Mar 11      Mar 11

For all of my younger life
I thought when I grew up I’d be a wife
But since when I met you
About this, I’ve thought twice
And I’ve wondered if it need be
Need I marry so eagerly?
Because right now
You are my company
And you’ll do for me
So I’m not so sure now
If I’ll need a wedding gown
Or for my Dad to walk me down
The aisle so soon
At this moment in time
Whilst you have been mine
It seems you’re all I need
More love would be greed
Yes, Orgasms our bond does lack
But we know we have each other’s backs
And trust is a key thing
My lifelong partner needs to bring
Other traits that you’ve got
Prove you have the lot
You’re a passionate cook
Generosity is your look
You bring with you fun
Share a love for the sun
You love a good dance
You’ll give anyone a chance
You entertain with your bands
You’re a helping hand
You see whilst you’re looking
You hear whilst you’re listening
And your singing is glistening
You do all these things just naturally
It seems you understand me
Which is why what we have works
And it will for eternity

So long as we don’t have to play scrabble in our retirement

For my best friend and life partner! Christmas 2013
my darling wifey
andy fardell
andy fardell
Feb 11, 2011

You blew my heart away
you blew my mind
it started out there
and left behind

you kissed my inner side
and out there too
my darling wifey
I so love you x

I went from being the girl that guys like to look at,
to the girl they take home to meet mom.
You know how it goes,
out with the summer skirts and into floor sweep dresses.
Learning to home make and wear a facade.
The patient smile even when your boiling crazy,
the platitudes when your mind is a ring with sarcasm.
Now I don't have to change my walk, thank God for that,
just who I walk with and where I walk.
What can I say, am growing older.

I'm unaware to where I am headed,
but today is special to me,
After countless steps and years of walking ,
I've finally hit the remainder of what was for my life to see,

I crossed paths with someone
so genuine and sweet ,
who shaded in that missing piece
and made my life complete,

No idea does she have,
of how long it is I've waited ,
to search for the kind of love,
for which cannot be traded.


But my wifey ne’er understood that
Raj Arumugam
Raj Arumugam
Sep 24, 2012      Sep 25, 2012

I married when I was young, yeah,
a woman just as hale and hearty as me
and course I still had
to hang out with friends
and weekends I’d be off with ‘em
drinking and spending all the week’s pay
from Friday evenin’ till Sunday night

But my wifey ne’er understood that
and one Sunday night she’a said to me
“Why do you do this, mon? How’d you feel
if you don’t get to see me for so many days?”

“Fine by me, sweetie,” I said
as fast and as witty, even in drink

and that night I didn’t see her
and come Monday I didn’t see her
and come Tuesday I didn’t see her
and so on Wednesday and came Thursday,
the swelling went down a little
and I saw my wifey again
hale and hearty
out of the corner of my right eye

...poem based on a joke I picked up at the drinking pool round the corner....and I see my wifey full with both my eyes, her tough hands kneading dough...
Wifey came from work early,
Indie Rodriguez

There once was a husband named Craig
Whose wife made a breakfast of eggs,
          He complained they were runny
          And a waste of his money
And now his tail sits between his legs.

There once was a hubby named Clyde
Who had a young girl on the side
          Wifey came from work early,
          Saw Clyde with his girlie,
Now he lives in a doghouse outside.

There once was a man named Jasper
Whose marriage was filled with laughter
          There was equal respect
           Not a trace of neglect
And they both lived happily after.

A series of limericks
a cuddle and a kiss for wifey ..oh the bliss
andy fardell
andy fardell
Dec 27, 2011

I walked upon this earth feeling dirt through my toes
as gods tears washes life into the new
as I breathed another sigh the wind cried in my ears
letting me know he was here
it feels good to see such beauty
to feel the sun to hear the birds
one day this may all be a dream of the future
one day it may all be gone behind
one day i'll be to old to worry life passed me by

as i walked into my home.. smells hit me of love and hope
a doggy wetted nose barking ..daddys home
a cuddle and a kiss for wifey ..oh the bliss
a shout from way upstairs dad you ok
these things that take me there a time in life
one day not there

A cuddle and a kiss for wifey
andy fardell
andy fardell
Dec 2, 2012

I walked upon this earth feeling dirt through my toes
As gods tears washes life into the new
As I breathed another sigh the wind cried in my ears
Letting me know he was here
It feels good to see such beauty
To feel the sun
To hear the birds

One day this may all be a dream of the future
One day it may all be gone behind
One day I'll be to old to worry ..
As life passed me by

As I walked into my home
Smells hit me of love and hope
A doggy wet nose barking
Daddy's home
A cuddle and a kiss for wifey
Oh the bliss
A shout from way upstairs
Eh dad are you Ok

These things that take me there
A time in life
One day not there

irl you know I only want you" or "be my wifey"
Feb 4, 2010

He Don't
want me but he loves to fuck me , cover it up with words of love, Words &promises;, like I'll do better& we can start again.Sorry.

He Don't
want me but as I grow and my body swells I laugh within myself,I lead my self down this destructive road knowingly, given in to my own self needs, My want to be happy wasn't meant to be hiss imprisonment, The words thou the Way he said em ,The ways he feed them in to me,Left me feeling Unique,Special,Like a Queen, & him then The king of all kings,  His subjects groveling at his feet.

He Don't want me
and no matter how much I want to do this all over again Knowing the results in the end is already evidently clear, I wont win,Not him,He's not up for grabs, not a treat to be had, Just the trick-ster playing on my lonely heart,  When it comes to the Man I want yeah He came real close ,closer then most for me to still be dwelling on past Re living it as I see myself leaving in stead of spreading wide for him..

He Don't want me
No matter what we say or do, I know this to  already be true, like the declaration's and amendments set forth for something better, protection was better,
How funny I'm the only one paying the price in this life time, Man Oh Man I can count past my hands how many times I heard "girl you know I only want you" or "be my wifey"
& lets not for get he says over & over again "I'll take care of you".
Funny the caring and all the rest  He's said to the lil' no ones- like me plus that wifey thing He's been spitting to them other Chicks he calls queen,
I've now seen him with  so many, So many times since claiming me His queen
& its been long since know that He Don't want me.
So I'll LEAVE!
Always Me Ayeshah
Copyright © Ayeshah K.C.L.N 1977-Present YEAR(s)
All right reserved

Token wifey,perfect partner,loving mate,
eileen mcgreevy
eileen mcgreevy
Feb 3, 2010

"How do i look ?",was the whisper she made,
"Like a fucking tramp!",was the attention he paid,
But his words didn't penetrate,she loved him that much,
So she changed her clothes, and she coverd herself up,
Token wifey,perfect partner,loving mate,
She glared at her reflection,wishing she could hate,
rosebud lips, icy eyes,sculpted legs and cheekbones,
He knows full well,if she's noticed, she'll leave home,
So he supresses her beauty,ensuring it with black and blue,
Those little pills you take, won't always see you through!,
Wake the hell up my girl,before you slowly disappear,
Put on your perfume and your pretty dress, get the heel out of here,
Lift your head, shed the baggage, walk off that bruised flesh,
Claw your way to the surface, where you're free to start afresh.
Make a move for gods sake, or you'll shrivel and die,
Shake the duckling feathers off, spread your wings, and, just, fly !

                                           (c) 2010

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