Mar 11      Mar 11

For all of my younger life
I thought when I grew up I’d be a wife
But since when I met you
About this, I’ve thought twice
And I’ve wondered if it need be
Need I marry so eagerly?
Because right now
You are my company
And you’ll do for me
So I’m not so sure now
If I’ll need a wedding gown
Or for my Dad to walk me down
The aisle so soon
At this moment in time
Whilst you have been mine
It seems you’re all I need
More love would be greed
Yes, Orgasms our bond does lack
But we know we have each other’s backs
And trust is a key thing
My lifelong partner needs to bring
Other traits that you’ve got
Prove you have the lot
You’re a passionate cook
Generosity is your look
You bring with you fun
Share a love for the sun
You love a good dance
You’ll give anyone a chance
You entertain with your bands
You’re a helping hand
You see whilst you’re looking
You hear whilst you’re listening
And your singing is glistening
You do all these things just naturally
It seems you understand me
Which is why what we have works
And it will for eternity

So long as we don’t have to play scrabble in our retirement

For my best friend and life partner! Christmas 2013
my darling wifey
andy fardell
andy fardell
Feb 11, 2011

You blew my heart away
you blew my mind
it started out there
and left behind

you kissed my inner side
and out there too
my darling wifey
I so love you x

Yung Wifey
Yung Wifey
1 day ago

The problem is not, that I'm not loved
The problem is, that I am loved
And I know that I am loved
By family and friends
I am loved so very deeply
So why isn't this enough for me?
It should be more than enough
Yet still
I have a boundless black hole in my chest that has a constant craving to be fulfilled by some boy that I know is not good for me

The problem is not, that I'm not loved
The problem is, that I am
And it's just not enough for me

When will I be satisfied?
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Yung Wifey
Yung Wifey
4 days ago      3 days ago

to feel everything so raw and intense
is both a blessing
and a curse

I over analyze everything you say.
#love   #poem   #sad   #depression   #life   #pain   #thoughts   #curse   #blessing  
Yung Wifey
Yung Wifey
3 days ago

The colour black is known to be a sad, depressing colour
Black is comfort
Black is bold
Black is beautiful

Then again,

Black is the absence of colours
Black is the vacant space that is unresponsive
Perhaps, that is why most poets like the colour black
It reminds them of their inconspicuous selves
The type of absence they feel consistently in their selfless, vulnerable hearts
It reminds them of themselves because they always
And never get the chance to receive

Yung Wifey
Yung Wifey
3 days ago

I don't know how to stop waiting around for you.

#love   #heartbreak   #helpless   #sad   #life   #pain   #depressed   #thoughts   #you   #heartache  
Yung Wifey
Yung Wifey
5 hours ago

I eat my dinner while I watch TV because I'm hungry
And then I keep eating for my sadness
I force myself to laugh because
Fuck him, I don't fucking need him to be happy

She goes to a party with her friends
She wants to have fun so she takes a couple of shots of Vodka
She's drunk and she knows it
But her mind is still somewhere else
Somewhere where she doesn't want it to be
So she takes another 5 shots

He's with his friends now
"Stop being such a pussy, fuck that bitch! Forget her. I'll find you another hoe tomorrow"
He does a little laugh to show agreement
Puff Puff Pass
His eyes are already red and glossy
He wants to call her and tell her he misses her, but fuck that
Boys don't cry over girls
Puff Puff Pass
On to the next one

We all have different forms of distractions
Some use alcohol
Some use drugs
But at the end of the day
We'll do anything and everything to distract ourselves from missing someone

I miss you.
#poem   #poetry   #lonely   #hate   #sadness   #alone   #i   #her   #him   #you  
Yung Wifey
Yung Wifey
4 days ago

I'm fucked because I don't find passion in things like art, dancing, and singing.
I find passion in boys.

#love   #sad   #depression   #life   #hate   #passion   #hurt   #thoughts   #boys   #live  
Yung Wifey
Yung Wifey
1 hour ago

when I first kissed you,
I could have sworn
that I already could taste
the emptiness you'd bring

#kiss   #poem   #poetry   #girl   #pain   #depressed   #boy   #i   #him   #boys  

I went from being the girl that guys like to look at,
to the girl they take home to meet mom.
You know how it goes,
out with the summer skirts and into floor sweep dresses.
Learning to home make and wear a facade.
The patient smile even when your boiling crazy,
the platitudes when your mind is a ring with sarcasm.
Now I don't have to change my walk, thank God for that,
just who I walk with and where I walk.
What can I say, am growing older.

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