-ings
My shredded soul
Teaming with a worn out
Heartless power bending
There are only three steps to fall
The autumn's

Kyle Bailey
Kyle Bailey
Jul 3, 2013

Spiralling into
Your words
Have buried
Me beneath

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